Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited announced the expansion of their package portfolio options available for their second generation 650V to 1200V αSiC MOSFETs. Applicable to many critical applications such as xEV charging, solar inverters, and industrial power supplies, the new package selections give designers the added flexibility of multiple system optimization options to further maximize system efficiency while streamlining their manufacturing process.

AOS will showcase its expanded surface mount and module package options at PCIM Europe 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany, June 11-13.

The first new surface mount package is available for the AOBB040V120X2Q, AOS’ new 1200V/40mOhm αSiC MOSFET in a standard D2PAK-7L surface mount package. This AEC-Q101 qualified product is designed to replace traditional through-hole packages. It is ideal for applications such as on-board chargers (OBCs) where efficient cooling can be provided by vias and backside PCB heatsinks, simplifying the assembly flow and maximizing the power density. In addition, the low inductance package combined with the fast driver sourcesense connection positions these AOS αSiC MOSFETs as one of the most efficient power-switching solutions in the market.

For additional design flexibility, AOS is releasing its GTPAK™ surface mount package with topside cooling features. In designs where a topside-mounted heatsink is viable, the direct heat path from the GTPAK minimizes the thermal resistance. It enables higher power dissipation for more effective PCB routing. The first AOS product in GTPAK is the AOGT020V120X2. This 1200V/20mOhm αSiC MOSFET is an ideal solution to meet the requirements of high-efficiency solar inverter and industrial power supply applications.

Finally, AOS announced the AOH010V120AM2 as the first product in its new AlphaModule™ high power baseplate-less module family. This 1200V/10mOhm half-bridge αSiC module features press-fit pins and an integrated thermistor. It is in a standard footprint module that enables the replacement of multiple discrete devices into a single compact form factor while simplifying both the mechanical and electrical design by providing a clear separation of electrical and cooling paths. Single modules are suitable for residential solar inverters, or several modules in parallel will allow scaling to power levels necessary to drive the needs of fast DC charging stations.

“With the continued growth in EVs, energy infrastructure, and renewable energy, we continue to see increased interest in our αSiC MOSFETs. The expansion of our product portfolio to include these new advanced package options gives our customers the design flexibility they need to take advantage of our superior αSiC performance and continue the trend of pushing power systems to higher density and efficiency,” said David Sheridan, Vice President of SiC products at AOS.

Original – Alpha and Omega Semiconductor