Vincotech introduced a GaN-based power module which provides an effective solution for highly efficient power conversion in isolated DC/DC converters or DC/AC inverter stages. It offers a 2-in-1 solution, and can be utilized either as a 10mOhm H-Bridge or 5mOhm half-bridge.

The module features E-mode GaN HEMTs chip technology, promoting high efficiency and power density, and is available in an industry-standard package with low stray loop inductance. It is compatible with external gate drives, offering engineers high design flexibility.

Main benefits

  • Highest design flexibility with external gate driver, enabling slew rate control for low EMC
  • Low voltage overshoots due to integrated snubber capacitors
  • High power density and small footprint for soft switching above 500kHz
  • Kelvin source pin and low inductive gate loop for clean switching behavior


  • DC fast charger
  • Solar inverter
  • UPS

Original – Vincotech