• Semilab and Fraunhofer IISB Establish a Joint Lab for (U)WBG Metrology

    Semilab and Fraunhofer IISB Establish a Joint Lab for (U)WBG Metrology

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    Semilab Zrt. and Fraunhofer IISB announced the official kick-off of their strategic partnership.

    Within their new joint lab, located at the IISB in Erlangen, the partners develop state-of-the-art metrology and inspection solutions for (ultra-) wide-bandgap semiconductor materials.

    The goal is to take semiconductor metrology to a next level along the value chain, from base material to die. By bringing new features and tools from lab to market, new standards for SiC, GaN and other (U)WBG semiconductors will be set.

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  • Virtual Forest Adopts Navitas Semiconductor's GaNFast™ in a Solar-Powered Irrigation Pump

    Virtual Forest Adopts Navitas Semiconductor’s GaNFast™ in a Solar-Powered Irrigation Pump

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    Navitas Semiconductor announced that Virtual Forest, one of India’s leading electronics design companies specializing in motor control and human interface technologies for consumer appliances, fluid movement and mobility, has adopted its GaNFast™ power integrated circuits (IC) technology for a zero-emission, powerful 3 hp (2,250W) solar-powered irrigation pump.

    For many farmers worldwide, irrigating remote crops requires powerful pumps to lift water from rivers and streams up to field-level, with the majority powered by polluting and noisy diesel generators or expensive, lossy long-distance electrical cables. The Virtual Forest solar pump with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) operates in conjunction with solar panel and energy storage to provide robust, energy-independent and pollution-free performance at the point of use.

    The 3 hp (2,250W) pump is remotely accessed via quad-band IoT with low power consumption. It can raise over 50 gallons-per-minute of water to a height of over 90 feet, enough to water 3 acres of farmland, and help to produce 10 tonnes of wheat. Further, the IoT enabled solar pump ensures optimal water usage through intelligent analytics, therefore minimizing ground water utilization.

    Navitas GaNSense™ half-bridge power ICs monolithically by integrating two GaN power FETs with GaN drivers, level-shifters, protection features and high-efficiency loss-less current sensing. High-efficiency NV6269 half-bridge ICs, in easy-to-use 8×10 mm QFN packages are used in a 3-phase motor inverter, with 3x-5x energy savings vs legacy silicon IGBTs.

    “The $450 million solar-pump market in India is expected to reach $1.5 Bn by 2026, calling for a solar revolution on Indian fields,” said Virtual Forest’s CEO, Omer Basith, adding “Reliable, off-grid systems are critical to overcome food insecurity and achieve energy efficiency. Leveraging Navitas’ high-power, efficient GaNSense™ half-bridge, we seek to deliver a robust solution to the market. We are nurturing our dream to drive gigatons of reduction in carbon emissions, thereby making the world a greener place to live in. Hence, our name — Virtual Forest.”

    “The design team at Virtual Forest adopted the GaNSense half-bridges very quickly, for a fast time-to-market,” said Alessandro Squeri, Navitas’ Senior Sales Director. “With GaNSense, ‘easy-to-use feature, Virtual Forest comes into the partnership with high efficiency, low component count and a robust design for tough environments.”

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  • Infineon Technologies will Power FOXESS Energy Storage Systems and String Inverters

    Infineon Technologies will Power FOXESS Energy Storage Systems and String Inverters

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    Infineon Technologies AG supplies its power semiconductor devices to FOXESS, a fast-growing leader in the green energy industry and a manufacturer of inverters and energy storage systems. The two sides aim at promoting the development of green energy.

    Infineon will provide FOXESS with its CoolSiC™ MOSFETs 1200 V, which will be used with EiceDRIVER™ gate drivers for industrial energy storage applications. At the same time, FOXESS’ string PV inverters will use Infineon’s IGBT7 H7 1200 V power semiconductor devices.

    The global market for photovoltaic energy storage systems (PV-ES) has grown at a high speed in the last years. As competition in the PV-ES market accelerates, improving power density has become key to success, and how to improve efficiency and power density for energy storage applications has attracted much attention. Infineon’s CoolSiC MOSFET 1200 V and IGBT7 H7 1200 V series power semiconductor devices adopt the latest semiconductor technologies and design concepts that are tailored to industrial applications.

    Mr. Yu Daihui, Senior Vice President and Head of Industrial & Infrastructure of Infineon Technologies Greater China said, “As an industry leader in power semiconductors, we are proud to work closely with FOXESS. We will continue to drive decarbonization by enabling higher power density and more reliable systems for PV-ES applications.”

    Mr. Zhu Jingcheng, Chairman of FOXESS, said, “Thanks to the support of Infineon’s advanced components, FOXESS’ products have been significantly improved in terms of reliability and efficiency. This has been an important driving force for FOXESS’ growth. Infineon’s technical support and product quality have not only strengthened our competitiveness, but also expanded our presence in the market. We are confident about the future and look forward to further cooperation with Infineon to jointly promote the development of the industry and create greater value for our customers.”

    With a high power density, Infineon’s CoolSiC MOSFETs 1200 V can reduce losses by 50 percent and provide ~2 percent additional energy without increasing the battery size, which is especially beneficial for high-performance, lightweight, and compact energy storage solutions. FOXESS’ H3PRO 15 kW-30 kW energy storage series uses Infineon’s CoolSiC MOSFETs 1200 V for all models. Thanks to Infineon’s excellent performance, the H3PRO series has achieved an efficiency of up to 98.1 percent and excellent EMC performance; with superior performance and reliability, the H3PRO series has seen rapid sales growth in the global market.

    Infineon’s TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 H7 650 V / 1200 V series has lower losses and helps improve the overall efficiency and power density of inverters. In high-power inverter projects, high-current mold packaged discrete devices with current handling capability above 100 A can reduce the number of IGBTs in parallel and replace the IGBT module solution, further improving system reliability and reducing costs; in addition, the H7 series has become an industry benchmark for its high-quality performance and greater resistance to humidity.

    At present, FOXESS’ main industrial and commercial model, the R Series 75-110 kW, redefines the overall design of the 100 kW model by using IGBT7 H7 series discretes, and the efficiency of the whole machine can reach up to 98.6 percent. Thanks to the low power loss and high power density of the IGBT7 H7 series in discrete packages, technical problems such as current sharing in the paralleling process can be simplified and optimized.

    Every power device needs a driver, and the right driver can make the design a lot easier. Infineon offers more than 500 EiceDRIVER gate drivers with typical output currents of 0.1 A~18 A and comprehensive protection functions including fast short-circuit protection (DESAT), active Miller clamp, shoot-through protection, fault reporting, shutdown, and overcurrent protection, suitable for all power devices including CoolSiC and IGBTs.

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  • SemiQ to Partner with ClearComm

    SemiQ to Partner with ClearComm

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    SemiQ announced a partnership with ClearComm Technical Sales, a specialist manufacturer’s representative serving the computing, communication, industrial, and consumer sectors across the Southeastern United States.

    The strategic alliance will enhance SemiQ’s presence and support in North America, particularly in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama.

    Headquartered in Huntsville, AL, ClearComm will serve as SemiQ’s representative, providing expert technical sales support to customers seeking innovative semiconductor solutions. With an extensive network and a proven track record in the industry, ClearComm is well-positioned to effectively promote SemiQ’s portfolio of standard and custom SiC power semiconductors, including MOSFETs and diodes, in discrete, module, and known good die formats.

    SemiQ is renowned for its commitment to delivering high-performance and reliable SiC solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of demanding applications including solar energy, electric vehicle (EV) charging, automotive, medical, and energy storage. By partnering with ClearComm, SemiQ aims to accelerate customer engagement in the southeastern U.S., and ensure seamless access to its cutting-edge products and engineering support.

    “We are thrilled to join forces with ClearComm Technical Sales to expand our reach and better serve customers in North America,” said Dr. Timothy Han, President at SemiQ. “ClearComm’s extensive experience and technical expertise align perfectly with our commitment to delivering superior SiC solutions for ultra-efficient, high-performance, and high-voltage applications. Together, we look forward to driving innovation and empowering customers with advanced SiC power semiconductor technologies.”

    “ClearComm Technical Sales is excited to partner with SemiQ in the Southeastern U.S. to drive sales of the company’s SiC diodes, MOSFETS, and power modules,” said Ken Erickson, Principal at ClearComm. “The SiC market is fast-growing in high-efficiency, power applications and together ClearComm and SemiQ will provide customers with best-in-class SiC solutions and support.”

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  • MCC Semi Introduced New 40 V N-channel MOSFETs

    MCC Semi Introduced New 40 V N-channel MOSFETs

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    MCC Semi introduced new high-performance 40V N-channel MOSFETs. These components leverage split-gate trench (SGT) technology and full AEC-Q101 qualification in compact packages.

    Both MCU2D8N04YHQ and MCB2D8N04YHQ also boast low on-resistance of only 2.8mΩ, ensuring efficient power management in a diverse range of automotive systems. 

    These versatile MOSFETs in high-demand DPAK and D2PAK packages ensure a seamless upgrade path with minimal changes for integration within existing designs. Adding to their unquestionable performance in harsh conditions, these components have a high operating junction temperature of up to 175°C. 

    Whether it’s a battery management system or electric water pump, these new MOSFETs are up for delivering the ultimate in reliability for challenging automotive applications.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Fully AEC-Q101 qualified
    • Split-gate trench (SGT) technology
    • Low RDS(on)
    • High power density package
    • High junction temperature up to 175℃
    • Available in compact DPAK and D2PAK packages

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  • Axcelis Technologies Ships Another Batch of Purion Power Series™ Ion Implanters

    Axcelis Technologies Ships Another Batch of Purion Power Series™ Ion Implanters

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    Axcelis Technologies, Inc. arranged multiple shipments of the Purion Power Series™ ion implanter systems to leading silicon carbide (SiC) power device chipmakers worldwide. The shipments, all shipped in the first quarter, included the Purion H200™ SiC high current, the Purion XE™ SiC high energy and the Purion M™ SiC medium current implanters.

    The 150mm and 200mm systems will be used in high volume production of power devices supporting automotive, industrial, energy, and other power intensive applications. 

    President and CEO Russell Low commented, “We continue to win new customers and expand our footprint at existing customers globally. The Purion Power Series is the market leader due to its highly differentiated features and process control capabilities that are enabling for power device applications. Axcelis is the only ion implant company that can deliver complete recipe coverage for all power device applications.”

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  • Toshiba Released Two 150 V N-channel U-MOSX-H Series Power MOSFETs

    Toshiba Released Two 150 V N-channel U-MOSX-H Series Power MOSFETs

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    Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched two 150 V N-channel power MOSFET products that use the new generation process “U-MOSX-H series” and are suitable for switching power supplies for industrial equipment—used for such as data centers and communication base stations—and has expanded the lineup. The new products use the surface mount type SOP Advance(N) package and their drain-source On-resistance (max) is 11.1 mΩ for “TPH1100CQ5” and 14.1 mΩ for “TPH1400CQ5.”

    The new products TPH1100CQ5 and TPH1400CQ5 have improved the reverse recovery characteristics that are critical in synchronous rectification applications. In the case of TPH1400CQ5, the reverse recovery charge is reduced by approximately 73 % and the reverse recovery time is approximately 45 % faster compared with Toshiba’s existing TPH1400CQH.

    Used in synchronous rectification applications, TPH1400CQ5 reduces the power loss of switching power supplies and helps improve efficiency. The new products reduce the drain source spike voltage generated between the drain and source when MOSFET is switched, helping to lower EMI in switching power supplies.

    Toshiba will expand its lineup of products and help to reduce power consumption for equipment.


    • Switching power supplies (high efficiency AC-DC converters, high efficiency DC-DC converters, etc.)
    • Motor control equipment (motor drives, etc.)


    • Low reverse recovery charge:
      TPH1100CQ5 Qrr=32 nC (typ.) (-dIDR/dt=100 A/μs)
      TPH1400CQ5 Qrr=27 nC (typ.) (-dIDR/dt=100 A/μs)
    • Fast reverse recovery time: 
      TPH1100CQ5 trr=38 ns (typ.) (-dIDR/dt=100 A/μs)
      TPH1400CQ5 trr=36 ns (typ.) (-dIDR/dt=100 A/μs)
    • High channel temperature rating: Tch (max)=175 °C

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  • Microchip Technology Announced a New Integrated Actuation Power Solution

    Microchip Technology Announced a New Integrated Actuation Power Solution

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    The aviation industry’s requirements for the latest, most efficient and lowest-emission aircraft is propelled by an overarching goal towards sustainability and decarbonization. To satisfy these goals, aviation power systems developers are transitioning to electric actuation systems as the trend towards More Electric Aircraft (MEA) continues to grow.

    To provide the aviation industry with a comprehensive electric actuation solution, Microchip Technology announced a new integrated actuation power solution that combines companion gate driver boards with the expansive Hybrid Power Drive (HPD) modules in silicon carbide or silicon technology with a power range of 5 kVA to 20 kVA.

    The new integrated actuation power solution maintains the same footprint regardless of the power output. The companion gate driver boards are designed to be integrated with Microchip’s HPD modules to provide an all-in-one motor drive solution for the electrification of systems such as flight controls, braking and landing gear. Microchip’s power solutions are designed to scale based on the requirements of the end application, from smaller actuation systems for drones to high-power actuation systems for Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, MEA and all-electric aircraft.  

    “We developed the companion gate driver boards to be used with our existing HPD modules to bring to market a plug-and-play power solution for MEA,” said Leon Gross, vice president of Microchip’s discrete product group. “With this solution, customers no longer need to design and develop their own drive circuitry, which can reduce design time, resources and cost.”

    These high-reliability devices are tested to conditions outlined in DO-160, “Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment.” There are multiple protection features including shoot-through detection, short circuit protection, desaturation protection, Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) and active miller clamping.

    The gate driver boards are designed to be driven with external PWM signals based on Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) compliant with TIA/EIA-644 for low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and good noise immunity. The gate driver board provides differential outputs for telemetry signals like DC bus current, phase current and solenoid current by taking feedback from shunts present in the HPD module and DC bus voltage. It also provides direct output of two PT1000 temperature sensors available in the HPD power module.

    The companion gate driver boards are low-weight, low-profile and compact solutions to optimize size and power efficiency of actuation systems. The gate drivers are designed to operate throughout the temperature range of −55°C to +110°C, which is critical for aviation applications that are often exposed to harsh environments.

    The isolated companion gate driver boards only require a single 15V DC input for the control and drive circuit; additional voltages needed can be generated on the card. This significantly reduces the number of system components and simplifies system cabling.

    Microchip provides comprehensive solutions for MEA by integrating power products with FPGAs, microcontrollers, security, memory and timing. Microchip’s solutions are designed to help customers speed up their development, reduce costs and get to market faster.

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  • STMicroelectronics Published its Annual Sustainability Report

    STMicroelectronics Published its Annual Sustainability Report

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    STMicroelectronics released its annual sustainability report, which provides insight into its 2023 performance related to priority environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that support long-term value creation for all its stakeholders and sustainable growth for its business.

    “Sustainability is at the heart of our value proposition, driving benefits for our company, customers, and society. We’re proud of our progress on innovation, resilience, employee engagement and the advancement towards our ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral on scope 1 and 2, and partially on scope 3, by 2027,” said Jean-Marc Chery, President and CEO, STMicroelectronics. “Together with our partners and empowered employees, we’re accelerating sustainable transformation in technology and beyond.”

    ESG highlights during 2023 include:

    • A 45% decrease in GHG emissions for scopes 1 and 2 since 2018 in absolute terms (vs a 40% decrease in 2022).
    • An increased sourcing of electricity coming from renewable sources to 71% (from 62% in 2022) and the signing of a significant power purchase agreement (PPA) in Italy to produce 250GWh renewable energy per year (3.75 TWh over 15 years) starting in 2024.
    • The reuse, recovery, or recycling of 96% of the Company’s waste (1% higher than in 2022).
    • A- scores for CDP water security and climate change.
    • 12.2% of net revenues (US$2.1 billion) invested in R&D to support innovation.
    • Involved in 195 active R&D partnerships worldwide.
    • More than 610 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) events and initiatives (a 35% increase on 2022) reaching over 100,000 students and teachers globally.
    • 87% of employees would recommend ST as a great place to work, 4% higher than in 2021 (when we last had a full survey).
    • In 2023, the company established a strong focus on setting up voluntary, employee-led Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to promote inclusion in the workplace. WISE (Women Inspiring Supporting and Empowering), the first ERG for women, has grown fast, with some 1,400+ members in 60 locations.

    In 2023, ST maintained a strong presence in major sustainability indices such as the Dow Jones Sustainability indices, FTSE4Good, EuroNext VIGEO Europe 120, CAC 40 ESG, MIB ESG, ISS ESG Corporate ratings, Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, and received an MSCI ESG Rating of AAA.

    The 27th annual report contains highlights and details of ST’s sustainability performance in 2023 and presents the Company’s ambitions and longer-term goals in alignment with both the United Nations Global Compact Ten Principles and Sustainable Development Goals and the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). It is aligned with Global Reporting Standards (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards (SASB), and Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). A third party has verified this report.

    More information on ST’s sustainability efforts can be found at https://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/about/sustainability.html

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  • Chicony Power Technology Honors Infineon Technologies as its 2023 “GaN Strategic Partner of the Year”

    Chicony Power Technology Honors Infineon Technologies as its 2023 “GaN Strategic Partner of the Year”

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    Chicony Power Technology, a worldwide leading manufacturer of power supplies and a pioneer in power electronics, has announced the winners of its Annual Partner Awards, honoring Infineon Technologies AG as its 2023 “GaN Strategic Partner of the Year”.

    Infineon has been recognized by Chicony Power as its top partner for gallium nitride (GaN)-based power supplies, including notebook adapters, as well as ICT applications in gaming, storage and servers. This acknowledgment is the result of Infineon’s high standards for product selection, application expertise, high reliability and cost-effectiveness. 

    GaN stands out as one of the most crucial technologies which are essential for improving the efficiency of power supplies and reducing their product size. Pooling Infineon’s leading GaN expertise and Chicony Power’s remarkable capabilities in power supply system design, the win-win collaboration has helped push the boundaries of innovation and further strengthened both companies’ leading positions in energy-efficient power solutions. As of today, the GaN adoption rate in Chicony Power’s high-watt adapters has reached 20 percent, and this rate is rapidly increasing.

    “Unrivalled R&D resources, a comprehensive application understanding and a large number of customer projects let Infineon continuously drive its roadmap for becoming a leading GaN Powerhouse,” said Adam White, Division President Power & Sensor Systems at Infineon Technologies. “The Strategic Partner of the Year award from Chicony Power is a great honor for us. We see this as part of our common mission to drive decarbonization and digitalization together.”

    “We’re pleased to honor Infineon, which has played a pivotal role in driving customer success throughout 2023, as our GaN Strategic Partner of the Year,” said Peter Tseng, President of Chicony Power Technology. “Our Vision is to be a global pioneer in the implementation of new technology that enhances power supply efficiency, reduces the carbon footprint of power supplies and helps create a greener world. We would like our Annual Partner Awards to encourage Infineon and all other partners to maintain the momentum in jointly promoting GaN technology in the market alongside Chicony Power, making the power industry greener and cleaner.” 

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