Semiconductors Bookshelf

The Physics of Semiconductor Devices. Proceedings of IWPSD 2021
This book includes proceedings of the 21st International Workshop on Physics of Semiconductor Devices. The workshop is jointly organized by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and Solid State Physics Laboratory, Delhi, in collaboration with the Society for Semiconductor Devices and Semiconductor Society of India. This book disseminates the current knowledge of semiconductor physics and its applications across the scientific community.
GaN Transistor Modeling for RF and Power Electronics. Using The ASM-HEMT Model
GaN Transistor Modeling for RF and Power Electronics: Using The ASM-GaN-HEMT Model covers all aspects of characterization and modeling of GaN transistors for both RF and Power electronics applications. Chapters cover an in-depth analysis of the industry standard compact model ASM-HEMT for GaN transistors. The book details the core surface-potential calculations and a variety of real device effects, including trapping, self-heating, field plate effects, and more to replicate realistic device behavior.
Extraction of Semiconductor Diode Parameters A Comparative Review of Methods and Materials
This book presents a comprehensive treatise on the extraction of semiconductor diode parameters using various methods. Its focus is on metal-semiconductor, metal-insulator-semiconductor, and p-n junction diodes, covering a wide range of metals and semiconductors, including elemental, compound, organic, and nanostructured materials. By bringing together these methods in one place, this book provides a much-needed standardized point of reference for the field.
GaN and SiC Power Devices From Fundamentals to Applied Design and Market Analysis
This book provides a single-source reference for any reader requiring basic and advanced information on wide bandgap semiconductors and related design topics. Focusing on practicability, it explains the principles of GaN and SiC semiconductors, manufacturing, characterization, market and design for key applications.
Integrated Circuit Fabrication Science and Technology
Master fundamental technologies for modern semiconductor integrated circuits with this definitive textbook. It includes an early introduction of a state-of-the-art CMOS process flow, exposes students to big-picture thinking from the outset, and encourages a practical integration mindset. Extensive use of process and TCAD simulation, using industry tools such as Silvaco Athena and Victory Process, provides students with deeper insight into physical principles, and prepares them for applying these tools in a real-world setting.
Power Electronics Handbook
Power Electronics Handbook delivers an expert guide to power electronics and their applications. The book examines the foundations of power electronics, power semiconductor devices, and power converters, before reviewing a constellation of modern applications. Comprehensively updated throughout, this new edition features new sections addressing current practices for renewable energy storage, transmission, integration, and operation, as well as smart-grid security, intelligent energy, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications applied to power electronics, and autonomous and electric vehicles.
Advanced MOS Devices and their Circuit Applications
Advanced MOS Devices and their Circuit Applications book comprehensively discusses the advanced MOS devices and their circuit applications with reliability concerns. Further, an energy-efficient Tunnel FET-based circuit application will be investigated in terms of the output voltage, power efficiency, energy consumption, and performances using the device circuit co-design approach.
Fundamentals of Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Fundamentals of Semiconductor Materials and Devices is a textbook that presents the advanced principled underlying semiconductors in an accessible and comprehensive way. Combining material from both engineering and physics, it remains grounded throughout in practical applications of semiconductors. Its approach makes it ideal for readers looking to gain a thorough understanding of this ubiquitous technology.
Design of Three-phase AC Power Electronics Converters
Design of Three-phase AC Power Electronics Converters contains a systematic discussion of the three-phase AC converter design considering various converter electrical, thermal, and mechanical subsystems and functions. Focusing on establishing converter components and subsystems models needed for the design, the text demonstrates example designs for these subsystems and for whole three-phase AC converters considering interactions among subsystems. The design methods apply to different applications and topologies.
Handbook of Integrated Circuit Industry
Written by hundreds experts who have made contributions to both enterprise and academics research, these excellent reference books provide all necessary knowledge of the whole industrial chain of integrated circuits, and cover topics related to the technology evolution trends, fabrication, applications, new materials, equipment, economy, investment, and industrial developments of integrated circuits. Especially, the coverage is broad in scope and deep enough for all kind of readers being interested in integrated circuit industry.
Semiconductor Devices Diodes, Transistors, Solar Cells, Charge Coupled Devices and Solid State Lasers
This book examines in detail how a semiconductor device is designed and fabricated to satisfy best the requirements of the target application. The author presents and explains both basic and state-of-art semiconductor industry standards used in large/small signal equivalent circuit models for semiconductor devices that electronics engineers routinely use in their design calculations. The presentation includes detailed, step-by-step information on how a semiconductor device is fabricated, and the very sophisticated supporting technologies used in the process flow.
Principles of Power Electronics
Substantially expanded and updated, the new edition of this classic Principles of Power Electronics textbook provides unrivalled coverage of the fundamentals of power electronics. Comprehensive coverage of foundational concepts in circuits, magnetics, devices, dynamic models, and control establishes a strong conceptual framework for further study. New topics include SiC and GaN wide-bandgap materials, superjunction MOSFET and IGBT devices, advanced magnetics design, multi-level and switched-capacitor converters, RF converter circuits, and EMI.
Silicon Triangle - The United States, Taiwan, China, and Global Semiconductor Security
The United States, Taiwan, and China are bound within a “silicon triangle.” Semiconductors link our geopolitics, our ongoing economic prosperity, and our technological competitiveness. This book draws on the deliberations of a multidisciplinary Hoover Institution–Asia Society working group of technologists, economists, military strategists, industry players, and regional policy experts to contemplate the dynamic global supply chain in semiconductors—one in which US industry faces growing vulnerabilities, China aggressively promotes home-grown semiconductor mastery, and Taiwan finds itself with a crucial monopoly on high-end logic chips sought by buyers globally.
Making a Semiconductor Superpower
This book provides real stories about the South Korean semiconductor community. It explores the lives and careers of six influential semiconductor engineers who all studied at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) under the mentorship of Dr. Kim Choong-Ki, the most influential semiconductor professor in South Korea during the last quarter of the twentieth century. Kim’s students became known as “Kim’s Mafia” because of the important positions they went on to hold in industry, government, and academia.
75th Anniversary of the Transistor
75th Anniversary of the Transistor is a commemorative anniversary volume to celebrate the invention of the transistor. The anniversary volume was conceived by the IEEE Electron Devices Society to provide comprehensive yet compact coverage of the historical perspectives underlying the invention of the transistor and subsequent evolution into a multitude of integration and manufacturing technologies and applications. The book reflects transistor's development since inception to the current state of the art that continues to enable scaling to very large-scale integrated circuits of higher functionality and speed.
Handbook of Silicon Carbide Materials and Devices
This handbook presents the key properties of silicon carbide (SiC), the power semiconductor for the 21st century. It describes related technologies, reports the rapid developments and achievements in recent years, and discusses the remaining challenging issues in the field.
Understanding Semiconductors - A Technical Guide for Non-Technical People
Whether you’re narrowly technical or don’t know silicon from silly putty, working directly in hardware technologies and want to know more, or simply a curious person seeking hard information about the technology that powers the modern world, Understanding Semiconductors will be an informative, dependable resource.
Semiconductor Product Engineering, Quality and Operations Deliver High Quality Products & Increase Profits
This book captures the author’s 35+ years of learning & experience in the semiconductor chip industry to provide a proven roadmap for successful, new product introduction process, tailored specifically to the semiconductor industry. The content includes a simplified process flow, success metrics, execution guidelines, checklists & calculators.
The Physics Behind Semiconductor Technology
This textbook teaches the physics and technology of semiconductors, highlighting the strong interdependence between the engineering principles and underlying physical fundamentals. It focuses on conveying a basic understanding of the physics, materials, and processes involved in semiconductor technology without relying on detailed derivations. The book features separate comments on the key physical principles covered, allowing the reader to quickly grasp the take-home message.
Thermal Reliability of Power Semiconductor Device in the Renewable Energy System
This book focuses on the thermal reliability of power semiconductor device by looking at the failure mechanism, thermal parameters monitoring, junction temperature estimation, lifetime evaluation, and thermal management. Theoretical analysis and experimental tests are presented to explain existing reliability improvement techniques. This book is a valuable reference for the students and researchers who pay attention to the thermal reliability design of power semiconductor device.