Power Semiconductors Weekly is the first and only platform dedicated to power semiconductors industry. Here you will always find the latest power semiconductors news, product and technology updates, information about power semiconductors events, market players, and much more.

One of the major objectives of Power Semiconductors Weekly is to spread the word and popularize power semiconductors industry, educate the community, and draw attention to the importance of power semiconductors in the modern world of electrification and green energy.

Alexey Cherkasov is the founder of Power Semiconductors Weekly platform.

Alexey Cherkasov  is a business development, marketing and sales professional with 14+ years experience in power semiconductors industry.

For a long time Alexey has been involved in business development, marketing and sales in Proton-Electrotex company – one of the leading power electronics companies in Russia.

Alexey Cherkasov started his career in Proton-Electrotex as an export sales manager (2009), during 5 years Alexey was involved in business development (2010-2015), and established Marketing Department in the company building it from scratch to ensure company’s global brand awareness (2015-2021) holding a position of Head of Marketing Department.

Since June 2021 Alexey Cherkasov continued to work in power semiconductors industry as a freelancer for various projects in power semiconductors market.

In April 2022 Alexey joined Leapers Semiconductor company as a Marketing Director. In May 2023 was promoted to Marketing & Sales Director. Leapers Semiconductor is an innovative developer and manufacturer of power semiconductors, SiC and IGBT modules for power electronics applications.

In April 2024 Alexey Cherkasov joined the product marketing team of Infineon Technologies in Austria.

Alexey Cherkasov SM