Qromis, Inc. brings a revolutionary, high performance substrate solution for large-diameter GaN epi and device wafers. Rather than solving incremental scale and performance challenges of conventional substrates for WBG semiconductors, QST™ (Qromis Substrate Technology) has been developed and validated as a disruptive solution, with cross-functional optimization.

In this approach, the key properties of substrate material such as stress, lattice mismatch, thermal stability and shape control are engineered independently for the best fit with GaN epitaxial and device layers, as well as with different device architectures and performance targets. QST™ materials layers are integrated together in the conventional semiconductor fab with a simple manufacturing flow.

The resulting large diameter substrates (6-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch or beyond) are capable of supporting from a few to tens of microns of high-quality GaN epitaxy, from which unique, high performance and low cost GaN device structures are fabricated.

Qromis is designing reference devices for device manufacturers to demonstrate the benefits of the groundbreaking QST™ technology. These devices exploit key advantages of QST™ over other substrate solutions:

– High quality and stress-free GaN,
– Ability to deposit thick, bulk-like GaN epi layers on large diameter substrates,
– Low defectivity, eliminating a major limitation to performance and scalability.

With these distinct features, designers can now break free from the current technological limitations of GaN process technologies and develop advanced device architectures for lateral and vertical device designs of light emitters, switches, rectifiers, as well as monolithic and integrated circuits.

Qromis, Inc., established in March 2015 and located in Silicon Valley, California, is a privately held fabless technology innovator focusing on energy efficient and high performance wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor materials and device solutions which dramatically reduce global energy use and consumption. The Company is poised to become one of the premier players in the rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar WBG industry with its disruptive and validated solutions in substrate and device technologies, which enable an unmatched cost, performance, and application scale. Markets served include power electronics, light emitting diodes (LEDs), advanced displays, and RF electronics, and other emerging high performance and energy efficient applications.

As a fabless company, Qromis is driving the commercialization of its unique solutions in conjunction with its foundry network. The Company and its foundry partner offer WBG device foundry services, as well as access to advanced and novel process technology platforms, for its customers and partners.

To learn more about Qromis and its substrate technology, join the International Conference on Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology which takes place May 20-23, 2024 in Tucson, Arizona.

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