Transphorm, Inc. announced that its PCIM 2024 showcase will underscore its ability to outperform competitive wide bandgap technologies in higher power systems. For example, Transphorm’s normally-off d-mode SuperGaN®platform delivers higher electron mobility resulting in lower crossover losses versus Silicon Carbide—making it more a cost-effective, higher performing solution for various electric vehicle, datacenter/AI, infrastructure, renewable energy, and other broad industrial applications. To learn more, visit Transphorm during PCIM in Hall 7, Stall 108 during June 11 to 13, 2024.

Transphorm SuperGaN FETs are in production in a wide range of customer products crossing the power spectrum from low 45 W power adapters to higher power 7.5 kW PSUs. Many of these customer products are the first publicly recognized GaN-based systems of their kind and uniquely demonstrate advantages enabled only by the SuperGaN platform.

Examples include the previously mentioned liquid-cooled 7.5 kW PSU for mission-critical datacenter/blockchain applications; a 2.7 kW server CRPS with > 82 W/in3 power density (highest in any GaN power system available today); and 2.2 kW and 3 kW rack-mount 1U uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes). These design wins illustrate Transphorm’s ability to drive GaN into the various application markets composing an estimated GaN TAM of $8 billion by 2028.

In addition to real-world customer products, Transphorm continues to lead in technological achievements having recently demonstrated a 5 microsecond short-circuit withstand time, a bidirectional four-quadrant switch, and a 1200 V GaN-on-Sapphire device.

On-site demonstrations will include Transphorm solutions for 2- and 3-wheeler electric vehicle chargers along with customer PSUs for renewable energy systems, data centers, and more.

Speaking Engagement

Learn more about how Transphorm’s GaN solutions outperform competitive technologies and enable cross-industry innovations during the Bodo’s Power Systems session.

Panel: GaN Wide Bandgap Design, the Future of Power
Speaker: Philip Zuk, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing
Date: June 12
Time: 2:20 – 3:20 p.m. CEST
Location: Hall 7, Stall 743

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