With decades of expertise in power device packaging and testing, JCET Group offers a comprehensive power product portfolio encompassing IGBT, SiC, GaN, and more. In the field of high-density power solutions for automotive applications, JCET’s unique power module technology positions us at the forefront of power main drive solutions.

JCET’s innovative packaging technology for high power density Silicon Carbide (SiC) power modules minimizes parasitic effects and thermal resistance, while our groundbreaking interconnect technology ensures high reliability. Reduced power loss and improved performance, making JCET the preferred choice for high-reliability SiC device packaging for the automotive industry.

The rapid growth of the power semiconductor market in automotive applications is being driven by the acceleration of vehicle electrification. In this evolving landscape, a multitude of power devices find applications in crucial automotive systems such as motor control, DC-DC conversion, air conditioning drives, on-board chargers (OBC), and battery management for electrical vehicles.

According to research by Strategy Analytics, the value of power devices in battery electric vehicles (BEVs) is nearly five times that in traditional fuel vehicles. This is where SiC devices come into play, offering several advantages. SiC devices feature smaller conductor resistors per unit area, higher voltage capabilities, faster switching speeds, and the ability to operate at high temperatures. These characteristics are instrumental in enhancing the power density of the inverter, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and extended mileage for electric vehicles under real-world conditions.

JCET combines low stray inductance package technology, advanced interconnect packaging technology, and cutting-edge thermal management solutions, tailoring our packaging processes to meet individual customer requirements. Within this package, a suite of integrated solutions, including the whole-silver sintering process, copper wire bonding, and single-side direct water cooling, is employed.

Furthermore, SiC devices, with their smaller footprint, increased power density, and higher breakdown voltage compared to conventional silicon-based power devices, are at the core of our packaging. When integrated into an 800V platform, SiC devices deliver substantial system advantages, enabling rapid charging and extended mileage. JCET’s unwavering commitment to optimizing packaging technology is evident in our High-Performance Device (HPD) package, which is continuously fine-tuned to excel in SiC high-frequency switching applications.

With the growing adoption of SiC devices across diverse sectors like automotive controllers, charging stations, and photovoltaic energy storage, JCET has pioneered innovative designs encompassing packaging materials, internal connections, and packaging structures. JCET has introduced a range of packaging solutions tailored to meet various user requirements, including:

  • 400V platform, A0/A00 vehicles within 70KW: Si Hybrid Package1 solution;
  • 400V platform, Class A vehicles between 100-200KW: Si/SiC Hybrid Package Driver solution;
  • 800V platform, Class B and luxury cars with 200KW and above: SiC single/double sided heat dissipation solution.

Automotive power devices, including SiC, hold vast market potential and exhibit a high level of technical innovation certainty. This presents a compelling opportunity for device designers and manufacturers. Looking ahead, JCET remains committed to its core mission of advancing power device packaging solutions, We are dedicated to expanding our technology offerings, ensuring our customers have a diverse array of options, helping them integrate more efficient and reliable technologies into the new energy vehicle systems.

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