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  • Infineon Technologies will Power FOXESS Energy Storage Systems and String Inverters

    Infineon Technologies will Power FOXESS Energy Storage Systems and String Inverters

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    Infineon Technologies AG supplies its power semiconductor devices to FOXESS, a fast-growing leader in the green energy industry and a manufacturer of inverters and energy storage systems. The two sides aim at promoting the development of green energy.

    Infineon will provide FOXESS with its CoolSiC™ MOSFETs 1200 V, which will be used with EiceDRIVER™ gate drivers for industrial energy storage applications. At the same time, FOXESS’ string PV inverters will use Infineon’s IGBT7 H7 1200 V power semiconductor devices.

    The global market for photovoltaic energy storage systems (PV-ES) has grown at a high speed in the last years. As competition in the PV-ES market accelerates, improving power density has become key to success, and how to improve efficiency and power density for energy storage applications has attracted much attention. Infineon’s CoolSiC MOSFET 1200 V and IGBT7 H7 1200 V series power semiconductor devices adopt the latest semiconductor technologies and design concepts that are tailored to industrial applications.

    Mr. Yu Daihui, Senior Vice President and Head of Industrial & Infrastructure of Infineon Technologies Greater China said, “As an industry leader in power semiconductors, we are proud to work closely with FOXESS. We will continue to drive decarbonization by enabling higher power density and more reliable systems for PV-ES applications.”

    Mr. Zhu Jingcheng, Chairman of FOXESS, said, “Thanks to the support of Infineon’s advanced components, FOXESS’ products have been significantly improved in terms of reliability and efficiency. This has been an important driving force for FOXESS’ growth. Infineon’s technical support and product quality have not only strengthened our competitiveness, but also expanded our presence in the market. We are confident about the future and look forward to further cooperation with Infineon to jointly promote the development of the industry and create greater value for our customers.”

    With a high power density, Infineon’s CoolSiC MOSFETs 1200 V can reduce losses by 50 percent and provide ~2 percent additional energy without increasing the battery size, which is especially beneficial for high-performance, lightweight, and compact energy storage solutions. FOXESS’ H3PRO 15 kW-30 kW energy storage series uses Infineon’s CoolSiC MOSFETs 1200 V for all models. Thanks to Infineon’s excellent performance, the H3PRO series has achieved an efficiency of up to 98.1 percent and excellent EMC performance; with superior performance and reliability, the H3PRO series has seen rapid sales growth in the global market.

    Infineon’s TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 H7 650 V / 1200 V series has lower losses and helps improve the overall efficiency and power density of inverters. In high-power inverter projects, high-current mold packaged discrete devices with current handling capability above 100 A can reduce the number of IGBTs in parallel and replace the IGBT module solution, further improving system reliability and reducing costs; in addition, the H7 series has become an industry benchmark for its high-quality performance and greater resistance to humidity.

    At present, FOXESS’ main industrial and commercial model, the R Series 75-110 kW, redefines the overall design of the 100 kW model by using IGBT7 H7 series discretes, and the efficiency of the whole machine can reach up to 98.6 percent. Thanks to the low power loss and high power density of the IGBT7 H7 series in discrete packages, technical problems such as current sharing in the paralleling process can be simplified and optimized.

    Every power device needs a driver, and the right driver can make the design a lot easier. Infineon offers more than 500 EiceDRIVER gate drivers with typical output currents of 0.1 A~18 A and comprehensive protection functions including fast short-circuit protection (DESAT), active Miller clamp, shoot-through protection, fault reporting, shutdown, and overcurrent protection, suitable for all power devices including CoolSiC and IGBTs.

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  • USI Announced Groundbreaking Automotive IGBT Power Module

    USI Announced Groundbreaking Automotive IGBT Power Module

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    USI announced its groundbreaking Joint Design Manufacturer (JDM) project aimed at developing a cutting-edge 150KW power module named “Magnet” for electric vehicles (xEVs) traction inverters. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of xEVs, this 750V/450A IGBT solution integrates advanced technologies, including Die Top System (DTS) silver sintering and Single-Sided exposed Copper (SSC) molding processes, providing unparalleled reliability for xEVs in both Europe and the United States.

    Having dedicated years to research and development in power module assembly, the USI Power Module team has achieved significant milestones since 2021, with their OEM products successfully integrated into new energy vehicles. Building on this momentum, the team has intensified its focus on power module design, enhancing simulation capabilities, and reliability verification. Introducing the “Magnet” power module marks a pivotal moment, showcasing the team’s commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries in the industry.

    Steven Su, Senior Vice President at USI, stated, “Looking ahead, USI will keep technology innovation, particularly with the emergence of Silicon Carbide (SiC) materials. With a steadfast dedication to research and development, our Power Module team is actively exploring 200°C packages, validating new materials and technologies to pioneer next-generation, lightweight, high-power power module designs. This direction aligns with the USI’s goal of contributing to a sustainable future as the company achieves the “target of “2040 net-zero emissions.”

    USI’s relentless pursuit of excellence underscores its position as a trailblazer in the field of power module products. By leveraging innovative technologies and unwavering commitment to sustainability, the company continues to drive positive change in the automotive industry, revolutionizing the landscape of xEVs.

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  • onsemi Expands Its Portfolio with 1200V SPM31 Intelligent Power Modules Featuring Field Stop 7 IGBT Technology

    onsemi Expands Its Portfolio with 1200V SPM31 Intelligent Power Modules Featuring Field Stop 7 IGBT Technology

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    onsemi announced the availability of its 1200V SPM31 Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) featuring the latest generation Field Stop 7 (FS7) Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology. The SPM31 IPMs deliver higher efficiency, smaller footprint and higher power density resulting in lower total system cost than other leading solutions on the market.

    Given the greater efficiency realized using optimized IGBTs, these IPMs are ideal for three-phase inverter drive applications such as heat pumps, commercial HVAC systems, servo motors, and industrial pumps and fans.

    Operating residential and commercial buildings is estimated to contribute 26% of greenhouse gas emissions, with indirect emissions such as heating, cooling and powering buildings accounting for approximately 18%. As governments worldwide strive to meet their energy and climate commitments, more energy-efficient and lower-carbon solutions are becoming increasingly critical.

    The SPM31 IPMs control the power flow to the inverter compressor and fans in heat pumps and air conditioning systems by adjusting the frequency and voltage of the power supplied to three-phase motors for maximum efficiency. For example, onsemi’s 25A-rated SPM31 using FS7 IGBT technology can decrease power losses by up to 10% and increase in power density up to 9%, compared to our previous generation products.

    With the transition to electrification and heightened efficiency mandates, these modules help manufacturers drastically improve system design while increasing efficiency in heating and cooling applications. With the improved performance, our SPM31 IPM family featuring FS7 enables high efficiency with reduced energy losses, further reducing harmful emissions globally.

    These highly integrated modules contain gate-driving ICs, multiple on-module protection features along with our FS7 IGBTs enabling industry-leading thermal performance with the ability to support a wide range of currents, from 15A to 35A. With their best-in-class power density, SPM31 FS7 IGBT IPMs are an ideal answer to save mounting space and improve performance expectations while shortening the development time. In addition, the SPM31 IPMs include the following benefits:

    • Controls for gate drivers and protections
    • Low loss, short-circuit-rated IGBTs
    • Negative IGBT terminals available for each phase to support a wide variety of control algorithms
    • Built-in under-voltage protection (UVP)
    • Built-in bootstrap diodes and resistors
    • Built-in high-speed high-voltage integrated circuit
    • Single-grounded power supply

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  • Vishay Intertechnology Introduced Five New IGBT Power Modules

    Vishay Intertechnology Introduced Five New IGBT Power Modules

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    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced five new half-bridge IGBT power modules in the newly redesigned INT-A-PAK package. Built on Vishay’s Trench IGBT technology, the VS-GT100TS065S, VS-GT150TS065S, VS-GT200TS065S, VS-GT100TS065N, and VS-GT200TS065N offer designers a choice of two best in class technologies — low VCE(ON) or low Eoff — to lower conduction or switching losses in high current inverter stages for transportation, energy, and industrial applications.

    The half-bridge devices released today combine Trench IGBTs — which deliver improved power savings versus other devices on the market — with Gen IV FRED Pt® anti-parallel diodes with ultra soft reverse recovery characteristics. Offering a new gate pin orientation, the modules’ compact INT-A-PAK package is now 100 % compatible with the 34 mm industry-standard package to offer a mechanical drop-in replacement.

    The industrial-level devices will be used in power supply inverters for railway equipment; energy generation, distribution, and storage systems; welding equipment; motor drives; and robotics. To reduce conduction losses in output stages for TIG welding machines, the VS-GT100TS065S, VS-GT150TS065S, and VS-GT200TS065S offer an industry-low collector to emitter voltage  of ≤ 1.07 V at +125 °C and rated current. For high frequency power applications, the VS-GT100TS065N and VS-GT200TS065N offer extremely low switching losses, with Eoff down to 1.0 mJ at +125 °C and rated current.

    The RoHS-compliant modules feature 650 V collector to emitter voltages, continuous collector current from 100 A to 200 A, and very low junction to case thermal resistance. UL-approved file E78996, the devices can be directly mounted to heatsinks and offer low EMI to reduce snubbing requirements.

    Device Specification Table:

    Part #VCESICVCE(ON)EoffSpeedPackage
    @ IC and +125 °C
    VS-GT100TS065S650 V100 A1.02 V6.5 mJDC to 1 kHzINT-A-PAK
    VS-GT150TS065S650 V150 A1.05 V10.3 mJDC to 1 kHzINT-A-PAK
    VS-GT200TS065S650 V200 A1.07 V13.7 mJDC to 1 kHzINT-A-PAK
    VS-GT100TS065N650 V100 A2.12 V1.0 mJ8 kHz to 30 kHzINT-A-PAK
    VS-GT200TS065N650 V200 A2.13 V3.86 mJ8 kHz to 30 kHzINT-A-PAK

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  • Micro Commercial Components Released a New Two-in-One IGBT Module

    Micro Commercial Components Released a New Two-in-One IGBT Module

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    Micro Commercial Components announced two-in-one IGBT module, MIF400R065C2TL-BP. Available in the C2 package, this new cutting-edge module combines dual IGBT devices and sets the standard for rugged performance. With 650V capability and an ultra-fast and soft recovery anti-parallel rectifier, this module delivers exceptional reliability in high-power applications.

    MCC’s IGBT module is a no-brainer for motor controls, uninterruptible power supplies, welding equipment, and other power-intensive applications, thanks to its ability to withstand junction temperatures up to 175°C and a high short-circuit capability of 6us.

    Designed with low VCE(sat), IGBT trench technology, and a 400A current rating, this component ensures low switching losses and low inductance while maximizing efficiency.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Low VCE(sat) with positive temperature coefficient
    • Trench IGBT technology
    • Low switching losses
    • High short-circuit capability (6us)
    • Ultra-fast and soft recovery anti-parallel forward diode (FWD)
    • Low inductance
    • Maximum junction temperature of 175°C
    • C2 package

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  • Mitsubishi Electric Announced Release of Six New J3-Series Power Semiconductor Modules

    Mitsubishi Electric Announced Release of Six New J3-Series Power Semiconductor Modules

    2 Min Read

    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced the coming release of six new J3-Series power semiconductor modules for various electric vehicles (xEVs), featuring either a silicon carbide metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (SiC-MOSFET) or a RC-IGBT (Si), with compact designs and scalability for use in the inverters of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). All six J3-Series products will be available for sample shipments from March 25.

    The new power modules will be exhibited at the 38th Electronics R&D, Manufacturing and Packaging Technology Expo (NEPCON JAPAN 2024) from January 24 to 26 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, as well as other exhibitions in North America, Europe, China and additional locations.

    As power semiconductors capable of efficiently converting electricity expand and diversify in response to decarbonization initiatives, the demand is increasing for SiC power semiconductors offering significantly reduced power loss. In the xEV sector, power semiconductor modules are used widely in power conversion devices such as inverters for xEV drive motors.

    In addition to extending the cruising range of xEVs, compact, high-power, high-efficiency modules are needed to further downsize batteries and inverters. But due to the high safety standards set for xEVs, power semiconductors used in drive motors must be more reliable than those used in general industrial applications.

    Development of these SiC products was partially supported by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

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  • BYD Honors United Nova Technology with Special Contribution Award

    BYD Honors United Nova Technology with Special Contribution Award

    1 Min Read

    BYD honored United Nova Technology (formerly known as Semiconductor Manufacturing Electronics (ShaoXing) Corporation) with “Special Contribution Award” on BYD NEV (New Energy Vehicle) Core Supplier Convention 2023 for being a highly reliable partner in terms of quality and delivery capability.

    Since 2021, UNT has engaged in broad cooperation with BYD in multi domains, including power devices such as SiC MOSFET, IGBT, and silicon-based MOSFET, as well as power modules and analog IC for automotive industry.

    With the deepening of cooperation, UNT’s products have entered BYD’s ocean series and dynasty series on a large scale. In 2023, the SiC MOSFET manufactured by UNT have been widely installed in BYD’s electric vehicles. Being awarded the “Special Contribution Award” is a full recognition of the continuous contribution and outstanding performance of UNT.

    In the future, UNT will continue to deepen its close cooperation with global customers such as BYD, promote technology innovations, and provide customers with more efficient and low-energy consumption solutions to support the vigorous development of the green energy.

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  • Infineon Introduced 4.5 kV XHP™ 3 IGBT Modules to Fundamentally Change the Landscape for Medium Voltage Drives

    Infineon Introduced 4.5 kV XHP™ 3 IGBT Modules to Fundamentally Change the Landscape for Medium Voltage Drives

    2 Min Read

    The paradigm shift towards offloading complexity to suppliers and adopting smaller IGBT modules is evident in various applications. In response to the global push for downsizing and integration, Infineon Technologies AG introduced the 4.5 kV XHP™ 3 IGBT modules that will fundamentally change the landscape for medium voltage drives (MVD) and transportation applications operating at 2000 to 3300 V AC in 2- and 3-level topologies.

    Applications benefiting from the new devices include large conveyor belts, pumps, high-speed trains, locomotives, as well as commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles (CAV).

    The XHP family comprises a 450 A dual IGBT module with TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT4 and an emitter-controlled diode, and a 450 A double diode module with emitter-controlled E4 Diode. Both modules feature improved isolation of 10.4 kV. Together, they help to simplify paralleling and downsizing without sacrificing efficiency.

    Previously, complex busbars were required to parallelize switching modules, resulting in complicated design efforts and leakage inductance. The innovative design of the XHP family simplifies paralleling by conveniently placing the connections side by side. As a result, only a single straight busbar is required for paralleling. 

    The 4.5 kV XHP family also allows developers to reduce the number of units. Conventional IGBT solutions use multiple single switches and a double diode. With the new devices, however, designs can be reduced to two dual switches and a smaller double diode – a significant step forward in integrated drives.

    The combination of the XHP 3 FF450R45T3E4_B5 dual switch and the DD450S45T3E4_B5 double diode enables significant cost savings and a smaller footprint. For example, Infineon’s previous IGBT solutions required four 140 x 190 mm² or 140 x 130 mm² switches and one 140 x 130 mm² double diode. With the new XHP family, the components can be reduced to two 140 x 100 mm² dual switches and a smaller 140 x 100 mm² double diode.

    The IGBT modules FF450R45T3E4_B5 and DD450S45T3E4_B5 are available now. More information is available at www.infineon.com/XHP.

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  • Power Integrations Released a New Family of Plug-and-Play Gate Drivers for 62 mm SiC MOSFET and IGBT Modules

    Power Integrations Released a New Family of Plug-and-Play Gate Drivers for 62 mm SiC MOSFET and IGBT Modules

    2 Min Read

    Power Integrations announced a new family of plug-and-play gate drivers for 62 mm silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFET and silicon IGBT modules rated up to 1700 V, with enhanced protection features to ensure safe, reliable operation.

    SCALE™-2 2SP0230T2x0 dual-channel gate drivers deploy short-circuit protection in less than two microseconds, protecting the compact SiC MOSFETs against damaging over-currents. The new drivers also include advanced active clamping (AAC) to protect the switches against over-voltage during turn-off, enabling higher DC link operating voltages.

    Thorsten Schmidt, product marketing manager at Power Integrations, commented: “The 2SP0230T2x0 gate drivers are flexible; the same hardware can be used to drive either SiC MOSFET or IGBT modules. This reduces both system design and sourcing challenges, and the plug-and-play approach speeds development.”

    Ideal for applications such as railway auxiliary converters, offboard EV chargers and STATic synchronous COMpensator (STATCOM) voltage regulators for the power grid, 2SP0230T2x0 gate drivers are based on Power Integrations’ proven SCALE-2 technology, resulting in higher levels of integration, smaller size, more functionality and enhanced system reliability.

    Power Integrations’ compact 134 x 62 mm 2SP0230T2x0 provides reinforced isolation at 1700 V, enabling use for up to 1700 V operation; this is 500 V higher than conventional drivers, which are typically limited to 1200 V.

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  • JCET Pioneering Automotive HiRel SiC Device Packaging

    JCET Pioneering Automotive HiRel SiC Device Packaging

    3 Min Read

    With decades of expertise in power device packaging and testing, JCET Group offers a comprehensive power product portfolio encompassing IGBT, SiC, GaN, and more. In the field of high-density power solutions for automotive applications, JCET’s unique power module technology positions us at the forefront of power main drive solutions.

    JCET’s innovative packaging technology for high power density Silicon Carbide (SiC) power modules minimizes parasitic effects and thermal resistance, while our groundbreaking interconnect technology ensures high reliability. Reduced power loss and improved performance, making JCET the preferred choice for high-reliability SiC device packaging for the automotive industry.

    The rapid growth of the power semiconductor market in automotive applications is being driven by the acceleration of vehicle electrification. In this evolving landscape, a multitude of power devices find applications in crucial automotive systems such as motor control, DC-DC conversion, air conditioning drives, on-board chargers (OBC), and battery management for electrical vehicles.

    According to research by Strategy Analytics, the value of power devices in battery electric vehicles (BEVs) is nearly five times that in traditional fuel vehicles. This is where SiC devices come into play, offering several advantages. SiC devices feature smaller conductor resistors per unit area, higher voltage capabilities, faster switching speeds, and the ability to operate at high temperatures. These characteristics are instrumental in enhancing the power density of the inverter, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and extended mileage for electric vehicles under real-world conditions.

    JCET combines low stray inductance package technology, advanced interconnect packaging technology, and cutting-edge thermal management solutions, tailoring our packaging processes to meet individual customer requirements. Within this package, a suite of integrated solutions, including the whole-silver sintering process, copper wire bonding, and single-side direct water cooling, is employed.

    Furthermore, SiC devices, with their smaller footprint, increased power density, and higher breakdown voltage compared to conventional silicon-based power devices, are at the core of our packaging. When integrated into an 800V platform, SiC devices deliver substantial system advantages, enabling rapid charging and extended mileage. JCET’s unwavering commitment to optimizing packaging technology is evident in our High-Performance Device (HPD) package, which is continuously fine-tuned to excel in SiC high-frequency switching applications.

    With the growing adoption of SiC devices across diverse sectors like automotive controllers, charging stations, and photovoltaic energy storage, JCET has pioneered innovative designs encompassing packaging materials, internal connections, and packaging structures. JCET has introduced a range of packaging solutions tailored to meet various user requirements, including:

    • 400V platform, A0/A00 vehicles within 70KW: Si Hybrid Package1 solution;
    • 400V platform, Class A vehicles between 100-200KW: Si/SiC Hybrid Package Driver solution;
    • 800V platform, Class B and luxury cars with 200KW and above: SiC single/double sided heat dissipation solution.

    Automotive power devices, including SiC, hold vast market potential and exhibit a high level of technical innovation certainty. This presents a compelling opportunity for device designers and manufacturers. Looking ahead, JCET remains committed to its core mission of advancing power device packaging solutions, We are dedicated to expanding our technology offerings, ensuring our customers have a diverse array of options, helping them integrate more efficient and reliable technologies into the new energy vehicle systems.

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