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  • Semikron Danfoss to Build Semiconductor Processing to Packaging Center at SUNY Polytechnic Institute

    Semikron Danfoss to Build Semiconductor Processing to Packaging Center at SUNY Polytechnic Institute

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    Semikron Danfoss announced its collaboration with SUNY Polytechnic Institute and other industry partners to build a Semiconductor Processing to Packaging Center that will focus on research, education and training. The facility will be established at the Semikron Danfoss office in Utica, located in the Quad C building on the SUNY Poly campus and will train 100-150 students per year in semiconductor processing, packaging and testing capabilities.

    The official announcement came on Tuesday at the site of the future facility at a ceremony attended by over 100 people, including New York’s Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado and other state and local business leaders and elected officials. “The cornerstone of our regional economic development process is collaborative, community-led projects that will build a stronger future for New Yorkers statewide,” said Delgado.

    The center will be funded in part with the $4 million Empire State Development grant, announced Tuesday, as well as a larger economic development package announced by New York Governor Kathy Hochul for SUNY Poly last fall. In addition to supplying space for two classrooms and a 5,000 square-foot clean room, Danfoss will provide multiple pieces of equipment used in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

    The Center will allow for both silicon device processing as well as SiC, GaN, AlN and their alloys, and Ga2O3 device processing for power electronics, optoelectronics and clean energy applications as well as their unique packaging needs.

    It is anticipated that the students will be both traditional and non-traditional students, seeking either degrees or certificates. The goal of the Center is to increase graduates across advanced manufacturing disciplines by 10 percent in the next four years. The Center’s curriculum will offer several workforce development training and upskilling pathways for industry partners and their employees as well as those seeking to gain entrance into the workforce.

    “The creation of a single center covering research, education and training capabilities across semiconductor processing to packaging will provide students and the future workforce with both the deep theoretical knowledge as well as the hands-on experience needed to fully understand the workflow and attention to detail needed to produce devices with the required yield and performance functionality,” said Michael Carpenter, Ph.D., Interim Dean of SUNY Poly’s College of Engineering and Associate Provost for Research. “We are looking forward to working with Danfoss and our other industry and community partners on this initiative.”

    “Partnering with educational and community organizations in the communities where we operate is an important focus of Danfoss’ mission,” said Michael Godsen, general manager of Semikron Danfoss in the U.S. “We are excited to work with SUNY Poly to develop a skilled workforce in the semiconductor industry.”

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  • Semikron Danfoss Welcomes Approval of Two IPCEI Projects by the EU Commission

    Semikron Danfoss Welcomes Approval of Two IPCEI Projects by the EU Commission

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    The European Commission has approved the “Important Project of Common European Interest on Microelectronics and Communication Technologies” (IPCEI-ME/CT) with the aim of initiating complex and investment-intensive projects that could not otherwise be realized. This involves 68 projects from 14 member states – and two of those comes from Semikron Danfoss.

    Semikron Danfoss is planning the further development of diodes based on thin-wafer technology and the development of a new edge structure – as well as the establishment of automotive module production based on Direct Press Die technology in Nuremberg, a continuation of the activities from the IPCEI on Microelectronics project. And in Slovakia, development activities and an expansion of production for industrial modules are planned.

    Projects funded under the IPCEI -ME/CT will enable the development of new technologies and products that will make a decisive contribution to the further reduction of CO2 emissions and will secure growth and jobs in Europe. The Semikron Danfoss projects address the objectives of the European Union to strengthen competitiveness and security of supply in key technologies for both the digital and the green transformation process.

    Power semiconductors are an important multiplier along the value chain of many products. The projects also aim to expand European cooperation with universities and research institutes as well as suppliers. The member states are now starting the implementation process and will determine the requirements of the projects based on the EU decision. Thanks to the prior approval of the early start of the initiatives, the projects have already been launched. The official funding commitment from the federal government and the state of Bavaria is expected shortly for Germany.

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  • Welcome to ISES EU Power 2023

    Welcome to ISES EU Power 2023

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    If you haven’t had a chance to visit a wonderful Lake Maggiore yet, this September you can enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Italy in a company of power semiconductors superstars discussing SiC & GaN technologies. After a successful series of events across the world, International Semiconductor Executive Summits (ISES) returns to Italy with ISES EU Power 2023 edition.

    With a regional focus on the power semiconductor market, the EU Power International Semiconductor Executive Summits seeks to strengthen the EU supply chain and promote key executives in the semiconductor manufacturing, design, and research through our networking and conference platform which consists of working with key industry stakeholders to encourage progress and collaboration.

    With speakers coming from STMicroelectronics, Infineon Technologies, Semikron Danfoss, onsemi, Wolfspeed, Renesas, ROHM, Nexperia, SK Siltron, Soitec, Okmetic, Aehr Test Systems, Amkor Technology, Innoscience, Cambridge GaN Devices, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Volvo, Škoda, and many more leaders of power electronics and automotive industries, you are about to be a part of the power semiconductors event like never before.

    During two days of the event, all participants will be discussing and disclosing the latest news and advances in silicon carbide and gallium nitride technologies, sharing the view of the future and taking a close look at the current state of the industry, supply chain, global collaboration, exhisting problems and emerging opportunities.

    You can find the agenda of ISES EU Power 2023 at the event website.

    International Semiconductor Executive Summit EU Power provides a unique platform for networking and expanding your knowledge base. Here are just a few topics that will be covered this September:

    • SiC and GaN Manufacturability
    • Variety of WBG Applications
    • SiC Wafer & Materials
    • Power Packaging
    • Design and Reliability

    The event offers various packages for participation:

    • Standard Pass
    • Member Pass
    • Partner Pass
    • Virtual Pass
    • Numerous Sponsorship Packages and VIP Passes

    All interested to participate can register at ISES EU Power 2023 website.

    ISES EU Power 2023 will take place at Regina Palace Hotel. Overlooking the shore of Lago Maggiore, the Regina Palace Hotel is located in a favored spot in the center of Stresa, considered the pearl of Lago Maggiore. The hotel represents yesteryear’s charm and prestige enriched by the history and the grace that each epoch has donated.

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  • Infineon and Semikron Danfoss Sign Supply Agreement for Electromobility Chip

    Infineon and Semikron Danfoss Sign Supply Agreement for Electromobility Chip

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    Cars with fully or partially electrified drivetrains will account for two thirds of cars produced by 2028, as per analyst forecasts. This rapid growth of electromobility is driving the demand for power semiconductors. Against this background, Infineon Technologies AG and Semikron Danfoss have signed a multi-year volume agreement for the supply of silicon-based electromobility chips.

    Infineon will supply chipsets consisting of IGBTs and diodes to Semikron Danfoss. These chips are mainly used in power modules for inverters, which are used for the main drive in electric vehicles.

    “As the global leader in automotive semiconductors, Infineon enables game-changing solutions for clean and safe mobility. Already today, our IGBTs and diodes play a major role in the industry’s electromobility transformation by enabling efficient power conversion in the electric powertrain,” said Peter Schiefer, President of Infineon’s Automotive division. “Our broad product portfolio, system expertise and continuous investment in our manufacturing capabilities make us a valued partner of automotive players like Semikron Danfoss.”

    Claus A. Petersen, President of Semikron Danfoss added: “Semikron Danfoss provides automotive customers with power modules based on the most advanced assembly technologies that fully exploit the capabilities of IGBTs and diodes to enable further decarbonization of the transportation sector. Automotive customers trust us as an experienced long-term partner to drive the transformation in the industry.”

    The IGBTs and diodes for Semikron Danfoss will be manufactured by Infineon at its sites in Dresden, Germany, and Kulim, Malaysia. Semikron Danfoss manufactures its own automotive power modules in Nuremberg and Flensburg in Germany, in Utica, US, and as of next year, in Nanjing, China.

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  • Partnership for True Multiple Sourcing Semikron Danfoss Power Modules with ROHM IGBTs

    Partnership for True Multiple Sourcing: Semikron Danfoss Power Modules with ROHM IGBTs

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    Semikron Danfoss and the Kyoto-based company ROHM Semiconductor have been collaborating for more than ten years with regards to the implementation of silicon carbide (SiC) inside power modules. Recently, Semikron Danfoss added ROHM’s new 1200V RGA IGBT to its low power module offering. In doing so, both companies show that they remain committed to serving worldwide motor drive customers’ needs.

    The worldwide growth in electrification technologies has created unprecedented demand for power modules. Often, it is the chip supply that limits power module availability. Despite ongoing investments in production capacity by the chip manufacturers, the supply situation remains tight. It is against this backdrop that ROHM has introduced the new 1200V RGA IGBT, targeted as an alternative to the latest Generation 7 IGBT devices in industrial applications. ROHM is now expanding their bare die offering to Semikron Danfoss, positioning themselves as an advanced alternative to traditional chip suppliers.

    “The RGA is a newly designed, light punch through, trench gate IGBT with Tj,max = 175°C. The conduction, switching, and thermal characteristics are optimized for new industrial drive applications in the low to medium power range. At the same time, the RGA is intended to remain compatible with existing IGBT solutions, enabling a multiple source approach. In addition, the RGA can also be used to improve transient overcurrent handling during overload conditions in motor drive applications,” says Kazuhide Ino, Member of the Board, Managing Executive Officer, CFO at ROHM.

    Semikron Danfoss can offer the 1200V RGA IGBT in a full range of nominal current classes from 10A to 150A. This range, combined with the suitability of the RGA chip in motor drive applications, means that the MiniSKiiP family is the ideal choice for module implementation. The baseplate-less, spring-contact MiniSKiiP is already deeply embedded in the worldwide motor drive market and always equipped with the latest generation IGBTs. Therefore, it is important for this product to have an alternative IGBT source to diversify the supply chain. The uniform-height MiniSKiiP housing family is also offered on the market as a multiple source package, making an alternative IGBT a valuable option for manufacturers.

    For press-fit/solder applications, the industry-standard SEMITOP E package will also be available in pin-compatible configurations to existing Generation 7 IGBT module offerings. This housing family will also offer sixpack (“GD”) and converter-inverter-brake (“DGDL”) circuit configurations.

    “The power electronics industry continues to recover and learn lessons from the supply issues in recent years. It’s clear that diversification in semiconductor chip and module manufacturing is required to generate true ‘multiple source’ power modules”, says Claus A. Petersen, President, Semikron Danfoss. “In the case of 1200V Generation 7 IGBTs, a reliable equivalent from a reputable manufacturer is now available to address this issue also in the low power range. The 1200V RGA IGBT from ROHM is a perfect alternative to the Generation 7 IGBT and can be made to behave in a remarkably similar manner with small gate resistor adjustment,” continues Peter Sontheimer, Senior Vice President Industry Division & Managing Director at Semikron Danfoss.

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