Semikron Danfoss and SMA announced that the Sunny Boy Smart Energy incorporates the SEMITOP E power modules based on silicon carbide. The SEMITOP E features a low-inductance design with superior thermal performance, all in an industry standard housing. The SEMITOP E product offers a variety of circuit topologies based on the latest 650V-1200V silicon carbide technology from multiple sources.

“We strongly believe that the SEMITOP E is the power semiconductor package of choice for applying silicon carbide in advanced solar inverters,” says Roberto Agostini, Product Manager Semikron Danfoss.

“The SEMITOP E has been essential in increasing throughput and efficiency in our assembly,” says SMA Product Manager Petra Nawratil. “The press-fit design and simple mounting approach enabled a higher automation level in the assembly line for the Sunny Boy Smart Energy and following products.”

Residential solar inverters are tasked with generating solar power with the highest efficiency, enabled through silicon carbide technology.

The Sunny Boy Smart Energy is part of the new SMA Home Storage Solution, which enables fast and effective solar generation and storage. It is scalable to meet changing needs and adaptable to additional use cases such as an EV charger, a heat pump, dynamic tariffs, or peak load shaving. The modular SMA Home Storage battery can be expanded anytime to store more solar power.

Original – Semikron Danfoss