As the deployment of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) accelerates, there is a critical need for compact and high-efficiency Power Conversion Systems (PCS) optimized for ESS applications. To address this requirement, Semikron Danfoss K.K. and Headspring Inc. have joined forces to develop advanced PCS solutions specifically for ESS, targeting mass production by 2026. This collaboration aims to enable more efficient and space-saving storage solutions.

Energy Storage Systems are essential components for renewable energy and power grids, ensuring resilience and stable supply. The global ESS market is projected to grow by 20%-30% annually, with expectations to exceed 400 GWh of storage systems worldwide by 2030. This exponential growth is driven by the increasing share of renewable energy in the grid, necessitating the accelerated deployment of ESS solutions for stable grid operation.

To address this rapidly growing market, Semikron Danfoss is developing a series of adaptable power solutions. Central to this initiative is the ANPC (Active Neutral Point Clamping) topology for ESS, which demonstrates a significant performance improvement by reducing power loss by over 50% compared to traditional NPC/MLI topologies. However, to fully harness the potential of ANPC technology, collaboration with Headspring is crucial. Headspring’s expertise in high-speed controller technology is vital for effectively controlling ANPC systems and ensuring optimal performance.

Semikron Danfoss brings extensive expertise and innovation in power electronics to the ESS market. Their ANPC technology in LF/HF configuration, featuring a hybrid circuit of silicon IGBTs and silicon carbide MOSFETs, significantly enhances efficiency and cost performance. The availability of ANPC power modules in PCB-mountable, industry-standard housings reduces both material and assembly costs, making them ideal for high-volume production.

The ANPC power modules provided by the SEMITOP E2 platform offer superior thermal performance, contributing to the downsizing and high-capacity PCS for ESS. Semikron Danfoss aims to set new benchmarks in ESS performance and value with their comprehensive design package that supports improvements in both hardware and software.

Headspring excels in developing high-speed real-time controllers essential for power electronics applications. Headspring’s controllers combine commercial microcontrollers with FPGA technology, providing flexible programming tailored to the specific demands of power electronics applications. Headspring has participated in the Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) “Energy Systems for an IoT Society by Japan’s Cabinet Office,” leading the development of ultra-high-speed controllers for power electronics. These controllers, integrating high-speed multi-core CPUs, high-performance FPGAs, and high-speed AD converters, achieve a feedback control performance of 50MHz, approximately 1000 times faster than conventional systems.

Semikron Danfoss and Headspring are collaborating to develop a compact, high-efficiency PCS tailored for large-scale, scalable ESS applications by integrating Semikron Danfoss’s ANPC technology-based power modules with Headspring’s advanced controller technology. Semikron Danfoss will offer the expertise for developing the power stack, which includes power modules, drive circuits, and coolers, while Headspring will be responsible for the controllers, peripheral circuits, software, and PCS integration.

This synergy aims to create an ESS-specific PCS with optimized cost, efficiency, and size. A primary goal is to enable containerized ESS solutions to increase storage capacity per 20-foot container from 3.3MWh to 5MWh. This will establish a roadmap setting hardware and software benchmarks for ESS performance, delivering superior ESS solutions that promote the advancement of renewable energy technologies.

Original – Semikron Danfoss