At PCIM Europe 2024 Leapers Semiconductor unveiled the next-generation molded half-bridge SiC modules for main drive applications (LPS-Pack series). This new series was specifically developed to meet the unique requirements of a renowned international automotive manufacturer.

Key Advantages of the New Module:

  • Innovative Design Concept: Utilizing Pressfit Pin technology for signal and current transmission, the design achieves SiC on PCB, allowing current to pass directly through the PCB. This significantly reduces the parasitic inductance of the module and system, minimizes the controller’s size, and lowers the cost of the controller’s busbar and capacitors.
  • Advanced Molding Process: The new molding process allows the module’s Tjmax to reach 200℃.
  • Unique Module Design: Ensures substrate flatness, facilitating large-area sintering between the module and the heatsink. This reduces the system’s thermal resistance and enhances yield control processes.
  • High Power Density: A single module (area < 26cm²) achieves a maximum current output of over 300 Arms. The system design is extremely compact and cost-effective.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for platform-based and modular development applications. The series currently covers 300-600 Arms, addressing various power requirements for different customer applications.
  • Mass Production Ready: Offers superior product consistency and yield, making it more competitive than similar half-bridge modules.

The LPS-Pack series’ distinctive design and unique advantages set it apart from other molded solutions.

Original – Leapers Semiconductor