Qorvo® announced the industry’s first 4 milliohm silicon carbide (SiC) junction field effect transistor (JFET) in a TOLL package. It was designed for circuit protection applications including solid-state circuit breakers, where low resistance, superior thermal performance, small size and reliability are paramount. 

With RDS(on) of just 4 milliohm, the UJ4N075004L8S offers the industry’s lowest on-resistance among the 650V to 750V class of power devices in standard discrete packages. This low RDS(on) drives significant reductions in heat generation and, when coupled with a compact TOLL package, enables a solution size that is 40% smaller than competing devices in TO-263 packages.

This small solution size supports the space-limited dimensions of today’s electromechanical circuit breakers and operates without the need for elaborate cooling systems, accelerating the transition from electromechanical circuit breakers to semiconductor-based solid-state circuit breakers (SSCBs).

“With the introduction of the UJ4N075004L8S, Qorvo continues to lead the way in SiC power innovation, catalyzing the emergence of applications such as circuit protection with ultra-low RDS(on) FET offerings in very small footprints,” said Ramanan Natarajan, director of product line marketing for Qorvo’s SiC Power Products business. “The SSCB market is growing rapidly, and Qorvo’s newest product marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the technology.”

Qorvo’s JFETs are highly robust devices well suited to meet the challenges of circuit protection, providing the ability to turn off at very high inrush currents during circuit faults. Qorvo’s newest JFET can also withstand high instantaneous junction temperatures without experiencing degradation or parametric drift. The normally-on nature of the JFET lends itself to seamless integration into systems where the switch is in the on-state by default and in turn-off state under fault conditions.

The UJ4N075004L8S is now available for sampling and will enter full production in Q4 2024, accompanied by additional JFET options, including 750V with 5 milliohm and 1200V with 8 milliohm ratings, all in TO-247 packaging. For more details about this transformative power technology and detailed product specifications, please visit UJ4N075004L8S.

Original – Qorvo