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  • SemiQ to Showcase Latest SiC Power Solutions and Known-Good-Die Screening Process at PCIM Europe 2024

    SemiQ to Showcase Latest SiC Power Solutions and Known-Good-Die Screening Process at PCIM Europe 2024

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    SemiQ will showcase its latest SiC power solutions and recently launched Known-Good-Die (KGD) screening process at PCIM Europe 2024 in Nuremberg from June 11-13, 2024.

    During the event SemiQ will debut the latest addition to its QSiC™ family of high-speed-switching MOSFET half-bridge modules in S3 packages, which offer enhanced design flexibility and performance in current applications.

    Featuring industry-standard 62mm footprints and standing at 26.3mm in height, the new power modules address the size, weight and power demands of challenging applications, ranging from induction heaters, welding equipment and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to photovoltaic and wind inverters, energy storage systems, high-voltage DC-DC converters and battery charging systems for electric vehicles (EVs). They are available in 600A (GCMX003A120S3B1-N) and 400A (GCMX005A120S3B1-N). Visitors will also be able to see SemiQ’s QSiC family of 1200V modules in SOT-227, half-bridge and full-bridge options.

    Attendees visiting SemiQ’s stand at Alfatec’s booth (Hall 7, 418) will have the unique opportunity to learn more about the recently launched Known-Good-Die (KGD) screening program and see SemiQ’s MOSFET bare die on Known-Good-Die UV tape array for the first time. The KGD process delivers high-quality, electrically sorted and optically inspected advanced SiC MOSFET technology ready for back-end processing and direct die attachment.

    “We’re thrilled to participate at PCIM, a significant event in the power electronics industry,” said Dr. Timothy Han, President of SemiQ. “With the expansion of our QSiC family, our goal is to offer a comprehensive, high-performance SiC portfolio across various sectors and offer customized solutions for cutting-edge designs. Our continued dedication to rigorous testing and quality assurance, delivering unmatched reliability, is embodied in our new KGD program which we will be demonstrating at the event.”

    Founded in 1979, PCIM Europe stands as the pinnacle exhibition and conference for power electronics and its applications. Held annually in Nuremberg, the event attracts industry specialists and academia from around the globe, serving as the platform where new trends, technologies, and developments are first unveiled to the public.

    Schedule a meeting with the SemiQ team right away using online calendar here or email at media@semiq.com.

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  • Alpha and Omega Semiconductor to Showcase Expanding Line of Advanced Power Management Solutions at PCIM 2024

    Alpha and Omega Semiconductor to Showcase Expanding Line of Advanced Power Management Solutions at PCIM 2024

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    Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) will showcase its expanding line of advanced power management solutions at PCIM 2024. Designed to meet the dynamic, important power management challenges in several key application areas and markets, the AOS products highlighted at PCIM include:

    • New Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET Announcement at PCIM: Supporting the needs of a wide range of automotive and industrial applications, AOS will introduce three new advanced package options for its latest Gen2 SiC MOSFET line. The new packages comprise a surface mount topside cooling option with a Kelvin source that meets the needs of the most power-dense advanced designs. It will also be announced that an AEC-Q101-qualified surface mount package will be in the standard D2PAK-7L footprint. The third package is a half-bridge module that provides an excellent solution for the high power industrial solar and charging station markets. The announcements will detail how these packages support AOS’ comprehensive line of SiC MOSFETs from 10mOhm to 500mOhm and voltages from 650V to 1700V.
    • New Motor Drive Announcement at PCIM: AOS will announce a new range of 60V and 100V drivers for power tools, outdoor garden equipment, and e-mobility applications, including a 100V half bridge, a 100V 3-phase, and a 60V 3-phase. These products all support 100 percent duty cycle operation, and demo boards using AOS motor drivers and MOSFETs will be featured in the AOS booth.
    • Power Supply and Renewable Energy: A significant solution in AOS’ growing High Voltage Super Junction MOSFET portfolio is its industry-leading optimized αMOS5™ 600V to 700V Super Junction MOSFETs that help designers achieve efficiency and density goals while satisfying budget goals. Featuring fast switching, a robust UIS/body diode, and ease of use, these state-of-the-art MOSFETs meet the latest server, telecom rectifier, solar inverter, EV charger, gaming, PC, and universal charging/PD design requirements. The newly released AONA66916, a 100V AlphaSGT™ MOSFET, delivers industry-leading Rthjc-top and Rthjc-bottom thermal resistances. A compact DFN 5×6 double-sided cooling package offers improved thermal designs in demanding telecom, solar, and DC-DC converter applications.
    • Automotive and E-mobility: In AOS’ increasing line of automotive MOSFETs, the new automotive grade 80V (AOTL66810Q) and 100V (AOTL66912Q) MOSFETs in the TOLL package are designed to achieve the highest current capability. The AOS TOLL package utilizes advanced clip technology to achieve a high in-rush current rating and very low package resistance and inductance, enabling improved EMI performance compared to other TOLL packages based on standard wire-bonding technology packages. These new automotive-grade MOSFETs help designers meet the power requirements in electric vehicles, battery management systems (BMS), and high-performance inverters (BLDC motors) for e-mobility.
    • Intelligent Power Modules, Mega IPM7: AOS has integrated its latest RC IGBT and high-voltage gate driver into the world’s most compact package design, capable of delivering mega power of up to 100W in motor control applications. The portfolio covers 600V / (1A−3A) in a variety of package options (Mega IPM-7D, IPM7DT, IPM-7E) that are ideal solutions for a broad array of design requirements.
    • Poster Presentation: Jong-Mu Lee, Ph.D. and director of AOS IGBT and Module Product Lines, will present SiC-IPM for Compact and Energy Efficient in the Intelligent Power Modules session on Tuesday, June 11, at 15:30.

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