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  • Transphorm Announced Its Financial Results

    Transphorm Announced Its Financial Results

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    Transphorm, Inc. announced its financial results for the third quarter of its fiscal year ending March 31, 2024 (“Q3 Fiscal 2024”).

    Key Business Highlights

    • Reported total revenue of $4.7 million for Q3 Fiscal 2024, an increase of 4.0% over the same quarter last year and a decrease of 6.8% from the prior quarter.
    • Product revenue was $3.2 million in the quarter, a decrease of 20% from the same quarter last year and a decrease of 11% from the prior quarter, owing to short term demand pushouts. Government revenue was $1.5 million in the quarter, an increase of 180% from the same quarter last year and flat with the prior quarter. Gross margin in the quarter was 1.6%, compared to (59.4)% in the same quarter last year and 23.4% in the prior quarter – Margins in the current quarter were impacted by a $250K Consumption tax adjustment and $170K in non-recurring scrap.
    • Raised $3.0 million through the exercise of existing warrants and $2.1 million of short-term debt.

    High Power Segment Update – Continued Leadership of Transphorm in GaN

    • Increased total design-ins for higher power (300 watt – 7.5 kilowatt) to over 120 (with over 35 in production), an increase of 20% from the Company’s previous update in November 2023.
    • Announced two new SuperGaN devices in a 4-lead TO-247 package, a drop-in replacement for SiC FETs and offering a 35 mOhm and 50 mOhm on-resistance and a benefit of more efficient, switching capabilities with 25% lower energy losses in recent internal tests, increasing socket penetration opportunities with new and existing solutions.
    • Announced a collaboration with Allegro MicroSystem’s AHV85110 Isolated Gate Driver and Transphorm’s SuperGaN FETs to increase GaN power system performance for high power applications, using our just released 650V / 70 mOhm TOLL device.
    • Launched three Transphorm FETs in surface mount devices (SMD) TOLL packages supporting higher power applications for power hungry AI applications, server power, energy and industrial markets, positioning GaN as optimal devices for these kilo-watt class power hungry applications and proving its high voltage-high power dynamic reliability.
    • Launched the SuperGaN TOLT FET, the industry’s first top-sided cooled surface mount GaN device in the JEDEC-standard (MO-332) TOLT Package delivering superior thermal and electrical performance for computing, AI, energy, and automotive power systems.
    • Released two battery charger reference designs for electric vehicle (“EV”) charging applications, ideal for two- and three-wheeled EVs.
    • On track for 1200V engineering samples by middle of calendar year 2024.

    Low Power Segment Update – Transphorm Enables Superior Performance

    • Increased total design-ins for power adapters and fast chargers (< 300 watt) to over 125 (with over 30 in production), an increase in ongoing design-ins of 8% from the Company’s previous update in November 2023.
    • Announced with Weltrend Semiconductor Inc., a 100-watt USB-C PD power adapter reference design, using Transphorm’s SuperGaN System-in-Package, WT7162RHUG24A, to achieve 92.7% efficiency in a Quasi-resonant flyback topology.

    Primit Parikh, Transphorm’s CEO and Co-Founder, commented, “While our third quarter product revenue decreased marginally on a sequential basis, we continued to experience strong momentum in building our revenue pipeline and securing design-ins. During the third quarter, we successfully launched several new high power products and two key reference designs targeted for EV two- and three-wheeler market.”

    Q3 Fiscal 2024 Financial Results

    Revenue was $4.7 million for Q3 Fiscal 2024, a decrease of $0.3 million, or 6.8%, compared to $5.0 million in the prior quarter and an increase of $0.2 million, or 3.9%, compared to $4.5 million for the same period in 2022 (“Q3 Fiscal 2023”).

    Operating expenses were $9.0 million in Q3 Fiscal 2024, compared to $7.7 million in the prior quarter and $7.2 million in Q3 Fiscal 2023 driven largely by legal expenses related to the definitive agreement with Renesas. Q3 Fiscal 2024 operating expenses consisted of R&D expenses of $2.8 million and SG&A expenses of $6.2 million. Operating expenses on a non-GAAP basis were $7.3 million in Q3 Fiscal 2024, compared to $6.4 million in the prior quarter and $6.0 million in Q3 Fiscal 2023.

    Net loss for Q3 Fiscal 2024 was ($10.0) million, or ($0.20) per share, compared to net loss of ($7.1) million, or ($0.12) per share, in the prior quarter, and net loss of ($10.5) million, or ($0.18) per share, in Q3 Fiscal 2023. On a non-GAAP basis, adjusted EBITDA for Q3 Fiscal 2024 was ($6.9) million, or ($0.11) per share, compared to non-GAAP adjusted EBITDA of ($5.0) million, or ($0.08) per share, in the prior quarter, and non-GAAP adjusted EBITDA of ($8.5) million, or ($0.15) per share, in Q3 Fiscal 2023.

    Cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash as of December 31, 2023, were $8.0 million.

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  • Transphorm Adds Two New SuperGaN Devices in a 4-lead TO-247 Package

    Transphorm Adds Two New SuperGaN Devices in a 4-lead TO-247 Package

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    Transphorm, Inc. announced availability of two new SuperGaN® devices in a 4-lead TO-247 package (TO-247-4L). The new TP65H035G4YS and TP65H050G4YS FETs offer a 35 mOhm and 50 mOhm on resistance respectively, complete with a kelvin-source terminal that gives customers versatile switching capabilities with even lower energy losses.

    The new products will run on Transphorm’s well-established GaN-on-Silicon substrate manufacturing process that is cost-effective, reliable, and well-suited for high volume manufacturing on silicon production lines. The 50 mOhm TP65H050G4YS FET is currently available while the 35mOhm TP65H035G4YS FET is sampling and slated for release in calendar Q1’2024.

    Transphorm’s 4-lead SuperGaN devices can serve as an original design-in option or as a drop-in replacement for 4-lead silicon and SiC solutions supporting power supplies at 1 kilowatt and up in a wide range of data center, renewables, and broad industrial applications. As noted, the 4-lead configuration offers flexibility to users for further improved switching performance.

    In a hard-switched synchronous boost converter, the 35 mOhm SuperGaN 4-lead FET reduced losses by 15 percent at 50 kilohertz (kHz) and by 27 percent at 100 kHz when compared to a SiC MOSFET device with a comparable on resistance.

    Transphorm’s SuperGaN FETs are known for delivering differentiating advantages such as:

    • Industry-leading robustness with a +/- 20 V gate threshold and a 4 V noise immunity.
    • Easier designability by reducing the amount of circuitry required around the device.
    • Easier drivability as FETs can pair with well-known, off-the shelf drivers common to silicon devices.

    The TO-247-4L devices offer the same robustness, designability, and drivability with the following core specifications:

    Part NumberVds (V) minRds(on) (mΩ) typVth (V) typId (25°C) (A) maxPackage Variation

    “We continue to expand our product portfolio to bring to market GaN FETs that help customers leverage our SuperGaN platform performance advantages in whatever design requirement they may have,” said Philip Zuk, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, Transphorm.

    “The four-lead TO-247 package provides flexibility for designers and customers seeking even greater power system loss reductions with little to no design modifications on silicon or silicon carbide systems. It’s an important addition to our product line as we ramp into higher power applications.”

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  • Renesas Electronics Adds Transphorm's GaN to Its Power Portfolio

    Renesas Electronics Adds Transphorm’s GaN to Its Power Portfolio

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    Renesas Electronics Corporation and Transphorm, Inc. announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement pursuant to which a subsidiary of Renesas will acquire all outstanding shares of Transphorm’s common stock for $5.10 per share in cash, representing a premium of approximately 35% to Transphorm’s closing price on January 10, 2024, a premium of approximately 56% to the volume weighted average price over the last twelve months and a premium of approximately 78% to the volume weighted average price over the last six months.

    The transaction values Transphorm at approximately $339 million. The acquisition will provide Renesas with in-house GaN technology, a key next-generation material for power semiconductors, expanding its reach into fast-growing markets such as EVs, computing (data centers, AI, infrastructure), renewable energy, industrial power conversion and fast chargers/adapters.

    Demand for highly efficient power systems is increasing as building blocks for carbon neutrality. To address this trend, an industry-wide transition toward wide bandgap (“WBG”) materials, represented by silicon carbide (“SiC”) and GaN, is also being seen. These advanced materials allow a broader range of voltage and switching frequency than conventional silicon-based devices. To build on this momentum, Renesas has announced the establishment of an in-house SiC production line, supported by a 10 year SiC wafer supply agreement.

    Renesas now aims to further expand its WBG portfolio with Transphorm’s expertise in GaN, an emerging material that enables higher switching frequency, lower power losses, and smaller form factors. These benefits empower customers’ systems with greater efficiency, smaller and lighter composition, and lower overall cost.

    As such, demand for GaN is predicted to grow by more than 50 percent annually, according to an industry study. Renesas will implement Transphorm’s auto-qualified GaN technology to develop new enhanced power solution offerings, such as X-in-1 powertrain solutions for EVs, along with computing, energy, industrial and consumer applications.

    “Transphorm is a company uniquely led by a seasoned team rooted in GaN power and with origins from the University of California at Santa Barbara,” said Hidetoshi Shibata, CEO of Renesas. “The addition of Transphorm’s GaN technology builds on our momentum in IGBT and SiC. It will fuel and expand our power portfolio as a key pillar of growth, offering our customers the full ability to choose their optimal power solutions.”

    “Combined with Renesas’ world-wide footprint, breadth of solution offerings and customer relationships, we are excited to pave the way for industry-wide adoption of WBG materials and set the stage for significant growth.

    This transaction will also allow us to offer further expanded services to our customers and deliver significant immediate cash value to our stockholders,” said Dr. Primit Parikh, Co-founder, President and CEO of Transphorm and Dr. Umesh Mishra, Co-founder and CTO of Transphorm. “Additionally, it will provide a strong platform for our exceptional team to further Transphorm’s leading GaN technology and products.”

    The board of directors of Transphorm has unanimously approved the definitive agreement with respect to the transaction and recommended that Transphorm stockholders adopt such definitive agreement and approve the merger. Concurrently with the execution of the definitive agreement, KKR Phorm Investors L.P., which holds approximately 38.6% of Transphorm’s outstanding common stock, has entered into a customary voting agreement with Renesas to vote in favor of the transaction.

    The transaction is expected to close in the second half of calendar year 2024, subject to Transphorm stockholder approval, required regulatory clearances and the satisfaction of other customary closing conditions.

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  • Transphorm and Allegro MicroSystems Team Up to Increase GaN Power System Performance

    Transphorm and Allegro MicroSystems Team Up to Increase GaN Power System Performance

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    Transphorm, Inc. and Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. announced a collaboration including Transphorm’s SuperGaN® FETs and Allegro’s AHV85110 Isolated Gate Driver to enable the expansion of GaN power system design for high power applications.

    Transphorm’s SuperGaN FETs are designed to work in various topologies and are available in several different packages to support a wide power range while also satisfying diverse end application requirements. SuperGaN FETs are used in multiple commercial products, including higher power systems where they are proven to notably increase reliability, power density, and efficiency.

    Allegro’s self-powered, single-channel isolated gate driver IC is optimized for driving GaN FETs in multiple applications and circuits. The AHV85110 is proven to enhance driver efficiency by as much as 50% compared to competitive gate drivers. This unique solution greatly simplifies the system design, reduces noise by 10x and common mode capacitance by 15 times compared to other solutions in the market.

    “Allegro’s AHV85110 High Voltage Gate Driver provides a highly compact and efficient power stage implementation that helps to achieve an approximate 30 percent footprint reduction with the least number of external components and bias supply requirements around Transphorm’s power devices,” said Tushar Dhayagude, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and FAE, Transphorm.

    “Combined with SuperGaN’s highest reliability and superior dynamic switching performance over competing technologies, the end result is a more efficient, more robust solution with increased power density in critical applications such as server, data centers, renewables and electric vehicles.”

    “We are excited about working with Transphorm on a collaboration that further supports Allegro’s focus towards helping customers optimize GaN-based system development and design,” said Vijay Mangtani, Vice President and General Manager of High Voltage Power, Allegro MicroSystems. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to combine our high voltage isolated gate driver AHV85110 with Transphorm’s SuperGaN FET to enable higher power density, higher efficiency, and higher power output in smaller form factors and provide value to both our and Transphorm’s customers.”

    Those interested in testing the collaborative solution can do so via Allegro’s APEK85110KNH-06-T evaluation board. The board incorporates both the AHV85110 designed to work in various applications along with Transphorm’s recently announced TOLL packageavailable in three devices with on-resistances of 35, 50, and 72 milliohms.

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  • Transphorm Introduced SuperGaN® TOLT FET

    Transphorm Introduced SuperGaN® TOLT FET

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    Transphorm, Inc. introduced the SuperGaN® TOLT FET. With an on-resistance of 72 milliohms, the TP65H070G4RS transistor is the industry’s first top-side cooled surface mount GaN device in the JEDEC-standard (MO-332) TOLT package. The TOLT package offers flexibility of thermal management to customers where system requirements do not allow for the more conventional surface mount devices with bottom-side cooling.

    The thermal performance of the TOLT is similar to that of the widely used, thermally robust TO-247 through-hole packages and delivers the added benefit of highly efficient manufacturing processes enabled by SMD-based printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).

    The TP65H070G4RS leverages Transphorm’s robust, high performance 650-volt normally-off d-mode GaN platform offering improved efficiency over silicon, silicon carbide, and other GaN offerings via lower gate charge, output capacitance, crossover loss, reverse recovery charge, and dynamic resistance.

    The SuperGaN platform advantages combined with the TOLT’s better thermals and system assembly flexibility results in a high performance, high reliability GaN solution for customers seeking to bring to market power systems with higher power density and efficiency at an overall lower power system cost.

    Transphorm is engaged with multiple global partners for high power GaN, including lead customers in server and storage power, a global leader in the energy/microinverter space, an innovative manufacturer of off-grid power solutions, and a leader in satellite communications.

    “Surface mount devices such as the TOLL and the TOLT offer various benefits such as lower internal inductance as well as simpler board mounting during manufacturing. The TOLT adds to that more flexible overall thermal management with through-hole like thermal performance by using top-side cooling,” said Philip Zuk, SVP Business Development and Marketing, Transphorm.

    “These devices are commonly found in mid to high power system applications for key market segments including high performance computing (Server, Telecom, AI Power), Renewables and Industrial, and Electric Vehicles, some of which our GaN technology already powers today. we’re very excited to enable our customers to realize additional system level benefits with TOLT SuperGaN solutions.”

    Today’s product release comes on the heels of Transphorm’s recent introduction of its three new TOLL FETs. Addition of the TOLT expands the company’s product offerings yet again. Its availability highlights Transphorm’s commitment to supporting customer preferences by making its SuperGaN platform accessible in various packages across the widest power range.

    Device Specifications
    SuperGaN devices lead the market with unmatched:

    • Reliability at < 0.05 FIT
    • Gate safety margin at ± 20 V
    • Noise immunity at 4 V
    • Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) at 20% lower than e-mode normally-off GaN
    • Drive flexibility with standard off-the-shelf silicon drivers

    The robust 650 V SuperGaN TOLT device is JEDEC qualified. Because the normally-off d-mode platform pairs the GaN HEMT with an integrated low voltage silicon MOSFET, the SuperGaN FETs are easy to drive with commonly used off-the-shelf gate drivers. They can be used in various hard- and soft-switching AC-to-DC, DC-to-DC, and DC-to-AC topologies to increase power density while reducing system size, weight, and overall cost.

    PartDimensions (mm)RDS(on) (mΩ) typRDS(on) (mΩ) maxVth (V) typId (25°C) (A) max
    TP65H070G4RS10 x 157285429

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  • Transphorm Introduced 3 SuperGaN® FETs in TOLL Packages

    Transphorm Introduced 3 SuperGaN® FETs in TOLL Packages

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    Transphorm, Inc. introduced three SuperGaN® FETs in TOLL packages with on-resistances of 35, 50, and 72 milliohms. Transphorm’s TOLL package configuration is industry standard, meaning the SuperGaN TOLL FETs can be used as drop-in replacements for any e-mode TOLL solution.

    The new devices also offer Transphorm’s proven high voltage dynamic (switching) on-resistance reliability that is generally lacking in leading foundry-based e-mode GaN offerings. To sample the devices, visit Transphorm’s product page:

    The three surface mount devices (SMDs) support higher power applications operating within an average range of 1 to 3 kilowatts. These power systems are typically found in high performance segments such as computing (AI, server, telecom, data center), energy and industrial (PV inverters, servo motors), and other broad industrial markets which, collectively, have a current global GaN TAM of $2.5B. Notably, the FETs are optimal solutions for today’s rapidly expanding AI systems that rely on GPUs requiring 10 to 15 times the power of traditional CPUs.

    Transphorm’s high power GaN devices are already widely supplied to leading customers who use them to power in-production high performance systems including datacenter power supplies, high power gaming PSUs, UPSes, and microinverters. These applications can also be supported by the TOLL devices as can electric-vehicle-based DC-to-DC converters and onboard chargers, with the underlying SuperGaN die already automotive (AEC-Q101) qualified.

    The SuperGaN TOLL FETs represent the sixth package type offered by Transphorm, giving customers the widest selection of packages to meet their unique design requirements. As with all Transphorm products, the TOLL devices harness the inherent performance and reliability advantages made possible by the normally-off d-mode SuperGaN platform.

    For a detailed competitive analysis between SuperGaN and e-mode GaN, download the company’s latest white paper titled The Fundamental Advantages of d-Mode GaN in Cascode Configuration. The white paper’s conclusion aligns with a head-to-head comparison released earlier this year showing the 72 milliohm SuperGaN FETs outperforming larger 50 milliohm e-mode devices in a commercially available 280 W gaming laptop charger.

    SuperGaN devices lead the market with unmatched:

    • Reliability at < 0.03 FIT
    • Gate safety margin at ± 20 V
    • Noise immunity at 4 V
    • Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) at 20% lower than e-mode
    • Drive flexibility with standard drivers and protection circuits readily available in silicon-based controllers/drivers

    Device Specifications
    The robust 650 V SuperGaN TOLL devices are JEDEC qualified. Because the normally-off d-mode platform pairs the GaN HEMT with a low voltage silicon MOSFET, the SuperGaN FETs are easy to drive with commonly used off-the-shelf gate drivers. They can be used in various hard- and soft-switching AC-to-DC, DC-to-DC, and DC-to-AC topologies to increase power density while reducing system size, weight, and overall cost.

    PartDimensions (mm)RDS(on) (mΩ) typRDS(on) (mΩ) maxVth (V) typId (25°C) (A) max
    TP65H035G4QS10 x 123541446.5
    TP65H050G4QS10 x 125060434
    TP65H070G4QS10 x 127285429

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  • Transphorm’s GaN Powers World’s First Integrated Microinverter PV Systems by DAH Solar

    Transphorm’s GaN Powers World’s First Integrated Microinverter PV Systems by DAH Solar

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    Transphorm, Inc. announced that its GaN platform powers the world’s first integrated photovoltaic (PV) systems from DAH Solar Co., Ltd. (Anhui Daheng New Energy Technology Co., LTD/subsidiary of DAH Solar). The PV systems are used in DAH Solar’s new SolarUnit product line. DAH Solar credits Transphorm’s GaN FETs with enabling it to produce smaller, lighter, and more reliable solar panel systems that also offer higher overall power generation with lower energy consumption.

    The design achievements continue to demonstrate Transphorm’s One Core GaN Platform, Crossing the Power Spectrum leadership position by solidifying its value proposition in the renewables market, which currently represent a GaN TAM of more than $500M.

    DAH Solar uses Transphorm’s 150 mΩ and 70 mΩ GaN FETs in the SolarUnits’ design architecture (both DC-to-DC and DC-to-AC power stages). The SolarUnits are available in three models with power outputs of 800 W, 920 W, or 1500 W and peak efficiencies of 97.16%, 97.2%, and 97.55% respectively. The GaN devices deliver higher switching frequencies and power density versus incumbent silicon solutions. Notably, the two FETs are available in PQFN88 performance packages that pair with commonly-used gate drivers—features that helped DAH Solar quicken its design time.

    “We have a strong legacy of producing innovative PV products. As such, we consistently look for ways to advance our products with state-of-the-art technologies to create a better, more efficient end user experience,” said Yong Gu, GM, DAH Solar. “We view Transphorm as an authority in the field of GaN production and found their advanced GaN FETs to be the optimal devices for our new SolarUnit line. The devices are easy to design in and offer performance advantages that enable us to continue building on our legacy.”

    Transphorm today supports the largest range of power conversion requirements (45 W to 10+ kW) across the widest range of power applications. The company’s FET portfolio includes 650 V and 900 V devices with 1200 V devices in development. These FETs are JEDEC and AEC-Q101 qualified, making them optimal solutions for power adapters and computer PSUs through to broad industrial UPSs and electric vehicle mobility systems.

    The company’s technology innovations continue to set new benchmarks across the GaN power semiconductor industry. In parallel, they help customers bring to market new, disruptive applications in their own markets—such as DAH Solar’s PV systems.

    These achievements are due to Transphorm’s normally-off SuperGaN® platform, which uses the cascode d-mode configuration to harness GaN’s intrinsic advantages. The superior physics of this high performance GaN platform design delivers competitively unmatched benefits such as easier drivability, easier designability, higher reliability, and greater manufacturability.

    “The value Transphorm’s GaN platform brings to a variety of applications continues to be demonstrated by market leaders like DAH Solar,” Kenny Yim, Vice President of Asia Sales, Transphorm. “Solar inverters as well as other high-power applications require highly reliable, high performing power semiconductors that can withstand decades of operation in harsh environments.

    Using Transphorm’s SuperGaN technology helps reduce power loss thereby minimizing thermal stress on other designed-in components. That’s a phenomenal achievement over alternative GaN and Silicon solutions underscoring the benefits our GaN brings to next generation power systems.”

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  • Transphorm Demonstrated up to 5 Microsecond Short Circuit Withstand Time

    Transphorm Demonstrated up to 5 Microsecond Short Circuit Withstand Time

    3 Min Read

    Transphorm, Inc. announced it has demonstrated up to 5 microsecond short circuit withstand time (SCWT) on a GaN power transistor with a patented technology. The achievement is the first of its kind on record, marking an important milestone for the industry as a whole. It proves Transphorm GaN’s ability to meet the required short circuit capabilities of rugged power inverters such as servo motors, industrial motors, and automotive powertrains served traditionally by silicon IGBTs or silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs— an over $3 billion GaN TAM over the next 5 years.

    The demonstration was developed with support from Yaskawa Electric Corporation, a long-term strategic partner of Transphorm’s and a global leader in low and medium voltage drives, servo systems, machine controllers, and industrial robots. This makes GaN a highly attractive power conversion technology for servo systems, as it allows for higher efficiency and reduced size compared to incumbent solutions.

    To do that, GaN must pass stringent robustness tests—of which, short-circuit survivability is the most challenging. In case of short-circuit faults, the device must survive extreme conditions with both high current and high voltage. The system can take up to a few microseconds to detect the fault and shut down the operations. During this time, the device must withstand the fault on its own.

    “If a power semiconductor device cannot survive short-circuit events, the system itself may fail. There was a strong perception that GaN power transistors could not meet the short circuit requirements needed for heavy-duty power applications such as ours,” said Motoshige Maeda, Department Manager of Fundamental R&D Management Department, Corporate Technology Division, Yaskawa. “Having worked with Transphorm for many years, we believed that perception to be unfounded and have been proven right today. We’re excited about what their team has accomplished and look forward to demonstrating how this new GaN feature can benefit our designs.”

    The short-circuit technology has been demonstrated on a newly designed 15 mΩ 650 V GaN device. Notably, that device reaches a peak efficiency of 99.2% and a maximum power of 12 kW in hard-switching conditions at 50 kHz. The device demonstrated not only performance, but also reliability, passing high-temperature high-voltage stress requirements.

    “Standard GaN devices can withstand short-circuit for only a few hundredths of nanoseconds, which is too short for fault detection and safe shut-down. However, with our cascode architecture and key patented technology, we were able to demonstrate short-circuit withstand time up to 5 microseconds with no additional external components, thus retaining low cost and high performance,” said Umesh Mishra, CTO and Co-Founder, Transphorm.

    “We understand the demands of high-power, high-performance inverter systems. We have a long history of strong innovation, and we’re proud to say that experience helped us bring GaN to the next level. This is yet another validation of Transphorm’s global leadership in high voltage GaN robustness and reliability and will be a gamechanger for GaN in motor drives and other high-power systems.”

    The full description explaining the SCWT achievement, the demonstration analysis, and more is expected to be presented at a major power electronics conference next year.

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  • Transphorm Confirms Gallium Nitride Materials Sources Are Secure

    Transphorm Confirms Gallium Nitride Materials Sources Are Secure

    1 Min Read

    Transphorm, Inc. responded to the recent news regarding China export restrictions. Late Monday, July 3, 2023, China’s Ministry of Commerce stated that it will restrict the exports of materials related to two metals used in semiconductor manufacturing: gallium and germanium. Gallium nitride (GaN) wafer materials are listed as being affected by these regulations.

    Transphorm manufactures high voltage GaN power semiconductors. Trimethylgallium (TMGa) is used to produce the GaN. The company confirmed that its primary TMGa suppliers are not based in China and that suppliers have confirmed to be well-positioned to meet forecasted demand. Transphorm is therefore securely positioned to continue manufacturing and supplying its GaN devices without interruption.

    Transphorm also explained gallium is generally a byproduct resulting from refinement processes used to produce popular metals such as aluminum from bauxite ore. Aluminum is produced in numerous countries such as Australia, Brazil, India, Jamaica, and the United States among others.

    Transphorm will continue to the monitor the situation as necessary but sees no direct impact on its current operations. Nor does the company see long-term sourcing issues.

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  • Simulation Model of Industry’s First 1200 V GaN-on-Sapphire Device Released by Transphorm

    Simulation Model of Industry’s First 1200 V GaN-on-Sapphire Device Released by Transphorm

    2 Min Read

    Transphorm, Inc. announced availability of its 1200 V FET simulation model and preliminary datasheet. The TP120H070WS FET is the only 1200 V GaN-on-Sapphire power semiconductor introduced to date, making its model the first of its kind. Its release indicates Transphorm’s ability to support future automotive power systems as well as three-phase power systems typically used in the broad industrial, datacom, and renewables markets. These applications will benefit from the 1200 V GaN device’s higher power density and reliability along with equal or better performance at more reasonable cost points versus alternative technologies.

    Transphorm recently validated the GaN device’s higher performance ability in a 5 kW 900 V buck converter switching at 100 kHz. The 1200 V GaN device achieved 98.7% efficiency, exceeding that of a similarly rated production SiC MOSFET.

    The innovative 1200 V technology also underscores Transphorm’s leadership in GaN power conversion. Vertical integration, epitaxy ownership, and patented process paired with decades of engineering expertise enable the company to bring to market the highest performing GaN device portfolio with four additional major differentiators: Manufacturability, Drivability, Designability, and Reliability.

    Transphorm’s 1200 V technology is anchored in proven process and mature technology, satisfying customer confidence requirements. The GaN-on-Sapphire process is in volume production today in the LED market. Additionally, the 1200 V technology leverages the fundamentally superior, normally-off GaN platform used in Transphorm’s current device portfolio.

    Key TP120H070WS device specifications include:

    • 70 mΩ RDS(on)
    • Normally off
    • Efficient bidirectional current flow
    • ± 20 Vmax gate robustness
    • Low 4Vth gate drive noise immunity
    • Zero QRR
    • 3-lead TO-247 package

    The Verilog-A device model is recommended for use with the SIMetrix Pro v8.5 Circuit Simulator. A LTSpice model is in development and will be released in Q4 2023. Simulation modeling allows for fast and efficient power system design validation while reducing design iterations, development time, and hardware investments.

    The device model files and datasheet are available for download here:

    1200 V FET samples are expected to be available by Q1 2024.

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