Micro Commercial Components unveiled 1700V SiC MOSFET – SICW400N170A-BP. Designed to elevate power conversion in a range of applications, this MOSFET features ultra-low on-resistance of only 400mΩ and high blocking voltage capability. SICW400N170A-BP SiC MOSFET enables high-speed switching while ensuring minimal conduction losses — essential requirements for optimizing frequency-dependent systems. 

A standard, yet durable TO-247AB package delivers effective operation at a gate-source voltage of 20V with superior thermal stability and an operating junction temperature of +175°C. 

This unwavering reliability in harsh conditions only adds to the component’s appeal and versatility for various high-voltage applications, including EV charging stations and renewable energy systems.

Features & Benefits:
  • High blocking voltage capability (1700V)
  • Ultra-low on-resistance (400mΩ) enhances efficiency
  • Low capacitance enables faster switching
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • High operating junction temperature (to +175°C)
  • Standard TO-247AB package

Original – Micro Commercial Components