Today some applications tend to increase bus voltage, and using 1200V SiC power modules can no longer correspond to voltage requirements. Using 1700V SiC devices can solve the problem, but it comes with a price.

Leapers Semiconductor announced a new series of 1400V SiC power modules in already familiar E0 and ED3S packages. They are the perfect solution to the mentioned problem, providing great performance at affordable price.

At the moment the new series 1400V SiC modules come in Half-Bridge, H-Bridge, and Boost topologies.

Leapers Semiconductor new SiC product family features:

–       1,4kV voltage
–       50 – 600A current
–       3,2 – 40 mOhm Rds(on)
–       Epoxy resin
–       Si3N4 AMB substrate
–       Low thermal resistance
–       Low switching losses

First batches of 1400V SiC power modules successfully passed field tests by the end customers and soon will be mass used in:

–       DC fast chargers
–       Commercial EVs
–       Power supplies for production of hydrogen
–       DC/DC converters

Original – Leapers Semiconductor