Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched chopper SiC MOSFET modules “MG800FXF1ZMS3” and ”MG800FZF1JMS3” with ratings of 3300 V and 800 A using 3rd generation silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET and SBD chips for industrial equipment and has expanded its lineup.

The new products MG800FXF1ZMS3 and MG800FXF1JMS3 adopt an iXPLV package with Ag sintering internal bonding technology and high compatibility with mounting. These offers low conduction loss with low drain-source on-voltage (sense) of 1.3 V (typ.), and also offers low switching loss with low turn-on switching loss of 230 mJ (typ.) and low turn-off switching loss of 230 mJ (typ.). These contribute to reducing the power loss of equipment and the size of cooling device. 

The lineup of Toshiba’s MOSFET modules of iXPLV package has three products, including existing product MG800FXF2YMS3 (3300 V / 800 A / Dual SiC MOSFET module.) This provides a wide range of product selection. This can be used in 2-level inverters, buck/boost converters and 3-level inverters.

Toshiba will continue to meet the market needs for high efficiency and the downsizing of industrial equipment.


Industrial equipment

  • Inverters and converters for railway vehicles
  • Renewable energy power generation systems
  • Motor control equipment for industrial equipment, etc.


  • Low drain-source on-voltage (sense):
    VDS(on)sense=1.3 V (typ.) (ID=800 A, VGS=+20 V, Tch=25 °C)
  • Low turn-on switching loss:
    Eon=230 mJ (typ.) (VDD=1800 V, ID=800 A, Tch=175 °C)
  • Low turn-off switching loss:
    Eoff=230 mJ (typ.) (VDD=1800 V, ID=800 A, Tch=175 °C)

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