SemiQ announced that it has expanded its portfolio of QSiC™ Silicon Carbide modules with the launch of a family of 1200V MOSFETs that pairs with or without 1200V SiC Schottky Diodes in a SOT-227 package.

Crafted from high-performance ceramics and rigorously engineered to function with unwavering reliability in challenging conditions, the newly introduced SemiQ SiC modules achieve remarkably high performance. This enhanced performance empowers higher power densities and more streamlined design configurations.

The QSiC™ modules feature high breakdown voltage (> 1400 V), high-temperature operation (Tj = 175 °C), and low Rds(On) shift over the full operating temperature range while providing industry-leading gate oxide stability and gate oxide lifetime, avalanche (UIS) ruggedness, and extended short-circuit withstand times.

Target markets for the new QSiC™ modules with our existing SOT-227 SiC SBD modules include EV charging, on-board chargers (OBCs), DC-DC converters, E-compressors, fuel cell converters, medical power supplies, energy storage systems, solar and wind energy systems, data center power supplies, UPS/PFC circuits, and other automotive and industrial power applications.

All of the new QSiC™ modules are tested at wafer-level gate burn-in to provide high-quality gate oxide with stable gate threshold voltage. Besides the burn-in test, which helps to stabilize the extrinsic failure rate, stress tests such as gate stress, high-temperature reverse bias (HTRB) drain stress, and high humidity, high voltage, high temperature (H3TRB) to ensure requisite industrial grade quality levels.

Dr. Timothy Han, President at SemiQ, said, “We are delighted with the customer input and needs for our new family of QSiC™ high-power modules and thank our SemiQ team who have worked tirelessly to build and qualify our latest QSiC™ modules.”

SemiQ’s new 1200V SOT-227 modules are available in 20mΩ, 40mΩ, 80mΩ SiC MOSFET categories. A table with part numbers is shown below.

Part NumbersCircuit ConfigurationRatings, PackagesRds(on), mΩ
GCMX020B120S1-E1Single MOSFET w/o SBD1200V/113A, SOT-22720
GCMS020B120S1-E1Single MOSFET w SBD1200V/113A, SOT-22720
GCMX040B120S1-E1Single MOSFET w/o SBD1200V/57A, SOT-22740
GCMS040B120S1-E1Single MOSFET w SBD1200V/57A, SOT-22740
GCMX080B120S1-E1Single MOSFET w/o SBD1200V/30A, SOT-22780
GCMS080B120S1-E1Single MOSFET w SBD1200V/30A, SOT-22780

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