The opening ceremony of WeEnwin Jinshan Module Plant was held in the Shanghai Jinshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The ceremony marked the official commencement of WeEn’s world-first module plant, intended to produce various types of power module products utilized in consumer electronics, communications, new energy, and automotive applications. The products connect customers and the ecosystems, actively fostering the high-quality development of the industry.

Markus Mosen, WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd. CEO; Chen Song, COO; Tang Ziming, CFO; Wu Rui, CHRO; Peng Xijun, general manager of Shanghai New Jinshan Industrial Investment & Development Co., Ltd; Zhao Fei, deputy director of the Jinshan District Development and Reform Commission; Cao Qin, deputy director of the Jinshan District Investment Promotion Office; other relevant department heads of the New Jinshan Development Company; WeEn boards Zhang Xinyu, Chang Liang, and Zhu Fenglin; together with representatives from WeEn’s global partners, numerous customers, vendors, approximately 200 guests attended the event to personally witness this historic step in WeEn’s new journey.

Located in the Shanghai Bay Area High-tech Industrial and Development Zone, WeEn Jinshan Module Plant covers an area of 11,000 square meters. The construction of the plant began in August 2022. Eight months later in April 2023, the building quality and fire inspection compliance tests were successfully completed.

WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd. has invested approximately RMB 200 million in the wholly-owned new Jinshan Module Plant, which has introduced over a hundred of the industry’s most advanced power module production and testing equipment to meet the market’s mainstream demand for various types of module products.

It is worth underscoring that the newly established WeEnwin Module Plant has simultaneously set up an advanced packaging R&D center to develop and mass produce cutting-edge packaging technologies while researching the applicability of new materials.

To optimize efficiency and reliability, the fully automated module production line is equipped with top-notch processing capabilities, including lead-free chip bonding/silver sintering bonding, lead-free soldering/ultrasonic soldering of terminals, aluminum wire bonding, and copper tab connections. Currently, WeEnwin module plant. has obtained ISO9001 and IATF16949 certifications and undergone VDA6.3 process audits, evidence of the company’s robust system that guarantees top-quality products.

Peng Xijun, general manager of Shanghai New Jinshan Industrial Investment & Development Co., Ltd, warmly congratulated WeEnwin for the opening, noting that the event was a testimony of the concerted efforts of all parties. He further stated that the collective endeavors have significant importance in elevating the power semiconductor industry’s development level and accelerating the concentration of the optoelectronic chip industry in the high-tech industrial and development zone.

In addition, he expressed his wish for the high-tech zone, as it embarks on its new era journey, to continue harnessing resources and efforts and attracting policies aimed at strengthening the innovation chain, extending the industrial chain, and improving the ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Markus Mosen, WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd. CEO stated, “Given the favorable winds, this is the perfect time to set sail.” WeEn’s investment in the world’s first module factory has successfully transitioned from planning to operation according to schedule. Therefore, we remain grateful for the strong support from the Jinshan District People’s Government, Shanghai Bay Area High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and FITA Tech.

There is no doubt that without the collective efforts of our partners and team, this accomplishment would not have been possible. At WeEnwin, we will seize the opportunities of the era, leverage our product and technological strengths, and provide reliable and efficient power semiconductor devices to our customers and partners. As we inject new impetus into pragmatic cooperation, we remain confident in our ability to propel the ship of power device development toward a new journey.”

The operation of the WeEnwin Jinshan Module plant will enhance the efficiency of WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd.’s entire industry chain layout and services. In addition to producing the most advanced SCR / FRD / IGBT / SIC modules, the factory will significantly improve the experience of customers and partners by offering innovative modules and packaging services for the automotive and renewable energy markets. It is projected that the first batch of products from the new Jinshan Module Factory for Chinese and overseas customers will be shipped in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Original – WeEn Semiconductors