SiC power devices are changing and reshaping many industries today, providing numerous benefits over fundamental silicon-based semiconductors. One of the key advantages is a dramatically reduced power losses with increased efficiency achieved through silicon carbide exceptional material properties. SiC power semiconductors can operate at higher frequencies and temperatures delivering higher power densities and reduced cooling requirements. One of the industries benefiting much from the use of SiC power devices is the energy storage.

Adopting silicon carbide technology, energy storage systems can deliver great energy saving and much better overall system performance.

Reliability is one of the major requirements for any power electronics system, and ESS is no exception. That is why many ESS companies today choose SiC technology over Si. Silicon carbide power devices provide increased robustness and resistance when it comes to operating in extreme conditions. SiC temperature robustness allows to eliminate the risk of the system overheating – one of the major reasons for failure.

Leading the development process of SiC power devices for a variety of emerging applications including vehicle electrification, photovoltaics, and, of course, battery energy storage systems, Leapers Semiconductor is expanding its portfolio of the hybrid modules with the 3-level power module to provide increased reliability for the ESS, solar, and the other 3-level applications.

The all new DFH10AL12EZC1 power module integrates 1200V SiC MOSFET chips and 1200V IGBT chips in E2 package designed to correspond to high requirements set by the above-mentioned applications.

Leapers Semiconductor DFH10AL12EZC1 hybrid power module features:

  • Blocking voltage:1200V
  • Rds(on): 9.5mΩ (VGS =15V)/8.3mΩ (VGS =18V)
  • Low Switching Losses
  • High current density
  • Press FIT Contact Technology
  • 175°C maximum junction temperature
  • Thermistor inside

DFH10AL12EZC1 hybrid power modules guarantee the enhanced efficiency, improved power conversion, and increased overall reliability and durability with reduced system size.

The other applications that will benefit from DFH10AL12EZC1 include:

  • Solar inverter Systems
  • Three-level Systems
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • High Frequency Switching Systems

Original – Leapers Semiconductor