Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. announced the launch of several new systems and capabilities serving high-volume semiconductor and fast-growing power-semiconductor applications.

POWERCOMM™ and POWERNEXX™ represent the next evolution in advanced wire bonding systems and are designed with a new generation of intuitive advanced process capabilities which deliver maximum levels of performance, efficiency, and productivity. Additionally, both systems deliver enhanced mean time between assists (MTBA), with automated recovery features that improve the machine to operator ratio and better support localization of semiconductor assembly.

The POWERCOMM™ advanced wire bonding solution is designed to support high-volume discrete and low-pin count devices commonly used in applications such as data centers, automotive, industrial automation, smartphones, wearables and connected devices.

The POWERNEXX™ advanced wire bonding solution is optimized for higher density QFN packages with widths of up to 100mm. The improved illumination design on POWERNEXX™ allows faster alignment time through its Pattern Recognition System (PRS). Faster alignment and advanced process capabilities deliver the industry leading UPH and lowest Cost-of-Ownership. 

In addition to the new POWERCOMM™ and POWERNEXX™ systems, K&S extends its leadership in wedge bond applications with new High-Power-Interconnect (HPI) capabilities addressing the emerging needs of power devices. HPI capabilities are becoming increasingly necessary to assemble applications such as inverters, battery assembly and charging infrastructure which support the growth and increasing efficiency requirements of sustainable energy and electric vehicle applications. The need for more efficient and higher-current applications are driving rapid changes to the power semiconductor market by increasing demand in emerging compound semiconductors, such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN), but are also demanding new capabilities to support next-generation battery assembly and are accelerating the transition from aluminum wire and ribbon, to copper wire and ribbon. Next generation HPI capabilities are being introduced across Kulicke & Soffa’s leading wedge bonder portfolio today.

“Our rich history of innovation and ongoing development priorities are enabling us to provide additional value to the increasingly critical assembly process. This recent set of new wire bonding systems and capabilities will better enable customers to optimize productivity, improve material handling capabilities and significantly lower cost-of-ownership,” said Shawn Sarbacker, Kulicke and Soffa’s Vice President of Ball Bonder Business Unit.

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