ORC Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Resonac Corporation announced that ORC Manufacturing has taken part in the “JOINT2 (Jisso Open Innovation Network of Tops 2)” consortium, which was established under the leadership of Resonac with the aim of developing next-generation semiconductor packaging technologies. As a result, JOINT2 has become a consortium comprised of 13 leading companies in Japan who manufacture semiconductor packaging materials, substrates, and equipment. 

As a consortium which has end-to-end testing line of leading-edge technologies covering back-end processes of semiconductor package manufacturing, JOINT2 will accelerate development of technologies for evaluation and manufacturing of next-generation semiconductor packages.

JOINT2 was established in 2021 as a consortium of 12 companies with the aim of establishing next generation semiconductor packaging technologies and evaluation technologies, including 2.5D and 3D packaging through collaboration among member companies. JOINT2 is the successor of “JOINT” consortium, which was established in 2018. 

The combination of the member companies’ materials and equipment allows materials and equipment to be evaluated under conditions similar to the semiconductor evaluation tests conducted by customers.  This arrangement helps customers save the time and trouble of carrying out individual evaluations for their suppliers and thereby respond to the need of speedy development of semiconductor packages.

Technologies for “back-end processes” of semiconductor-integrated-circuit manufacturing, where semiconductor chips are packaged, are now required to evolve into next-generation technologies that can support 5G and post-5G high-speed data communication systems. Back-end processes consist of many processes, and consume various materials.

Therefore, back-end processes have many technical issues to be solved, and solutions for these issues require collaboration among many companies. Therefore, Japanese manufacturers have large shares in the field of back-end processes of semiconductor package manufacturing because they are good at comparing and adjusting technologies.

ORC Manufacturing is an equipment manufacturer which has forte in optical technologies, and its key product is direct imaging (Dl) system for production of high-density semiconductor packaging substrates. ORC Manufacturing is now developing next-generation Dl system for back-end processes of semiconductor packaging as a part of the project adopted by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

ORC Manufacturing’s participation in JOINT2 reinforces the consortium’s end-to-end testing line of leading-edge back-end process technologies. ORC Manufacturing’s Dl system, which does not require photo-mask preparation, is expected to shorten time-to-market of semiconductor packages, and accelerate technological innovations in back-end processes of semiconductor packaging.

Through its participation in JOINT2, ORC Manufacturing aims to acquire wide-ranging knowledge about back-end processes of semiconductor packaging including process evaluation technologies applicable to pre-imaging through post-imaging, thereby strengthen its capability to offer values to customers.

JOINT2 welcomes the new member, and will further promote open innovation and accelerate the development of more sophisticated evaluation technologies, materials, substrates, and equipment applicable to next-generation semiconductor packaging technologies.

Original – Resonac