Taiwan Semiconductor – a global supplier of discrete power electronics devices, LED drivers, analog ICs and ESD protection devices – announced a family of 650V silicon carbide Schottky barrier diodes which are suitable for high-efficiency AC-DC, DC-DC and DC-AC conversion applications.

Unlike silicon-based fast-recovery rectifiers, these SiC devices have negligible switching losses due to low capacitive charge (QC). This makes them suitable for high-speed switching applications, benefitting circuit designs with increased power density and can reduce overall solution size.

Key Features

  • Max. junction temperature 175°C
  • High-speed switching
  • High frequency operation
  • Positive temperature coefficient on VF
  • SPICE Models available
  • Thermal Models available


  • AD-DC conversion – PFC Boost
  • DC-DC, Solar inverters
  • Data center and server power
  • Telecom – Datacom power
  • UPS systems

Circuit Functions

  • PFC boost diode
  • Free-wheeling diode
  • Full wave bridge
  • Vienna bridgeless circuit

Original – Taiwan Semiconductor