Transphorm, Inc. and the global leader in adapter USB Power Delivery (PD) Controller Integrated Circuits (IC) Weltrend Semiconductor Inc. announced availability of two new GaN System-in-Packages (SiPs). When combined with Weltrend’s flagship GaN SiP announced last year, the new devices establish the first SiP product family based on Transphorm’s SuperGaN® platform.

The new SiPs—WT7162RHUG24B and WT7162RHUG24C—integrate Weltrend’s high frequency multi-mode (QR/Valley Switching) Flyback PWM controller with Transphorm’s 150 mΩ and 480 mΩ SuperGaN FETs respectively. Like their 240 mΩ predecessor (WT7162RHUG24A), the devices pair with USB PD or programmable power adapter controllers to provide a total adapter solution.

Notably, they also offer several innovative features including the UHV valley tracking charge mode, adaptive OCP compensation, and adaptive green mode control among others that allow customers to design high quality power supplies faster and with fewer components using the simplest design approach.

“When we launched our first GaN SiP last year, it was an important milestone in our company’s evolution. It demonstrated a new GTM strategy for the AC-to-DC power market,” said Wayne Lo, Vice President of Marketing, Weltrend. “Today’s news confirms we’re continuing to serve that space with a wider selection of devices designed to support a wider assortment of product power levels. A total packaged solution with Transphorm’s SuperGaN platform delivers design simplicity with unparalleled performance for devices now ranging from low 30-watt USB-C PD power adapters through to nearly 200-watt chargers, a unique Transphorm GaN capability.”

End product manufacturers seek ways to develop new adapters with a reduced bill-of-materials (BOM) that offer versatility, fast charging, and higher power outputs. Additionally, in many cases they seek to deliver “one-size-fits-all” chargers with multiple ports and/or multiple types of connections. All of this in smaller, lighter weight form factor.

Some key advantages of Transphorm’s normally-off d-mode SuperGaN platform include best-in-class robustness (+/- 20 V gate margin with a 4 V noise immunity) and reliability (< 0.05 FIT) with the ability to increase power density by 50% over silicon. Weltrend’s elegant SiP designs harness those advantages along with its own innovative technologies to create a near plug-and-play solution that speeds design while reducing form factor size.

“SiPs are an important device option when considering the needs of adapter and charger manufacturers,” said Tushar Dhayagude, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and FAE, Transphorm. “These systems require effective power conversion that, while simple to use with integrated functionality, also minimize learning curves to ensure quick design in. The first device released validated the performance and versatility of a SuperGaN SiP. The new devices announced today validate both our companies’ deepening commitment to arming customers with choice.”

Key Specifications
 WT7162RHUG24AWT7162RHUG24B (new)WT7162RHUG24C (new)
Rds(on)240 mΩ150 mΩ480 mΩ
Vds min650 V
Power Efficiency> 93%
Power Density26 w/in3
Max Frequency180 kHz
Wide Output
Voltage Operation
USB-C PD 3.0
PPS 3.3V~21V
Package24-pin 8×8 QFN
Key Features
Adjustable GaN FET gate slew rate controlBalances out efficiency and EMI compliance
External VDD linear regulator circuit not required
(700 V ultra HV start-up current pulled directly from AC Line voltage)
Reduces component count
Reduced package inductanceMaximizes chip performance
Fits in a standard 8×8 QFN FFAllows for low profile/small system footprint

Original – Transphorm