Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched a newly developed press pack IEGT “ST1000GXH35” with ratings of 4500 V/1000 A for use in high-voltage converters such as DC power transmission systems and industrial motor controllers.

The new product ST1000GXH35 employs trench-type IEGT chips and high-speed diode chips. The IEGT chips reduce collector-emitter saturation-voltage and improve shutdown tolerance, short-circuit tolerance, and high-temperature tolerance. Therefore, collector-emitter saturation-voltage (VCE(sat) ) has been reduced by approximately 28 % from 3.00 V to 2.15 V (typical) compared with the existing product ST750GXH24.

The high-speed diode chips suppress voltage oscillation during reverse recovery and improve reverse recovery tolerance and high-temperature tolerance. The new product can be used at a higher turn-on speed than the existing product, therefore the turn-on switching loss (Eon) has been reduced by approximately 34 % from 4.15 J to 2.75 J (typical).

Furthermore, the test voltage for shutdown tests and short-circuit tests has been enhanced to 3400 V in response to applications requiring high voltage. In addition, the junction temperature rating has been increased from 125 °C to 150 °C (maximum) by improving the high-temperature tolerance of the diode.

ST1000GXH35 contributes to size reduction and high output for high-voltage converters such as DC power transmissions, static VAR compensators, and industrial motor controllers.


  • DC power transmissions
  • Static VAR compensators
  • Industrial motor controllers


  • Low collector-emitter saturation voltage and low turn-on switching loss
  • Enhanced to test-voltage 3400 V for shutdown and short-circuit tests
  • Maximum junction temperature rating: Tj(max)=150 °C

Original – Toshiba