Texas Instruments introduced two new power conversion device portfolios to help engineers achieve more power in smaller spaces, providing the highest power density at a lower cost. TI’s new 100V integrated gallium nitride (GaN) power stages feature thermally enhanced dual-side cooled package technology to simplify thermal designs and achieve the highest power density in mid-voltage applications at more than 1.5kW/in3.

TI’s new 1.5W isolated DC/DC modules with integrated transformers are the industry’s smallest and most power-dense, helping engineers shrink the isolated bias power-supply size in automotive and industrial systems by over 89%. Devices from both portfolios will be on display at this year’s Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), Feb. 25-29 in Long Beach, California.

“For power-supply designers, delivering more power in limited spaces will always be a critical design challenge,” said Kannan Soundarapandian, general manager of High Voltage Power at TI. “Take data centers, for example – if engineers can design power-dense server power-supply solutions, data centers can operate more efficiently to meet growing processing needs while also minimizing their environmental footprint. We’re excited to continue to push the limits of power management by offering innovations that help engineers deliver the highest power density, efficiency and thermal performance.”

Increase power density and efficiency with 100V integrated GaN power stages

With TI’s new 100V GaN power stages, LMG2100R044 and LMG3100R017, designers can reduce power-supply solution size for mid-voltage applications by more than 40% and achieve industry-leading power density of over 1.5kW/in3, enabled by GaN technology’s higher switching frequencies. The new portfolio also reduces switching power losses by 50% compared to silicon-based solutions, while achieving 98% or higher system efficiency given the lower output capacitance and lower gate-drive losses. In a solar inverter system, for example, higher density and efficiency enables the same panel to store and produce more power while decreasing the size of the overall microinverter system.

A key enabler of the thermal performance in the 100V GaN portfolio is TI’s thermally enhanced dual-side cooled package. This technology enables more efficient heat removal from both sides of the device and offers improved thermal resistance compared to competing integrated GaN devices.

To learn more about the benefits of TI’s 100V GaN power stages for mid-voltage applications, read the technical article, “4 mid-voltage applications where GaN will transform electronic designs.”

Shrink bias power supplies by more than 89%

With over eight times higher power density than discrete solutions and three times higher power density than competing modules, TI’s new 1.5W isolated DC/DC modules deliver the highest output power and isolation capability (3kV) for automotive and industrial systems in a 4mm-by-5mm very thin small outline no-lead (VSON) package. With TI’s UCC33420-Q1 and UCC33420, designers can also easily meet stringent electromagnetic interference (EMI) requirements, such as Comité International Spécial des Perturbations Radioélectriques (CISPR) 32 and 25, with fewer components and a simple filter design.

The new modules use TI’s next-generation integrated transformer technology, which eliminates the need for an external transformer in a bias supply design. The technology allows engineers to shrink solution size by more than 89% and reduce height by up to 75%, while cutting bill of materials by half compared to discrete solutions.

With the first automotive-qualified solution in this small package, designers can now reduce the footprint, weight and height of their bias supply solution for electric vehicle systems such as battery management systems. For space-constrained industrial power delivery in data centers, the new module enables designers to minimize printed circuit board area.

To learn more about the benefits of TI’s 1.5W isolated DC/DC modules, read the technical article, “How a new isolated DC/DC module can help solve power-density challenges.”

Pushing the limits of power at APEC 2024

These new devices are the latest ways TI is pushing power further and making innovation possible for engineers everywhere. At APEC 2024, TI will showcase the latest automotive and industrial designs for 48V automotive power; the first USB Power Delivery Extended Power Range full charging solution on the market; an 800V, 300kW silicon carbide-based traction inverter; high-efficiency power for server motherboards; and more.

  • Saturday, Feb. 24-Thursday, Feb. 29: Visit TI in the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Booth No. 1145. See TI.com/APEC for more information.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 28 at 12 p.m. Pacific time: TI General Manager of Industrial Power Design Services Robert Taylor will present an industry session, “To Power Density and Beyond: Breaking Through Barriers to Achieve the Highest Power Density.” He will discuss innovations in packaging, integration and system-level techniques that are making greater power density possible.
  • Throughout APEC: TI power experts will lead 20 industry and technical sessions to address power-management design challenges. The full schedule of TI experts’ industry and technical sessions is available at TI.com/APEC.

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