“The 31st International Optoelectronics Exposition (OPTO Taiwan)”, organized by Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association, is taking place in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 from October 25th to 27th, for a three-day technological extravaganza. As a leading company in semiconductor technology, GlobalWafers unveils its latest achievements in compound semiconductors.

At this year’s exposition, GlobalWafers features  8”N type SiC crystal growth technology, Thinning technology of  6”and 8”SiC wafers, and high-value niche products in the GaN epitaxy field, demonstrating its technical prowess honed over many years in the compound semiconductor industry. SiC crystal growth presents challenges due to the need for growth in extremely high-temperature sealed environments, with factors like hot zone design and crucible materials in crystal growth furnace adding the complexity to equipment and operations. 

GlobalWafers independently designs and develops 8”SiC-specific Physical Vapor Transport Method Grower (PVT) to further reduce crystal growth costs while achieving higher material quality control. Through outstanding technical control and production efficiency, as well as continuous research and development, GlobalWafers overcomes the technical challenges of SiC crystal growth, successfully moving forward to 8 inches, providing customers with high-quality, superior-performance SiC materials.

The high hardness and brittleness of SiC make subsequent wafering process extremely challenging. Leveraging its edge in wafer processing, GlobalWafers has successfully developed SiC ultra-thin thinning technology, showcasing  6” 90µm and 8”350µm ultra-thin polished SiC wafers at the exhibition. Ultra-thin SiC wafers offer advantages in lightweighting, heat dissipation, thermal conductivity, high-frequency operation, component miniaturization, and material costs, making them an ideal choice for high-performance semiconductor devices. 

GlobalWafers’ SiC wafers include 4”~ 6” semi-insulating wafers and 6”~ 8”conductive SiC wafers, offering a comprehensive range of products to cater for diverse customer needs and expand into various fields of application.

Heteroepitaxy of GaN poses various technical challenges, such as lattice mismatch, stress, and defects. GlobalWafers focuses on research and development, launching a full range of GaN heteroepitaxy products, including silicon, SiC and sapphire substrates. A variety of substrate selections can meet different requirements and expand terminal applications in an all-round way.

With its wealth of semiconductor substrate technology and years of industry experience, GlobalWafers has been able to give full play to our strengths and provide more advanced and high-efficiency solutions for the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

Original – GlobalWafers