DENSO CORPORATION hosted a press conference at JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 held at Tokyo Big Sight on October 26. Shinnosuke Hayashi, President and COO introduced the strategy to maximize company’s contributions to “Green” and “Peace of Mind.”

Shinnnouke Hayashi, President and COO of DENSO CORPORATION said that it is a great pleasure that the Tokyo Motor Show, which has attracted much public attention for decades, has been renamed the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW. This change reflects the fact that we are entering an era of creating new value by addressing various issues from the viewpoint of a mobility-centered society instead of just vehicles and by connecting people and technologies across industries. This means that DENSO must meet major challenges.

To evolve from “a Tier 1 supplier that supports the auto industry “to “a Tier 1 supplier that supports a mobility-centered society” to create value for more diverse customers, the company addresses three intiatives. To promote these three initiatives, DENSO will recruit new employees in the electrification and software field and actively shift the employees from the mature field to the electrification and software fields and strengthen about 4,000 employees during the four years from 2022 to 2025.

  • The contribution to the “evolution of mobility”
    In the “Green” field, “the environment”, in addition to the product lineup in the “horizontal” direction to enable installation in HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs, and FCEVs, the lineup will be expanded in the “vertical” direction ranging from large systems, which link electrification products with energy management, to components, including power modules, thereby meeting the needs of various customers as BEVs proliferate and helping to achieve carbon neutrality in respective countries. In the “Peace of Mind” field, “worry-free society”, in addition to around-vehicle monitoring systems, DENSO will focus on driver status monitoring systems and cloud-based large systems, which connect with the social infrastructure. Through these efforts, the company will help eliminate fatalities.

    Furthermore, DENSO will extend its commitment to the evolution of mobility to the sky to help realize more freedom of traveling and expand the possibilities of mobility.

  • The challenge to “to create new value”
    DENSO has been studying the possibility of developing and commercializing many technologies in non-mobility fields, including energy, food and agriculture, and the circular economy. Specifically, the company plans to market energy system products such as Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell in 2024 and beyond.

  • Strengthening semiconductors and software
    In terms of semiconductors, DENSO will actively invest about 500 billion yen by 2030. DENSO will triple the scale of the business from the current level by 2035. To expand production, the company must ensure stable procurement of materials. Thus, DENSO will forge strategic partnerships with various companies.

    In the softaware field, the implementation phase to embody concepts, the company will accelerate the planning of electronic platform and over-the-air technology development based on user needs while strengthening partnerships with various customers and promote integrated development across companies. DENSO will increase the number of software engineers and improve their skills and integrate two group companies which have excellent proprietary technologies, into DENSO. One is NSITEXE, which specializes in the semiconductor intellectual property, and the other is AUBASS, which specializes in developing basic in-vehicle software. DENSO will double the speed of development by applying specialized AI, which incorporates company’s knowledge and experience gained through in-vehicle software. 

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