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  • Infineon Technologies Introduced New CoolGaN™ Transistor 700 V G4 Product Family

    Infineon Technologies Introduced New CoolGaN™ Transistor 700 V G4 Product Family

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    Infineon Technologies AG introduced the new CoolGaN™ Transistor 700 V G4 product family. The devices are highly efficient for power conversion in the voltage range up to 700 V. In contrast to other GaN products on the market, the input and output figures-of-merit of these transistors provide a 20 percent better performance, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced power losses, and more cost-effective solutions. The combination of electrical characteristics and packaging ensures maximum performance in many applications such as consumer chargers and notebook adapters, data center power supplies, renewable energy inverters, and battery storage.

    The product series comprises 13 devices with a voltage rating of 700 V and on-resistance range from 20 mΩ to 315 mΩ. The increased granularity in device specification, combined with a wide range of industry standard package options including PDFN, TOLL and TOLT allow R DS resistance and packages to be selected according to application requirements. As a result, both electrical and thermal system performance can be optimized and implemented in the most cost-effective solution.

    The devices are characterized by a fast turn-on and turn-off speed and minimal switching losses. The on-resistance range enables power systems from 20 W to 25,000 W. In addition, the 700 V E-mode with the industry’s highest transient voltage of 850 V increases the reliability of the overall system as it offers greater robustness against anomalies in the user environment such as voltage peaks.

    The CoolGaN Transistor 700 V G4 products in TOLL, PDFN 5×6 and 8×8 packages are available now, more variety in R DS(on) as well as the TOLT package will follow later this year.

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  • Infineon Technologies Honored with German Brand Award

    Infineon Technologies Honored with German Brand Award

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    Infineon Technologies AG received the German Brand Award in the renowned “Best of Category” as “Excellent Brands – Corporate Brand of the Year”. The German Council of Design recognizes Infineon’s exceptional brand development, highlighting the company’s dedication to establishing a consistent brand that harmonizes seamlessly with its corporate strategy.

    “To receive the German Brand Award as Corporate Brand of the Year is a special recognition for Infineon’s brand development over the past years,” said Andreas Urschitz, Member of the Management Board and Chief Marketing Officer of Infineon. “We are a global technology and thought leader with a clear vision and decisive actions. As a company, we are dedicated to driving decarbonization and digitalization through our solutions and in our business areas, together with our customers and partners. This commitment is deeply rooted in our corporate strategy, our brand, and within the entire global Infineon team.”

    The award underlines Infineon’s commitment to excellence and innovation in brand strategy and design. It also reflects a strategic and decisive approach in the brand and corporate strategy, which ultimately enhances the company’s market presence with its audience.

    The jury of the German Brand Award, which consists of members of the German Council of Design, acknowledged Infineon’s brand identity that resonates with its target audience while continuously staying true to its core values and vision.

    The jury’s statement states: “Infineon has been a strong brand for 25 years – and also ‘Corporate Brand of the Year’ in 2024. The semiconductor manufacturer has decisively developed its strategy and design to link the brand even more closely with the corporate strategy. The close integration, including vision, mission and values, is exemplary and contributes to an outstanding positioning. Only a few companies in the competitive arena have such a consistent and distinctive brand. The dedicated 360-degree brand development and, above all, implementation is credible and has a high unique selling point.”

    The German Brand Award is the award for successful brand management, initiated by Germany’s design and brand authority. Judged by a top-tier jury of experts from brand management and brand science, the German Brand Award discovers, presents and honors unique brands and brand makers.

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  • Infineon Technologies Expands Portfolio of Next-Gen OptiMOS™ 7 MOSFETs for Automotive Applications

    Infineon Technologies Expands Portfolio of Next-Gen OptiMOS™ 7 MOSFETs for Automotive Applications

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    Infineon Technologies AG is expanding its portfolio of next-generation OptiMOS™ 7 MOSFETs for automotive applications: the portfolio of 40 V products now includes additional devices in robust, lead-free packages. In addition, 80 V and 100 V OptiMOS 7 MOSFETs are now also available.

    The MOSFETs are optimized for all standard and future automotive 48 V applications, including electric power steering, braking systems, power switches in new zone architectures, battery management, e-fuse boxes, DC/DC, and BLDC drives in various 12 V and 48 V electrical system applications. They are also suitable for other transportation applications such as light electric vehicles (LEV), e2wheelers, eScooters, eMotorcycles, and commercial and agricultural vehicles (CAV).

    “As a technology leader in power semiconductors, Infineon is committed to shape the future technology standards in automotive power MOSFETs in terms of power efficiency, innovative and robust power packaging with high quality,” said Axel Hahn, Senior Vice President and General Manager Automotive LV MOSFETs of Infineon. “We are providing our customers a diverse product portfolio and are addressing all their requirements to drive the development of modern automotive applications.”

    By combining 300 mm thin-wafer technology and innovative packaging, the new OptiMOS 7 technology enables significant performance advantages in all available voltage classes. As a result, the components are now available in various rugged automotive power packages, including Single SSO8 (5×6), Dual SSO8 (5×6), mTOLG (8×8) and sTOLL (7×8).

    The family offers high power density and energy efficiency with the industry’s lowest on-state resistance (e.g. 1.3 mΩ max in a single SSO8 (5×6) 80V package) in the smallest form factor. The devices also offer reduced switching losses, improved Safe Operating Area (SOA) robustness and high avalanche current capability. With this, they enable a highly efficient system design for tomorrow’s automotive applications.

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  • Infineon Technologies Introduced Power System Reliability Modeling to Address Increasing Challenges Faced by Data Centers and Telecom

    Infineon Technologies Introduced Power System Reliability Modeling to Address Increasing Challenges Faced by Data Centers and Telecom

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    Infineon Technologies AG introduced Power System Reliability Modeling, an innovative solution addressing the increasing challenges faced by data centers and telecom infrastructures due to power supply failures in the system.

    With 39 percent of downtimes attributed to power outages and an average cost of $687,700 per downtime, the need for seamless operations and mitigation of financial impact is urgent. By integrating Infineon’s power monitoring solution, organizations can enhance operational resilience, reduce their carbon-footprint and achieve substantial cost savings.

    The offering consists of an algorithm running on a digital power controller, thus integrating software and hardware. This is in line with Infineon’s strategic approach to provide customers with comprehensive system solutions that include both semiconductor devices and matching software tools. Target applications of the solution include DCDC converters, ACDC rectifiers and IBC modules utilized in data centers, AI servers, GPUs, and telecom networks.

    Power System Reliability Modeling acts as a bridge between component and system reliability. It enables real-time power supply health monitoring of the system and lifetime estimation based on dynamic system operating parameters, a power supply system model, and a reliability prediction procedure in digital power controllers by Infineon.

    This solution ensures improved device utilization and data-driven maintenance recommendations, translating into enhanced profitability and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Customers benefit from real-time system diagnostics for their power supply as well as powerful system reliability-based decisions and quality assurance. The solution is easy to use and integrate into existing designs.

    “The Power System Reliability Modeling represents a pivotal step for Infineon and its customers towards reliable and stable power supply in data centers,” said Adam White, Division President Power & Sensor Systems at Infineon. “Following our Product to System approach, the solution focuses on delivering hardware integrated with advanced software capabilities. This approach not only expands product capabilities and scope, but also empowers our customers to create more value and scale their operations faster.”

    Further information about the solution is available at

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  • Infineon Technologies Pioneering in Semiconductor Industry with Comprehensive Product Carbon Footprint Data

    Infineon Technologies Pioneering in Semiconductor Industry with Comprehensive Product Carbon Footprint Data

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    Infineon Technologies AG will provide customers with comprehensive Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) data, taking a pioneering role in the semiconductor industry. The company is committed to eventually providing PCF data for its entire product portfolio, starting now with about half of its portfolio.

    The initiative will empower customers to advance their own sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint effectively along the entire supply chain. The Product Carbon Footprint is a metric that quantifies the greenhouse gas emissions associated with an individual product, allowing the comparison of different products’ climate impact. Infineon will share more insights with customers at the upcoming PCIM trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, from 11 to 13 June 2024.  

    “By providing comprehensive Product Carbon Footprint data, we are driving the vision of a net-zero society and empowering our customers to reduce carbon emissions even more effectively,” says Elke Reichart, Member of the Management Board and Chief Digital and Sustainability Officer at Infineon. “Infineon is taking a leading role in carbon transparency by committing to include the entire product portfolio over the coming years. This underlines our ambition to be a leader not only in terms of technology, but also sustainability.”

    The specific data Infineon provides on its individual products is essential for the growing number of customers who want to increase transparency on their own carbon footprint. Moreover, it supports informed decision making to leverage additional potential for reducing emissions along the value chain.

    In the absence of established industry standards, Infineon has developed a robust methodology to calculate the Product Carbon Footprint, incorporating customer needs and best practices. Infineon includes emissions from raw materials and supplies, its own manufacturing processes, manufacturing partners and transportation to the customer (“from cradle to gate”).

    This means that the Product Carbon Footprint reported by Infineon covers scope 1 and 2 emissions as well as scope 3 emissions from suppliers and manufacturing partners, all the way to the customer’s gate. The Product Carbon Footprint is expressed in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (kg CO 2e).

    Infineon has published the assessment of reference product families on the Infineon website.

    Driving transparency goes hand in hand with Infineon’s strong commitment to decarbonization and digitalization. Infineon’s products make a major contribution to the global energy transition and thus to a net-zero society. They are used in solar and wind power plants, electric cars and increase energy efficiency in numerous applications, including AI data centers. Over their lifetime, the company’s chips overall save 34 times the amount of CO 2e emitted during their production.

    Breaking the carbon footprint down to the product level is another major milestone in Infineon’s sustainability journey. Infineon has already pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 for direct and indirect emissions (scope 1 and 2). Last year, the company additionally committed to setting a science-based target encompassing supply chain emissions (scope 3) as well.

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  • Infineon Technologies Introduced 600V CoolMOS™ S7TA Superjunction MOSFET

    Infineon Technologies Introduced 600V CoolMOS™ S7TA Superjunction MOSFET

    3 Min Read

    Infineon Technologies AG introduced the 600 V CoolMOS™ S7TA Superjunction MOSFET for automotive power management applications. Designed to meet the specific requirements of automotive electronics, the S7TA features an integrated temperature sensor that significantly improves the accuracy of junction temperature sensing, building on the advances made by its counterpart for industrial applications (CoolMOS S7T). The resulting benefits include improved durability, safety, and efficiency, all of which are essential in the automotive domain.

    Like its industrial counterpart, the automotive-graded CoolMOS S7TA is particularly well suited for solid-state relay (SSR) applications, demonstrating superior R DS(on) and sensing accuracy, which is crucial for various automotive electronic devices that rely on efficient power management solutions. The integration of a Superjunction MOSFET with an embedded temperature sensor in the same package enhances the performance of SSRs and ensures dependable operation even under the most severe overload conditions, which is an absolute necessity for automotive applications where reliability is non-negotiable.

    The embedded sensor of the S7TA offers a 40 percent increase in accuracy and up to four times faster response time than standalone on-board sensors. Such advances in temperature monitoring are critical for automotive applications, enabling individual monitoring within multi-device systems, thereby improving reliability, and preventing thermal issues that can lead to system failures.

    The optimized power transistor utilization of the CoolMOS S7TA promises not only superior performance, but also precise control of the output stage. This level of precision is key to reducing power consumption and energy costs, which is a pressing concern in automotive applications where efficiency translates directly into vehicle range and operational economy. Compared to traditional electromechanical relays, the CoolMOS S7TA offers a significant improvement in total power dissipation.

    The CoolMOS S7TA further provides a high overcurrent threshold, which serves to increase the reliability of the SSR and reduce the likelihood of failures. The robust switching solution paves the way for safer operations within the vehicle, and the enhanced robustness of the MOSFETs leads to a longer automotive relay lifecycle, resulting in lower maintenance and replacement costs.

    The 600 V CoolMOS S7TA provides an optimized solution for potential applications that are central to the safety and functionality of modern vehicles. These include critical components such as circuit breakers, encompassing high-voltage battery disconnect switches, low-frequency switches for both direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC), as well as high-voltage electronic fuses (HV eFuses).

    Infineon also introduces the EVAL_eFuse_PoC_400V_S7, a proof-of-concept board that showcases the robustness and versatility of an automotive eFuse. The board demonstrates a reliable method for safeguarding automotive electrical systems, featuring an interchangeable power stage that adapts to various operating conditions with different voltage classes and cooling methods.

    Both the 600 V CoolMOS S7T in automotive and industrial grades are already available and come in QDPAK TSC and BSC packages, offering a range of R DS(on) from 17 to 40 mΩ. The 10 mΩ variant will be added to the lineup in the second half of 2024. Further information is available at and

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  • Infineon Technologies Introduced 600V CoolMOS™ 8 HV SJ MOSFET Product Family

    Infineon Technologies Introduced 600V CoolMOS™ 8 HV SJ MOSFET Product Family

    2 Min Read

    Infineon Technologies AG introduced the 600 V CoolMOS™ 8 high voltage superjunction (SJ) MOSFET product family. The devices combine the best features of the 600 V CoolMOS 7 MOSFET series and are the successors to the P7, PFD7, C7, CFD7, G7 and S7 product families. The new superjunction MOSFETs enable cost-effective Si-based solutions that enhance Infineon’s wide-bandgap offering. They are equipped with an integrated fast body diode, making them suitable for a wide range of applications such as server and industrial switched-mode power supply units (SMPS), EV chargers, and micro-solar.

    The components come in SMD QDPAK, TOLL and ThinTOLL 8 x 8 packages, which simplifies designs and reduces assembly costs. At 10 V, the 600 V CoolMOS 8 SJ MOSFETs offer 18 percent lower gate charge (Q g) than the CFD7 and 33 percent lower than the P7. At 400 V, the product family offers a 50 percent lower output capacitance C OSS than the CFD7 and the P7.

    In addition, the turn-off losses (E oss) have been reduced by 12 percent compared to the CFD7 and the P7 and the reverse recovery charge (Q rr) is 3 percent lower compared to the CFD7. Furthermore, the devices offer the lowest reverse recovery time (t rr) on the market and the thermal performance has been improved by 14 to 42 percent compared to the previous generation.

    With these features, the devices offer high efficiency and reliability in soft-switching topologies such as LLC and ZVS phase-shift full-bridge. They also provide excellent performance levels in PFC, TTF and other hard-switching topologies. Due to their optimized R DS(on), the devices offer higher power density, allowing products in a Si-based super junction (SJ) technology to be reduced to a single-digit value of 7 mΩ.

    Infineon will showcase the 600 V CoolMOS 8 SJ MOSFETs at the Infineon booth (Hall 7 / Booth 470) at PCIM 2024 in Nuremberg. Samples of the 600 V CoolMOS 8 SJ MOSFETs are now available. More information is at

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  • Infineon Technologies Announced CoolGaN Bidirectional Switch and CoolGaN Smart Sense

    Infineon Technologies Announced CoolGaN Bidirectional Switch and CoolGaN Smart Sense

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    Infineon Technologies AG announced two new CoolGaN™ product technologies, CoolGaN bidirectional switch (BDS) and CoolGaN Smart Sense. CoolGaN BDS provides exceptional soft- and hard-switching behavior, with bidirectional switches available at 40 V, 650 V and 850 V. Target Applications of this family include mobile device USB ports, battery management systems, inverters, and rectifiers.

    The CoolGaN Smart Sense products feature lossless current sensing, simplifying design and further reducing power losses, as well as transistor switch functions integrated into one package. They are ideal for usage in consumer USB-C chargers and adapters.

    The CoolGaN BDS high voltage will be available at 650 V and 850 V and feature a true normally-off monolithic bi-directional switch with four modes of operation. Based on the gate injection transistor (GIT) technology, the devices have two separate gates with substrate terminal and independent isolated control. They utilize the same drift region to block voltages in both directions with outstanding performance under repetitive short-circuit conditions.

    Applications can benefit by using one BDS instead of four conventional transistors, resulting in higher efficiency, density, and reliability. Furthermore, significant cost savings are achieved. The devices optimize performance in the replacement of back-to-back switches in single-phase H4 PFC and HERIC inverters and three-phase Vienna rectifiers. Additional implementations include single-stage AC power conversion in AC/DC or DC/AC topologies.

    The CoolGaN BDS 40 V is a normally-off, monolithic bi-directional switch based on Infineon’s in-house Schottky Gate GaN technology. It can block voltages in both directions, and through a single-gate and common-source design, it is optimized to replace back-to-back MOSFETs used as disconnect switches in battery-powered consumer products. The first 40 V CoolGaN BDS product has a 6 mΩ R DS(on), with a range of products to follow. Benefits of using 40 V GaN BDS vs. back-to-back Si FETs include 50 – 75 percent PCB area savings and a reduction of power losses by more than 50 percent, all at a lower cost.

    The CoolGaN Smart Sense products feature 2 kV electrostatic discharge withstand and can connect to controller current sense for peak current control and overcurrent protection. The current sense response time is ~200 ns, which is equal or less than common controller blanking time for ultimate compatibility.

    Implementing the devices results in increased efficiency and cost savings. At a higher R DSs(on) of e.g. 350 mΩ, the CoolGaN Smart Sense products offer similar efficiency and thermal performance at lower cost compared to traditional 150mΩ GaN transistors. Moreover, the devices are footprint compatible to Infineon’s transistor-only CoolGaN package, eliminating the need for layout rework and PCB respin, and further facilitating design with Infineon’s GaN devices.

    Engineering samples of the CoolGaN BDS 40 V are available now for 6 mΩ and will follow in Q3 2024 for 4 mΩ and 9 mΩ. Samples of the CoolGaN BDS 650 V will be available in Q4 2024, and 850 V will follow early 2025. CoolGaN Smart Sense samples will be available in August 2024. Further information is available here:

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  • Infineon Technologies Expands 650V Discrete CoolSiC™ MOSFETs Portfolio with Thin-TOLL 8x8 and TOLT Packages

    Infineon Technologies Expands 650V Discrete CoolSiC™ MOSFETs Portfolio with Thin-TOLL 8×8 and TOLT Packages

    2 Min Read

    The electronics industry is witnessing a significant shift towards more compact and powerful systems, driven by technological advancements and a growing focus on decarbonization efforts. With the introduction of the Thin-TOLL 8×8 and TOLT packages, Infineon Technologies AG is actively accelerating and supporting these trends. They enable a maximum utilization of the PCB mainboard and daughter cards, while also taking the system’s thermal requirements and space restrictions into account.

    The company is now expanding its portfolio of CoolSiC™ MOSFET discretes 650 V with two new product families housed in the Thin-TOLL 8×8 and TOLT packages. They are based on the CoolSiC Generation 2 (G2) technology, offering significantly improved figures-of-merit, reliability, and ease-of-use. Both product families specifically target high and medium switching-mode power supplies (SMPS), including AI servers, renewable energy, EV chargers, and large home appliances.

    The Thin-TOLL package has a form factor of 8×8 mm and offers the best-in-class Thermal Cycling on Board (TCoB) capability on the market. The TOLT package is a top-side cooled (TSC) enclosure with a similar form factor to TOLL. Both package types offer developers several benefits: Using them in AI and server power supply units (PSU), for example, reduces the thickness and length of the daughter cards and allows for a flat heat sink.

    When used in microinverters, 5G PSU, TV PSU and SMPS, the Thin-TOLL 8×8 package allows for a minimization of the PCB area occupied by the power supply devices on the mainboard, while TOLT keeps the junction temperature of the devices under control, given that these applications typically use convection cooling. In addition, TOLT devices complete Infineon’s top-side cooled CoolSiC industrial portfolio, namely CoolSiC 750 V in Q-DPAK. They enable developers to reduce the PCB footprint occupied by SiC MOSFETs when the power to be delivered to the devices does not require a Q-DPAK package.

    The CoolSiC MOSFETs 650 V G2 in ThinTOLL 8×8 and TOLT are now available in R DS(on) from 20, 40, 50 and 60 mΩ. Additionally, the TOLT variant is also available with an R DS(on) of 15 mΩ. The product family will be expanded by a more granular portfolio by the end of 2024. More information is available at Infineon will showcase the CoolSiC MOSFET 650 V Generation 2 at the PCIM in Nuremberg.

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  • Infineon Technologies on Schedule with Construction of Smart Power Fab in Dresden

    Infineon Technologies on Schedule with Construction of Smart Power Fab in Dresden

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    Infineon Technologies AG is on schedule with the construction of the Smart Power Fab in Dresden and is initiating the final construction phase. During a visit, the Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, officially handed over the last outstanding building permit for the new fab issued by the State Directorate of Saxony.

    The excavation of the building pit has now been completed. The shell and building construction are currently progressing on the concrete foundation, which is up to two meters thick. Infineon officially broke ground for the new plant in Dresden in May 2023. Manufacturing is scheduled to start in 2026. The production will focus on semiconductors that promote decarbonization and digitalization.

    With a total investment of five billion euros, the company is making a significant contribution to the European Commission goal to increase the EU’s share of global semiconductor production to 20 percent by 2030. The semiconductors manufactured in Dresden will secure future value chains in key European industries. The products manufactured in the new production facility will be used in the automotive and renewable energy industries. The interaction of power semiconductors and analog/mixed-signal components enables particularly energy-efficient and intelligent system solutions – hence the name Smart Power Fab.

    “The construction of the Smart Power Fab is a big win for Dresden, Saxony, Germany and Europe,” says Michael Kretschmer, Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony. “Infineon’s fourth production module in Dresden is another important building block in strengthening Europe’s resilience in the field of microelectronics. It is a further step towards achieving the European Commission’s goal of increasing Europe’s share of global chip production to 20 percent. Thanks to a thoughtful cooperation between the company, the Free State of Saxony, the local authorities, and the federal government, it has been possible to get the investment off the ground and to issue the relevant permits quickly. As a result, the semiconductors that we urgently need for the mobility and energy transition can be produced in the new fab starting in 2026.”

    “We are making excellent progress with the construction of our state-of-the-art Smart Power Fab in Dresden. We are right on schedule also thanks to the excellent cooperation with the authorities,” says Dr. Rutger Wijburg, Member of the Management Board and Chief Operations Officer of Infineon. “With our strategic decision to continue investing in Dresden, we are securing the long-term future of the site and strengthening the manufacturing base for semiconductors in Europe.”

    The dimensions of the construction site are impressive. On average, construction workers have removed around 8,000 tons of soil every day since the start of work. A total of 450,000 cubic meters of excavated soil has been produced, which corresponds to the volume of 180 Olympic swimming pools.

    The soil is being temporarily stored in a specially prepared area near the Dresden Airport freeway junction. The 22-metre-deep pit not only compensates for the natural gradient, but also provides a firm foundation for the 150- to 190-centimetre-thick base plate, which is intended to reduce vibrations – from passing streetcars, for example – to a minimum. Even minimal vibrations can affect the sensitive semiconductor production.

    In the next construction phase, the basement levels will be built, along with other levels. The clean room – the heart of the Smart Power Fab – is planned for the fourth level. Once completed, it will be at the exact same height as the site’s three existing production rooms. This will optimize an integrated production. The future construction phase of the project includes a total of ten tower cranes, some of them 80 meters high to support up to 1,200 construction workers who will be working on the site every day in multiple shifts.

    The investment in Dresden is part of the company’s strategy to reach CO 2-neutrality by 2030. The Smart Power Fab sets new efficiency standards for the consumption of important resources such as energy and water. This has a positive impact on the carbon footprint of Infineon. Even today, Infineon’s products, which are used in solar and wind power plants, reduce 34 times the amount of CO 2 emitted during their production over their lifetime.

    With the investment in the new plant, Infineon is creating an additional 1,000 jobs in the Saxon state capital. The company currently employs approximately 3,250 people in Dresden. The number of trainees has already been significantly increased with the new Fab. Subject to the European Commission’s state aid decision and the national grant procedure, the project is to be funded in accordance with the objectives of the European Chips Act. Infineon is aiming for public funding of around one billion euros.

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