Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched two 150 V N-channel power MOSFET products that use the new generation process “U-MOSX-H series” and are suitable for switching power supplies for industrial equipment—used for such as data centers and communication base stations—and has expanded the lineup. The new products use the surface mount type SOP Advance(N) package and their drain-source On-resistance (max) is 11.1 mΩ for “TPH1100CQ5” and 14.1 mΩ for “TPH1400CQ5.”

The new products TPH1100CQ5 and TPH1400CQ5 have improved the reverse recovery characteristics that are critical in synchronous rectification applications. In the case of TPH1400CQ5, the reverse recovery charge is reduced by approximately 73 % and the reverse recovery time is approximately 45 % faster compared with Toshiba’s existing TPH1400CQH.

Used in synchronous rectification applications, TPH1400CQ5 reduces the power loss of switching power supplies and helps improve efficiency. The new products reduce the drain source spike voltage generated between the drain and source when MOSFET is switched, helping to lower EMI in switching power supplies.

Toshiba will expand its lineup of products and help to reduce power consumption for equipment.


  • Switching power supplies (high efficiency AC-DC converters, high efficiency DC-DC converters, etc.)
  • Motor control equipment (motor drives, etc.)


  • Low reverse recovery charge:
    TPH1100CQ5 Qrr=32 nC (typ.) (-dIDR/dt=100 A/μs)
    TPH1400CQ5 Qrr=27 nC (typ.) (-dIDR/dt=100 A/μs)
  • Fast reverse recovery time: 
    TPH1100CQ5 trr=38 ns (typ.) (-dIDR/dt=100 A/μs)
    TPH1400CQ5 trr=36 ns (typ.) (-dIDR/dt=100 A/μs)
  • High channel temperature rating: Tch (max)=175 °C

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