STMicroelectronics announced a collaboration with Compuware Technology Inc, (Compuware), a leading provider of high-efficiency power supplies, on a reference design for server power using ST’s industry-leading silicon carbide (SiC), galvanic isolation, and microcontroller technologies. This reference design provides unparalleled power-supply options for digital power converter applications including server, datacenter and telecom power.

As demand for digital services continues to grow, fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT), keeping power usage under control is an important piece of the sustainability puzzle for data centers. The STDES-3KWTLCP reference design is perfect for a 3kW and higher wattage CRPS (Common Redundancy Power Supply) server power supply. This technical advancement comes with superior efficiency, faster switching, reduced energy losses, and better thermal management capabilities. In addition, this total system solution shortens time-to-market.

Compuware stands as a global power supply leader, holding the world record for the highest number of 80 PLUS Titanium certifications, ensuring unparalleled power efficiency. Engineered for excellence, Compuware power solutions are the ideal choice for HPC, AI, Deep Learning, Cloud, and advanced applications. With high power density, it optimizes space usage without compromising reliability and efficiency, setting a new performance standard in demanding computing environments.

“Combining ST’s latest SiC MOSFET, galvanic isolation, and microcontroller technologies with Compuware’s leading-edge power energy expertise is helping Compuware unleash our design creativity to develop high-density and -efficiency solutions. Now we can achieve 89W/in.3 power density, a small size, and high power output, this reference design is a great choice for power-hungry, high-performance computing applications,” according to Robin Cheng, Vice President at Compuware.

“With a focus on the Industrial market, ST’s Power & Energy Competence Center provides low-power, mid-power, and high-power solutions with the most advanced ST technologies to our customers, and this reference design- STDES-3KWTLCP can help our customers increase energy efficiency and reduce time-to-market using ST’s efficient and reliable power solutions,” said Eric Chou, Head of Power & Energy Competence Center at STMicroelectronics.

Original – STMicroelectronics