STMicroelectronics released automotive-grade 600V/650V super-junction MOSFETs in STPOWER MDmesh DM9 AG series which deliver superior efficiency and ruggedness for on-board chargers (OBCs) and DC/DC converter applications in both hard- and soft-switching topologies.

With outstanding RDS(on) per die area and minimal gate charge, the silicon-based devices combine low energy losses with outstanding switching performance, setting a new benchmark figure of merit. Compared to the previous generation, the latest MDmesh DM9 technology ensures a tighter gate-source threshold voltage (VGS(th)) spread that results in sharper switching for lower turn-on and turn-off losses.

In addition, body-diode reverse recovery is improved, leveraging a new optimized process that also increases the MOSFETs’ overall ruggedness. The diode’s low reverse-recovery charge (Qrr) and fast recovery time (trr) make the MDmesh DM9 AG series ideal for phase-shift zero-voltage switching topologies that demand the utmost efficiency.

The family offers a selection of through-hole and surface-mount packages that help designers achieve a compact form factor with high power density and system reliability. The TO-247 LL (long-lead) is a popular through-hole option that eases design-in and leverages proven assembly processes. Among the surface-mount packages, the H2PAK-2 (2 leads) and H2PAK-7(7 leads) are optimized for bottom-side cooling with thermal substrates or PCBs featuring thermal vias or other enhancement. HU3PAK and ACEPACK™ SMIT topside-cooled surface-mount packages are also available.

The first device in the new STPOWER MDmesh DM9 AG series is the STH60N099DM9-2AG, a 27A AEC-Q101 qualified N-channel 600V device in H2PAK-2, with 76mΩ typical RDS(on). ST will expand the family to provide a full range of devices, covering a broad range of current ratings and RDS(on) from 23mΩ to 150mΩ.

Original – STMicroelectronics