Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched a newly developed press pack IEGT “ST3000GXH35A” with ratings of 4500 V/3000 A for use in high-voltage converters.

The new product ST3000GXH35A has optimized N buffer layer design, thereby reducing approximately 400 V of turn-off-voltage oscillation peak-value (Vcp) at low current, compared with the Toshiba’s existing product. This helps simplify the snubber circuit.

In addition, the measuring voltage of short-circuit pulse-width has been enhanced to 3400 V in response to applications requiring high voltage. This allows facilitating the short-circuit protection design of converters.


  • DC power transmission
  • Static VAR compensator
  • Industrial motor controller


  • Maximum junction temperature rating: Tj (max)=150 °C
  • Approximately 400 V reduction in turn-off voltage oscillation peak-value (Vcp) at low current
  • Enhanced 3400 V of short-circuit pulse-width

Original – Toshiba