Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited announced the release of two αMOS5™ 600V FRD Super Junction MOSFETs. αMOS5™ is AOS’s market and application-proven high voltage MOSFET platform, designed to meet the high efficiency and high-density needs of servers, workstations, telecom rectifiers, solar Inverters, EV charging, motor drives and industrial power applications.

The design of today’s mid-high power switched-mode power supply (SMPS) and solar inverter systems boil down to four major challenges – higher efficiency, higher density, lower system costs, and uncompromised robustness. High Voltage Super Junction MOSFETs are dominant the choice for topologies such as single/interleaved/dual boost/CrCM TP PFCs, LLC, PSFB, multi-level NPC/ANPC and so forth.

αMOS5™ has been the leading High Voltage Super Junction solution tailored for fast switching, ease-of use and robustness in mission-critical applications. αMOS5™ FRD FETs are engineered with strong intrinsic body diode to handle hard commutation scenarios, when the freewheeling body diode is in reverse recovery due to abnormal operations, such as short-circuit or start-up transients.

The two products released, the AOK095A60FD (TO-247) and AOTF125A60FDL (TO-220F), are 600V FRD FETs with 95mohm and 125mohm maximum Rdson, respectively. In tests conducted by AOS engineers, the body diodes of these two FRD FETs have survived high di/dt, under abnormal system conditions, even at elevated junction temperatures of up to 150°C. Additionally, AOS tests have shown that these devices’ turn off energy (Eoff) are noticeably lower than the competition’s, which contributes to higher efficiency in light or mid-load conditions.

“We defined our products for traditional power supplies, as well as DC/DC and DC/AC converters of solar inverters and ESS systems, where bi-directional topologies are needed. As energy storage-ready inverters become the trend and high voltage batteries are utilized increasingly in AC-coupled systems, the AOK095A60FD and AOTF125A60FDL will become industry leading solutions for bi-directional DC/DC and inverter/PFC applications that serve a wide range of power supplies, solar PV inverters, and ESS hybrid converters,” said Richard Zhang, Senior Director of Product Line and Global Power Supply Business at AOS.

Technical Highlights

  • Rugged, fast recovery diode (FRD) with reduced Qrr for demanding use cases
  • Engineered for both hard and soft switching topologies with ultra-low switching loss
  • Strong UIS and SOA capabilities
  • Engineered to prevent self turn-on
  • Suitable for LLC, PSFB, CrCM Totem-Pole, Multi-level NPC and CrCM H-4/Cyclo Inverter applications

Original – Alpha and Omega Semiconductor