The Wolfspeed WolfPACK power module family is designed to give engineers choice and flexibility when working on power electronics applications greater than 10 kW.

In addition to half-bridge and six-pack topologies, WolfPACK modules are now available in full-bridge configurations—all with the option for pre-applied Honeywell™ PTM6000 Series TIM.

Selecting pre-applied TIM can reduce assembly cost and complexity, while improving reliability and performance. Compared to standard grease solutions, WolfPACK modules with pre-applied TIM can reduce the junction temperature by 40°C under the same conditions or increase current capability by 60% due to the reduction in thermal resistance.

All WolfPACK modules are designed to provide clean, reliable power for energy conversion systems. By leveraging more than 35 years of vertically integrated industry experience, Wolfspeed ensures that these modules offer low losses in a package that lends itself to fast design implementation, scalability, long term design support, and lower assembly overhead.

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