Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched three 80 V N-channel power MOSFET products that use its latest generation process “U-MOSX-H series” and are suitable for switching power supplies for industrial equipment—used for such as data centers and communication base stations—and expanded the lineup.

The new products use the surface mount type SOP Advance(N) package, and their drain-source On-resistance (max) is 3 mΩ for “TPH3R008QM”, 6 mΩ for “TPH6R008QM”, and 8.8 mΩ for “TPH8R808QM”.

The new products have reduced the figure of merits (FOMs: expressed as On-resistance × charge characteristics.) In case of TPH3R008QM, it has reduced its FOMs, drain-source On-resistance × total gate charge by approximately 48 %, drain-source On-resistance × gate switch charge by approximately 16 %, and drain-source On-resistance × output charge by approximately 33 %, compared to Toshiba’s existing product TPH4R008NH. This contributes to lowering power consumption of equipment.

Toshiba is expanding its lineup of products to help cut equipment power consumption.


  • Switching power supplies (high efficiency AC-DC converters, high efficiency DC-DC converters, etc.)
  • Motor control equipment (motor drives, etc.)


  • Latest generation process U-MOSX-H series
  • Low On-resistance:
    TPH3R008QM RDS(ON)=3 mΩ (max) (VGS=10 V)
    TPH6R008QM RDS(ON)=6 mΩ (max) (VGS=10 V)
    TPH8R808QM RDS(ON)=8.8 mΩ (max) (VGS=10 V)
  • High channel temperature: Tch (max)=175 °C

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