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  • Vishay Appointed John Malvisi to its Board of Directors and Audit Committee

    Vishay Appointed John Malvisi to its Board of Directors and Audit Committee

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    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced the appointment of Mr. John Malvisi to its Board of Directors and its Audit Committee.

    Mr. Malvisi retired in 2021 as a senior partner in Deloitte & Touche LLP’s audit practice with more than 35 years of client service experience. During his career, Mr. Malvisi has managed several of Deloitte’s largest audit clients in the media & entertainment, and consumer products industries. He also spent several years in the firm’s Merger & Acquisition Services Group and National Office.

    Mr. Malvisi worked in Deloitte’s National Office Assurance Insights & Analysis Group and Accounting Research Group, where his responsibilities included quality and risk control and consultation on a wide range of accounting and financial reporting issues. He is a graduate of Fordham University, where he received an MBA in public accounting. Mr. Malvisi also served on the Board of Trustees for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York from 2008 through 2022, including its Audit Committee.

    Marc Zandman, Executive Chairman of the Board, said of the appointment, “John’s extensive experience and leadership in the accounting and auditing profession, as well as his M&A background and experience in corporate governance matters, bring important perspectives to the Board of Directors. We welcome him to the Board and look forward to his contributions, expertise and insights to Vishay’s strategic direction and growth plans.”

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  • Vishay Intertechnology Announced Third Quarter 2023 Results

    Vishay Intertechnology Announced Third Quarter 2023 Results

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    Vishay Intertechnology announced results for the fiscal third quarter ended September 30, 2023.


    • 3Q 2023 revenues of $853.7 million
    • 3Q 2023 EPS of $0.47; adjusted EPS of $0.60
    • 3Q 2023 book-to-bill of 0.63
    • Backlog at quarter end was 5.5 months
    • Returned a total of $31.1 million to stockholders

    “During the third quarter, as expected, revenue decreased from the second quarter on inventory adjustments by our distribution and EMS customers in response to softened demand in industrial markets and contracting lead times. Nevertheless, we once again intentionally increased inventory with our distribution partners as we continued to execute our strategy of broadening our participation in this higher margin channel.

    The capacity readiness activities we have underway are increasing our value to the distribution channel and reliably supporting our accelerating design activities related to the megatrends of e-mobility, sustainability and connectivity,” said Joel Smejkal, President and Chief Executive Officer. “In addition, as announced separately today, we have signed a purchase agreement to acquire Newport wafer fab which will accelerate our plan to scale manufacturing and advance the technology differentiation of our silicon carbide MOSFETs.”

    4Q 2023 Outlook

    For the fourth quarter of 2023, management expects revenues in the range of $770 million and $810 million and a gross profit margin in the range of 25.5% +/- 50 basis points.

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  • Nexperia to Sell Newport Wafer Fab to Vishay

    Nexperia to Sell Newport Wafer Fab to Vishay

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    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. and Nexperia B.V. announced that they have entered into an agreement that Vishay will acquire Nexperia’s wafer fabrication facility and operations located in Newport, South Wales, U.K. for $177million in cash. ATREG, Inc., the Seattle-based premier global firm for initiating, brokering, and executing the exchange of semiconductor manufacturing assets, served as Nexperia’s transaction advisors.

    Newport wafer fab, located on 28 acres, is an automotive certified, 200mm semiconductor wafer fab that supplies primarily automotive markets.  It is the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the U.K. 

    Toni Versluijs, Country Manager Nexperia UK, stated: “Nexperia would have preferred to continue the long-term strategy it implemented when it acquired the investment-starved fab in 2021 and provided for massive investments in equipment and personnel. However, these investment plans have been cut short by the unexpected and wrongful divestment order made by the UK Government in November 2022.

    The site needs clarity about its future to avoid further losses, and today’s announcement provides this. Of all options, this agreement with Vishay is the most viable one to secure the future of the site as Vishay – like Nexperia – has a solid customer base for the fab’s capabilities. For the site, Vishay’s commitment to further make the Newport wafer fab a success story is encouraging. Nexperia’s position with regards to the UK Government’s order remains unchanged.”

    The closing of Newport wafer fab transaction is subject to UK government review, the purchase rights of a third party, and customary closing conditions, and is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2024. 

    Nexperia’s priority always remains with our employees and our customers. Whilst we work on ensuring that all conditions to the sale are met soonest, we will continue to own and manage the site and support the employees as usual.

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  • Key Foundry Signed a Long-term Supply Agreement with Vishay

    Key Foundry Signed a Long-term Supply Agreement with Vishay

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    Key Foundry signed a long-term supply agreement with Vishay Intertechnology Inc. for multiple power MOSFET products.

    Power MOSFETs are the typical power discrete device, characterized by low loss, high-speed switching, and high reliability during high-voltage, high-current operation, which are commonly used in almost every electronic device.

    According to a market research firm OMDIA, the power discrete market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% from $21.2 billion in 2022, reaching a $28.4 billion market in 2027. Vishay is one of the global leading companies in the power discrete market, and its power semiconductors are widely applied to automotive DC-DC converters, battery management systems, HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) control, LED lighting, as well as consumer and industrial products such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and VR/AR.

    Key Foundry and Vishay have signed this long-term foundry service agreement for multiple power MOSFET products, with a plan to start mass production in 2024. In addition, both parties have begun discussions for other future product development.

    With this agreement, Vishay secures a reliable source of foundry services for MOSFET production, while Key Foundry engages with a large customer for automotive power discrete, which will increase its share of automotive semiconductor sales in the long term.

    “With this agreement we are taking another step forward in our plan to expand capacity, both internally and externally. In particular, it will help us alleviate our current MOSFET supply constraints especially for our automotive and industrial customers,” said Joel Smejkal, President and CEO of Vishay. “In evaluating foundry partners, we decided to engage with Key Foundry because of its foundry’s capabilities and proactive response, and we look forward to the synergies we can achieve through cooperation with Key Foundry.”

    “We are pleased to collaborate with Vishay, a leading automotive power semiconductor company,” said Derek D. Lee, CEO of Key Foundry. “Key Foundry will continue to improve process technologies as well as strengthen capabilities in marketing, quality, and production to expand supply of automotive semiconductors and grow into a leading specialty foundry.”

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  • Vishay Honored by DENSO with 2022 Collaboration Award

    Vishay Honored by DENSO with 2022 Collaboration Award

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    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced that it has been honored by DENSO Corporation, a leading mobility supplier, with a 2022 Collaboration Award.

    The 2022 Collaboration Awards recognize suppliers that have continued to provide DENSO with key components that keep production lines moving for the company and its customers, despite the tight supply market. Previously this year, Vishay was also recognized by DENSO with a 2022 North America Business Partner of the Year Award in the Quality Leader category.

    “Vishay has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting DENSO on both a working and management level,” said Kouji Arima, CEO of DENSO. “We sincerely appreciate the company’s unsparing efforts and contributions, and know we can count on them regardless of the market situation. We look forward to building an even stronger partnership with Vishay as we continue working together.”

    “We are deeply honored to receive this acknowledgment from DENSO of our unwavering support during challenging market conditions,” said Joel Smejkal, President and CEO at Vishay. “This recognition underscores our commitment to operational excellence and the strength of our partnership with the company. We look forward to building on this level of collaboration to grow together in the coming years.”

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  • Vishay Intertechnology Releases 650 V E Series Power MOSFET

    Vishay Releases 650 V E Series Power MOSFET

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    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced a new fourth-generation 650 V E Series power MOSFET that delivers high efficiency and power density for telecom, industrial, and computing applications. Compared to previous-generation devices, the Vishay Siliconix n-channel SiHP054N65E slashes on-resistance by 48.2 %, while offering a 59 % lower resistance times gate charge, a key figure of merit (FOM) for 650 V MOSFETs used in power conversion applications.

    Vishay offers a broad line of MOSFET technologies that support all stages of the power conversion process, from high voltage inputs to the low voltage outputs required to power the latest high tech equipment. With the SiHP054N65E and other devices in the fourth-generation 650 V E Series family, the company is addressing the need for efficiency and power density improvements in two of the first stages of the power system architecture — power factor correction (PFC) and subsequent DC/DC converter blocks.

    Typical applications will include servers, edge computing, and data storage; UPS; high intensity discharge (HID) lamps and fluorescent ballast lighting; solar inverters; welding equipment; induction heating; motor drives; and battery chargers.

    Built on Vishay’s latest energy-efficient E Series superjunction technology, the SiHP054N65E’s low typical on-resistance of 0.051 Ω at 10 V results in a higher power rating for applications > 2 kW and allows the device to address the Open Compute Project’s Open Rack V3 (ORV3) standards. In addition, the MOSFET offers ultra low gate charge down to 72 nC. The resulting FOM of 3.67 Ω*nC is 1.1 % lower than the closest competing MOSFET in the same class, which translates into reduced conduction and switching losses to save energy and increase efficiency. This allows the device to address the specific titanium efficiency requirements in server power supplies or reach 96 % peak efficiency in telecom power supplies.

    For improved switching performance in hard-switched topologies such as PFC, half-bridge, and two-switch forward designs, the MOSFET released today provides low typical effective output capacitances Co(er) and Co(tr) of 115 pF and 772 pF, respectively. The device’s resulting resistance times Co(er) FOM is an industry-low 5.87 Ω*pF. Offered in the TO-220AB package and providing increased dv/dt ruggedness, the SiHP054N65E is RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green, and is designed to withstand overvoltage transients in avalanche mode with guaranteed limits through 100 % UIS testing.

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