Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH and Toshiba Materials CO., LTD. will bring solutions that support customers’ goals in reducing their CO2 footprint at the PCIM 2024 conference and exhibition (Nuremberg 11th – 13th June).

This year, the company will use the event to showcase a combination of several business units that support development of sustainable solutions. Semiconductor, battery, and fine ceramic material solutions form a complete chain of products in key applications from e-mobility, industrial, energy and infrastructure sectors.

Toshiba has manufactured top-class ceramics since the 1970s, and its pioneering Silicon Nitride substrates will be on display along with bearing balls, AMOBEADS™, and Nanocrystalline common mode choke cores.

In Toshiba’s eMobility booth area, visitors will discover demonstrations of automotive thermal management by heat pumps and fans utilising Toshiba’s newly released SmartMCD. 

Toshiba’s industrial demonstrations highlight the entire product chain from control to isolation to power conversion stages, incorporating the latest generations of SiC, GaN and low-voltage MOSFET technologies. They include reference design implementations utilising modern topologies for factory automation, power supplies, and motor control applications.

Energy and infrastructure demonstrations will focus on high-power solutions such as IEGT and SiC Modules supporting voltages from 1.2kV to 3.3kV. Toshiba’s SiC Cube illustrates a solution implementation for charging infrastructure utilising SiC MOSFET devices, whereas SCiB batteries demonstrate their effective use for energy storage. 

Toshiba representatives are also scheduled to participate in the conference program speeches and poster sessions on Wide Bandgap, power semiconductors and gate driver ICs topics.

Original – Toshiba