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  • onsemi Opened a Test Lab in Slovakia to Advance System Solutions for xEVs and EI

    onsemi Opened a Test Lab in Slovakia to Advance System Solutions for xEVs and EI

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    onsemi opened an application test lab in Piestany, Slovakia, focused on the advancement of system solutions for battery/plug-in hybrid/electric vehicles (xEVs) and energy infrastructure (EI) power conversion systems. The state-of-the-art systems applications lab provides specialized equipment to develop and test next-generation silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor solutions in collaboration with automotive OEMs, Tier 1s and EI providers.

    Modern semiconductor devices are essential for highly efficient power conversion in xEV powertrains and charging, as well as applications in renewable energy. The new lab will play a central role in ensuring that the development of future power products results in highly differentiated, value-add solutions tailored to customers’ specific requirements.

    The new facility consists of two high-voltage power labs that focus on systems and device level development as well as evaluation of SiC/Si traction inverters and ACDC/DCDC power converters. Laser welding facilities, mechanical clean rooms and workshops further enable fast prototyping and testing of next-generation system solutions.

    Evaluation capabilities for the next-generation system solutions include:

    • Continuous 24/7 testing
    • Internally developed and patented software and hardware solutions to support high-voltage power cycling via space vector modulation (SVM) and sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM)
    • High-accuracy logging devices for assessing SiC and Si health and reliability
    • Simulation of the harsh conditions faced by inverters during operation, testing liquid-cooled devices at temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees C and up to 220 degrees C
    • Wider range of industry-recognized software allows for the programing of FPGAs and ARM microcontrollers on site, as well as qualification testing, data analysis and 3D modeling

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  • onsemi Achieves Record Revenue in Automotive and Industrial Markets

    onsemi Achieves Record Revenue in Automotive and Industrial Markets

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    onsemi announced results for the third quarter of 2023 with the following highlights:

    • Revenue of $2,180.8 million; GAAP and non-GAAP gross margin of 47.3%
    • GAAP operating margin and non-GAAP operating margin of 31.5% and 32.6%, respectively
    • GAAP diluted earnings per share and non-GAAP diluted earnings per share of $1.29 and $1.39, respectively
    • Record automotive revenue of $1.2 billion, and increased 33% year-over-year
    • Record industrial revenue of $616 million, up slightly year-over-year

    “Our disciplined approach and execution resulted in another solid quarter, demonstrating the resilience in our business amid market softness,” said Hassane El-Khoury, president and chief executive officer, onsemi.

    “We continue to drive structural improvements and efficiencies, most notably in our silicon carbide operation, with the completed expansion of the world’s largest, state-of-the-art silicon carbide fab in South Korea for 150- and 200-millimeter wafers.”

    Q3 2023 Results
    Q3 2023 Results
    Q4 2023 Business Outlook

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  • onsemi Completed Expansion of the World-Largest SiC Fab in South Korea

    onsemi Completed Expansion of the World-Largest SiC Fab in South Korea

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    onsemi announced the completed expansion of its state-of-the-art, world-largest silicon carbide (SiC) fabrication facility in Bucheon, South Korea. At full capacity, this fab will be able to manufacture more than one million 200 mm SiC wafers per year.

    To support the ramp in SiC manufacturing capacity, onsemi plans to hire up to 1,000 local employees over the next three years to fill the mostly highly technical positions – a more than 40% increase over the present workforce of about 2,300.

    Silicon carbide devices are a critical component for power conversion in electric vehicles (EVs), energy infrastructure and high-power EV chargers. The rapidly growing demand for these products has created a surge in demand for SiC chips, with demand outpacing supply for the foreseeable future. The expansion of the Bucheon fab addresses the pressing need for additional production capacity, allowing onsemi to continue to provide supply assurance for its customers and strengthen its leadership in intelligent power solutions.

    Construction of the new advanced 150 mm/200 mm SiC fab line along with the high-tech utility building and adjacent parking garage began in the middle of 2022 and was completed in September 2023. The expansion of the 150 mm/200 mm SiC Epi and wafer fab emphasizes onsemi’s focus on building out its vertically integrated silicon carbide manufacturing supply chain at brownfield locations. The Bucheon SiC line is starting with the production of 150 mm wafers and will be converted to 200 mm in 2025 upon qualification of the 200 mm SiC process.

    onsemi’s leadership was joined by a delegation of dignitaries led by Vice Governor for Economy of the Gyeonggi-Do Taeyoung Yeom; followed by Bucheon City Mayor YongEek Cho; National Assembly delegates; and Bucheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman JongHuem Kim. Also in attendance were representatives from local communities, customers, suppliers and the semiconductor industry.

    onsemi CEO Hassane El-Khoury opened the event, noting, “The 150 mm/200 mm SiC wafer fab in Bucheon is critical to the continued success of our fully integrated SiC supply chain, enabling us to support the acceleration of electrification globally. The last five years have shown what extraordinary performance our Bucheon team is capable of, and what we can achieve when we work together with governmental agencies toward the common goal of a more sustainable future.”

    “I am truly impressed by onsemi’s diligent and yet fast execution of its strategic plan to expand the Bucheon SiC wafer fab,” said Bucheon City Mayor YongEek Cho. “Not only will the city of Bucheon benefit from the creation of new employment opportunities in technology, but it will also be a part of laying the foundation for a sustainable ecosystem through electrification.”

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  • onsemi Appoints Christina Lampe-Onnerud to Board of Directors

    onsemi Appoints Christina Lampe-Onnerud to Board of Directors

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    onsemi announced that Christina Lampe-Önnerud was appointed to its board of directors, effective September 1, 2023.

    Lampe-Önnerud is a highly regarded founder and business leader, having served as chief executive officer of two separate companies, and is also considered an expert in the energy storage space. Among her unique global experience, she has been active in multiple domestic and international government delegations as an authority on energy technologies.

    As a two-time World Economic Forum (WEF) Technology Pioneer, who has served as co-chairman of the WEF Global Future Council on Energy, she continues to be engaged in multiple initiatives throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

    “Christina brings a wealth of experience as a pioneer and innovator in battery technologies designed to improve energy storage and power consumption,” said Alan Campbell, chair of onsemi’s board of directors. “Her work, values and passion are well-aligned with onsemi’s strategic priorities focused on delivering innovative technologies for the automotive and industrial end-markets that deliver a sustainable future, and we look forward to her invaluable contributions to the board.”

    “onsemi’s ambition to deliver industry-leading power and sensing technologies that will transform our world’s energy usage is where I’ve dedicated my life’s work,” said Christina Lampe-Önnerud. “It is an exciting time to be joining the board to support the leadership team as they continue to execute on the strategy and drive long-term shareholder value and sustainable results.”

    Lampe-Önnerud holds more than 80 patents on designs, products, devices, components, materials, and processes. She has over 25 technical publications in scientific journals focusing on science and thought leadership. She is also frequently tapped as an expert commentator in media interviews and regularly speaks at government and industry conferences on power and energy issues.

    Lampe-Önnerud received both a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and calculus and a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from Uppsala University, Sweden. She completed her post-doctorate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she serves on the Visiting Committee. In 2022, she was honored with the King’s Medal, one of Sweden’s most prestigious awards, for her work in producing safe, low-cost, high-performance lithium-ion batteries.

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  • onsemi and Magna Sign Strategic Agreements to Invest in Silicon Carbide

    onsemi and Magna Sign Strategic Agreements to Invest in Silicon Carbide

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    onsemi and Magna announced a long-term supply agreement (LTSA) for Magna to integrate onsemi’s EliteSiC intelligent power solutions into its eDrive systems.

    By integrating onsemi’s industry-leading EliteSiC MOSFET technology, Magna eDrive systems can offer better cooling performance and faster acceleration and charging rates, improving efficiency and increasing the range of electric vehicles (EVs). Additionally, onsemi’s end-to-end silicon carbide (SiC) manufacturing capability, combined with its ability to ramp production quickly, improves Magna’s vertical integration and simplifies its supply chain to meet the growing demand for its SiC-based products for EVs.

    “With range anxiety still a top deterrent to EV adoption, our technology enables Magna to go further, easing the transition to an electrified future,” said Asif Jakwani, senior vice president and general manager, Advanced Power Division, onsemi. “Our latest EliteSiC MOSFET technology enables increased power density and higher efficiency in traction inverters, resulting in improved gas-equivalent miles per gallon without compromising driving dynamics and safety.”

    Simultaneous with the signing of the LTSA, the companies entered a separate agreement for Magna to also invest approximately $40 million for the procurement of new SiC equipment at onsemi’s New Hampshire and Czech Republic facilities to ensure access to future supply.

    “We believe that a secure supply of silicon carbide chips will be critical to our ability to continue delivering innovative and efficient eDrive systems for our customers,” said Diba Ilunga, president Magna Powertrain. “Accordingly, we are both investing to grow SiC production capacity, and establishing the commercial basis for long-term supply of SiC-based chips to advance our electrification strategy and outpace the competition.”

    Silicon carbide is a wide bandgap semiconductor substrate that is ideal for high-temperature, high-power applications such as electric vehicles, but it is incredibly difficult to produce. With a limited number of manufacturers and significant demand for SiC-based designs, OEMs and automotive suppliers are increasingly looking to secure long-term, reliable supply.

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  • onsemi Secures $1.95B in Supply Agreements with Leading Solar Inverter Manufacturers

    onsemi Secures $1.95B in Supply Agreements with Leading Solar Inverter Manufacturers

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    onsemi announced it has secured $1.95B in long-term supply agreements (LTSAs) for its intelligent power technologies with leading global manufacturers of solar inverters, contributing to onsemi’s position as the number one power semiconductor supplier in this rapidly growing market.

    By offering superior die technology with optimized and customized module design and packaging, onsemi enables solar inverter providers to compete on time-to-market, product development, supply resilience and robust quality assurance. With these benefits, the company has signed LTSAs with eight of the top 10 solar inverter suppliers, emphasizing the reputation onsemi has earned as a trusted industry partner.

    “Solar power has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets and offers the most cost-competitive source for large-scale renewable energy installations,” said Asif Jakwani senior vice president and general manager, Advanced Power Division, Power Solutions Group, onsemi. “With onsemi’s intelligent power technologies, customers can achieve greater efficiency and power density to capture and save as much energy from the sun as possible to advance our common mission towards a more sustainable future.”

    Solar inverters convert Direct Current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels to grid-compatible Alternating Current (AC). In the conversion process, some energy is lost as heat. onsemi’s technology enables solar inverters – ranging from utility to residential – applications to be smaller, lighter, and more efficient, which minimizes energy loss and can reduce the overall system cost.

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  • Power Semiconductors Investment Projects Surpass 70 billion USD

    Power Semiconductors Investment Projects Surpass 70 billion USD

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    Power semiconductors companies continue to invest heavily in new factories, production capacity expansions, and R&D centers. Thus, recently the total value of the active investment projects launched since 2021 has surpassed 70 billion USD.

    Driven by the pandemic and geopolitics, major power semiconductors companies started to invest more in new factories and joint ventures to have more confidence in their own supply chain in the future.

    As of today, it is obvious to see the major split of power semiconductors into three geographical regions – the USA, Europe, and Asia. Asia may as well be divided into several regions with China being the leading investor of all.

    Despite the ongoing tensions and export restrictions between the US, Europe, and China related to advanced semiconductors, when it comes to power semiconductors European companies continue to invest in the Chinese market expanding their product capacity or establishing new joint ventures like STMicroelectronics and Sanan Optoelectronics did recently.

    Even with some delay, Japanese companies like ROHM, Mitsubishi Electric, Fuji Electric, Renesas Electronics, Toshiba, and others, pushed by their US and European competitors, announced their own projects aimed to secure the capacity on the wafer and device level to correspond to the growing demand for Si and SiC based power semiconductors coming from the electric vehicle and charging, photovoltaics, battery energy storage systems, and the other emerging applications.

    If we take a closer look at all projects announced, SiC is the leading technology with over 60% of total investment. Over 25 market leaders announced their plans to invest in silicon carbide.

    Thus, ROHM is investing in new production to multiply its SiC capacity in the coming years. Mitsubishi Electric teams up with Coherent to scale manufacturing of SiC power devices on a 200 mm SiC technology platform as one of the steps of their 260 billion yen investment project planned till March 2026.

    Infineon Technologies continues to bet on both local European and Asian markets investing in their new fab in Dresden and expanding backend operations in Indonesia. STMicroelectronics continues to invest in WBG semiconductors with the ongoing construction of a new wafer fab in Sicily announced in 2022.

    With a global total number of new investment projects of over 80, the US companies Wolfspeed, onsemi, and Microchip Technology, similar to their European counterparts, invest locally, in Europe and Asian markets. Totally the US semiconductor companies announced new projects valued at almost 9 billion USD.

    With the US and EU Chips Acts, and similar initiatives in China, Japan, South Korea, and some other countries, it is clear that the investment into power semiconductors industry will continue to reach 100 billion USD soon.

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  • Stellantis Implements Multifaceted Semiconductor Strategy

    Stellantis Implements Multifaceted Semiconductor Strategy

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    Semiconductors are the linchpin to the performance, safety, and customer features of Stellantis vehicles today and in the new state-of-the-art, BEV-centric STLA vehicle and technology platforms arriving soon. As the auto industry’s demand for semiconductors accelerates, Stellantis is implementing a multifaceted strategy designed to manage and secure the long-term supply of vital microchips. Developed by a cross-functional team, the strategy was created through a rigorous assessment of customer desires for advanced technology features and a keen focus on delivering the objectives laid out in the Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 plan.

    The robust strategy, which is refined continuously, includes:

    • implementation of a semiconductor database to provide full transparency on the semiconductor content;
    • systematic risk assessment to avoid and proactively remove legacy parts;
    • long-term chip level demand forecasting to support capacity securitization agreements with chip makers and Silicon Foundries;
    • implementation and enforcement of a Green List to reduce chip diversity and – in case of future chip shortages – to put Stellantis in control of the allocation; and,
    • the purchasing of mission-critical parts at chip makers including a long-term securitization of chip supply.

    Stellantis has started to engage with strategic semiconductor providers like Infineon, NXP® Semiconductors, onsemi, and Qualcomm to further improve its all-new, state-of-the-art STLA platforms and technologies. In addition, Stellantis is working with aiMotive and SiliconAuto to develop its own differentiating semiconductors in the future.

    “An effective semiconductor strategy requires a deep understanding of semiconductors and the semiconductor industry,” said Maxime Picat, Chief Purchasing and Supply Chain Officer at Stellantis. “We have hundreds of very different semiconductors in our cars.

    We have built a comprehensive ecosystem to mitigate the risk that one missing chip can stop our lines. At the same time, key vehicle capabilities directly depend on the innovation and performance of single devices. SiC MOSFETS extend the range of our electric vehicles while the computation performance of a leading-edge SoC is essential for the customer experience and safety.”

    To date, Stellantis has entered into direct agreements for semiconductors with a purchasing value of more than €10 billion through 2030. The supply agreements cover a variety of vital microchips, including:

    • Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETS, which are fundamental to the range of EVs.
    • Microcontroller Unit (MCU), a key part of the computing zones for the STLA Brain electrical architecture.
    • System-on-a-chip (SoC), where performance is essential for the high-performance computing (HPC) units that deliver the in-vehicle infotainment and autonomous driving assist functions.

    Semiconductors play key roles in the vehicles that are driving the Stellantis transformation into a sustainable mobility tech company, as outlined in Dare Forward 2030. This includes enabling features and functions in the BEV-native STLA global platforms (Small/Medium/Large/Frame) and the seamless connectivity, remote upgradability, and the flexible service-oriented electrical/electronic architecture that underpins the STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit, and STLA AutoDrive artificial intelligence-powered platforms.

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  • BorgWarner to Integrate onsemi EliteSiC into VIPER Power Modules

    BorgWarner to Integrate onsemi EliteSiC into VIPER Power Modules

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    onsemi and BorgWarner Inc. announced the two companies are expanding their strategic collaboration for silicon carbide (SiC), making the total agreement worth over $1 billion in lifetime value. BorgWarner plans to integrate onsemi EliteSiC 1200 V and 750 V power devices into its VIPER power modules. The EliteSiC devices join a broad portfolio of onsemi products that are part of the long-standing strategic relationship between the two companies.

    onsemi provides high-performance EliteSiC technology while maintaining the high standards of quality, reliability and supply assurance needed for the EV traction market. onsemi’s decades of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of power semiconductor products support successful adoption in high-volume automotive applications.

    “First and foremost, onsemi’s continuous and strategic investment in ramping SiC manufacturing capacity across its end-to-end supply chain gives us confidence in our ability to support the increasing demand for our solutions, now and in the future,” said Stefan Demmerle, Vice President of BorgWarner Inc. and President and General Manager, PowerDrive Systems.

    BorgWarner’s silicon carbide traction inverters already offer higher efficiency, better cooling performance, and faster-charging rates in a more compact package than other options for EVs. By using EliteSiC technology, BorgWarner’s solutions expect to benefit from increased power density and higher efficiency, which increase the range and overall performance of EVs.

    “The integration of EliteSiC technology in the traction inverter enables increased gas-equivalent miles per gallon (MPGe), which helps alleviate range anxiety – one of the key barriers to EV adoption,” said Simon Keeton, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Power Solutions Group, onsemi. “With onsemi’s chip-to-system level support and a track record of execution, we are able to provide industry-leading SiC-based solutions to BorgWarner at an accelerated pace to support its go-to-market requirements.”

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  • Welcome to ISES EU Power 2023

    Welcome to ISES EU Power 2023

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    If you haven’t had a chance to visit a wonderful Lake Maggiore yet, this September you can enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Italy in a company of power semiconductors superstars discussing SiC & GaN technologies. After a successful series of events across the world, International Semiconductor Executive Summits (ISES) returns to Italy with ISES EU Power 2023 edition.

    With a regional focus on the power semiconductor market, the EU Power International Semiconductor Executive Summits seeks to strengthen the EU supply chain and promote key executives in the semiconductor manufacturing, design, and research through our networking and conference platform which consists of working with key industry stakeholders to encourage progress and collaboration.

    With speakers coming from STMicroelectronics, Infineon Technologies, Semikron Danfoss, onsemi, Wolfspeed, Renesas, ROHM, Nexperia, SK Siltron, Soitec, Okmetic, Aehr Test Systems, Amkor Technology, Innoscience, Cambridge GaN Devices, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Volvo, Škoda, and many more leaders of power electronics and automotive industries, you are about to be a part of the power semiconductors event like never before.

    During two days of the event, all participants will be discussing and disclosing the latest news and advances in silicon carbide and gallium nitride technologies, sharing the view of the future and taking a close look at the current state of the industry, supply chain, global collaboration, exhisting problems and emerging opportunities.

    You can find the agenda of ISES EU Power 2023 at the event website.

    International Semiconductor Executive Summit EU Power provides a unique platform for networking and expanding your knowledge base. Here are just a few topics that will be covered this September:

    • SiC and GaN Manufacturability
    • Variety of WBG Applications
    • SiC Wafer & Materials
    • Power Packaging
    • Design and Reliability

    The event offers various packages for participation:

    • Standard Pass
    • Member Pass
    • Partner Pass
    • Virtual Pass
    • Numerous Sponsorship Packages and VIP Passes

    All interested to participate can register at ISES EU Power 2023 website.

    ISES EU Power 2023 will take place at Regina Palace Hotel. Overlooking the shore of Lago Maggiore, the Regina Palace Hotel is located in a favored spot in the center of Stresa, considered the pearl of Lago Maggiore. The hotel represents yesteryear’s charm and prestige enriched by the history and the grace that each epoch has donated.

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