Infineon Technologies AG introduced the 600 V CoolMOS™ 8 high voltage superjunction (SJ) MOSFET product family. The devices combine the best features of the 600 V CoolMOS 7 MOSFET series and are the successors to the P7, PFD7, C7, CFD7, G7 and S7 product families. The new superjunction MOSFETs enable cost-effective Si-based solutions that enhance Infineon’s wide-bandgap offering. They are equipped with an integrated fast body diode, making them suitable for a wide range of applications such as server and industrial switched-mode power supply units (SMPS), EV chargers, and micro-solar.

The components come in SMD QDPAK, TOLL and ThinTOLL 8 x 8 packages, which simplifies designs and reduces assembly costs. At 10 V, the 600 V CoolMOS 8 SJ MOSFETs offer 18 percent lower gate charge (Q g) than the CFD7 and 33 percent lower than the P7. At 400 V, the product family offers a 50 percent lower output capacitance C OSS than the CFD7 and the P7.

In addition, the turn-off losses (E oss) have been reduced by 12 percent compared to the CFD7 and the P7 and the reverse recovery charge (Q rr) is 3 percent lower compared to the CFD7. Furthermore, the devices offer the lowest reverse recovery time (t rr) on the market and the thermal performance has been improved by 14 to 42 percent compared to the previous generation.

With these features, the devices offer high efficiency and reliability in soft-switching topologies such as LLC and ZVS phase-shift full-bridge. They also provide excellent performance levels in PFC, TTF and other hard-switching topologies. Due to their optimized R DS(on), the devices offer higher power density, allowing products in a Si-based super junction (SJ) technology to be reduced to a single-digit value of 7 mΩ.

Infineon will showcase the 600 V CoolMOS 8 SJ MOSFETs at the Infineon booth (Hall 7 / Booth 470) at PCIM 2024 in Nuremberg. Samples of the 600 V CoolMOS 8 SJ MOSFETs are now available. More information is at

Original – Infineon Technologies