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  • Toshiba Launched New Automotive Grade 40V N-channel Power MOSFETs

    Toshiba Launched New Automotive Grade 40V N-channel Power MOSFETs

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    Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has launched a pair of automotive grade 40V N-channel power MOSFETs based upon their latest U-MOS IX-H process. The new devices use a new S-TOGLTM (Small Transistor Outline Gull-wing Leads) package that offers a number of advantages in automotive applications.

    Automotive safety-critical applications such as steering, braking and autonomous driving systems generally require more devices than other systems to meet redundancy requirements. Here, a power MOSFET with high current density is required due to the size constraints within automotive equipment.

    The new XPJR6604PB and XPJ1R004PB have a VDSS rating of 40V and the XPJR6604PB is rated for a continuous drain current (ID) of 200A (XPJ1R004PB = 160A). Both devices are rated for pulsed current (IDP) at 3x this value, 600A and 480A respectively. The 200A rating is higher than that achieved by Toshiba’s 6.5mm × 9.5mm DPAK+ package.

    The new XPJR6604PB and XPJ1R004PB automotive MOSFETs use Toshiba’s innovative new S-TOGLTM package that measures just 7.0mm × 8.44mm × 2.3mm. The products are post-less and feature a multi-pin structure for the source leads that significantly decreases package resistance.

    Combining the S-TOGLTM package with Toshiba’s U-MOS IX-H process gives the XPJR6604PB an on-resistance (RDS(ON) Compared to this device, the mounting area has reduced by around 55% compared while retaining the channel-to-case thermal resistance characteristics (Zth(ch-c)) – XPJR6604PB = 0.4ºC/W and XPJ1R004PB = 0.67ºC/W.

    Many automotive applications are based in severely harsh environments, so the reliability of surface mount solder joints is a critical consideration. Toshiba’s S-TOGLTM package uses gull-wing leads that reduce mounting stress, improving the reliability of the solder joint.

    Suited to harsh temperature environments, the MOSFETs are AEC-Q101 qualified and capable of operating at channel temperatures (Tch) as high as 175ºC.

    Toshiba offers matched shipments for the devices, in which the gate threshold voltage range does not exceed 0.4V for each reel. This facilitates designs with small characteristic variations for applications requiring parallel connectivity for high-current operation.

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  • Toshiba Introduces 600V IP Devices

    Toshiba Introduces 600V IP Devices

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    Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH launched two products for brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive applications including fan motors, ventilation fan, air conditioners, air cleaners, and pumps.

    Each of the intelligent power devices (IPD) incorporate  600V-rated IGBTs and a matched gate driver as a one-chip solution in a single compact package. The output DC current (IOUT) rating of the TPD4163F is 1A while the TPD4164F is rated at 2A.

    The two devices (TPD4163F and TPD4164F) have an IGBT  saturation voltage (VCEsat) of 2.6V and 3.0V respectively, while the Diode forward voltage (VF) is 2.0V and 2.5V.

    Both devices are housed in a miniature surface mount HSSOP31 package. With dimensions of just 17.5mm x 11.93mm x 2.2mm, the PCB footprint is reduced by around 63% when compared with Toshiba’s existing DIP26 package products. This makes a significant contribution to reducing the space required for motor drive circuit boards.

    In addition, in geographic regions where the power supply is unstable, the supply voltage may fluctuate significantly. Therefore, to improve reliability, the supply voltage rating (VBB)has been increased from 500V to 600V to introduce more design margin.

    To support the new devices, Toshiba has developed a reference design for BLDC sensorless brushless DC motor drive utilizing the new TPD4164F and a microcontroller TMPM374FWUG.

    Toshiba will continue to expand their product lineup with various packages and improved characteristics, contributing to customers’ design flexibility and carbon neutrality through energy-saving motor control.

    Volume production shipments of both new devices (and the reference design board) start today.

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