PANJIT introduced its latest 60, 100, and 150V AEC-Q101 qualified MOSFETs, engineered with advanced trench technology to set new standards in performance and efficiency. Designed for both automotive and industrial power systems, these MOSFETs offer unparalleled figure of merit (FOM), significantly lower RDS(ON), and reduced capacitance. This ensures minimal conduction and switching losses, resulting in enhanced overall electrical performance.

The new MOSFET series is available in various packages, including DFN3333-8L, DFN5060-8L, DFN5060B-8L, TO-252AA and TO-220AB-L. These compact packages facilitate efficient design solutions for modern electronic systems. With an operating junction temperature of up to 175°C, these MOSFETs are robust and reliable, further evidenced by their AEC-Q101 qualification.

These MOSFETs are ideal for various automotive applications, including wireless charging transmitters, battery management systems, front and rear lighting systems, DC/DC converters, infotainment systems and more. Their low on-resistance and high efficiency enhance the performance and reliability of these systems. Additionally, their versatility extends to industrial power systems, broadening their range of applicability and utility.

PANJIT’s new automotive-grade MOSFET series delivers superior performance, reliability, and efficiency. These MOSFETs are set to become a cornerstone in the design of next-generation automotive and industrial systems.

Original – PANJIT International