Ideal Power Inc. announced the successful completion of Phase II deliverables of a product development agreement with Stellantis, a top 10 global automaker.

Ideal Power is partnering with Stellantis’ advanced technology development team to develop a custom B-TRAN™ power module for use in electric vehicle (“EV”) drivetrain inverters in Stellantis’ next generation EV platform. Due to its compelling advantages, B-TRAN™ is also being evaluated for the automaker’s vehicle power management and EV charging ecosystem.

All Phase I deliverables were successfully completed including a wafer run and delivery of packaged and tested B-TRAN™ devices and test boards to both Stellantis and the program’s packaging company. Ideal Power also provided technical support, device characterization and test data to Stellantis on B-TRAN™ performance and related drive circuitry. The B-TRAN™ devices delivered to Stellantis outperformed the device performance specifications provided to Stellantis at the beginning of the program.

All Phase II deliverables were successfully completed ahead of schedule including a wafer run and delivery of tested B-TRAN™ devices and drivers to both the program’s packaging company and the organization building the initial drivetrain inverter. In Phase II, Ideal Power collaborated closely with Stellantis and the program partners to supply B-TRAN™ devices for integration into the custom power module and inverter designs.

The device testing results by the Stellantis program team validated the expected efficiency improvements anticipated from B-TRAN™ use in the drivetrain and its readiness for implementation in EV applications. Stellantis also approved the comprehensive reliability test plan for automotive qualification provided by Ideal Power.

Phase III builds on the completion of all Phase I and II deliverables and therefore transitions to Stellantis’ production team. Ideal Power and Stellantis are currently finalizing the scope of work for the next phase of the program. This phase is expected to include the extensive testing of the custom B-TRAN™ module to meet automotive certification standards enabling B-TRAN™ to be the core of the powertrain inverter for the automaker’s next-generation EVs. The objective of this phase is the completion and certification of a production-ready B-TRAN™-based module and is targeted for 2025.

“We’re thrilled with the success of both Phase I and II and advancement into the next phase of the program with Stellantis. Successful completion of Phases I and II were customer validation of the performance of B-TRAN™ and its potential impact in improving EV range and cost,” said Dan Brdar, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Power. “We are leveraging our success with Stellantis to attract and engage other automobile OEMs and Tier 1 auto suppliers.”

This program represents Ideal Power’s second engagement with the world’s leading automotive manufacturers as another top 10 global automaker is already in company’s test and evaluation program.

Original – Ideal Power