Micro Commercial Components introduced the latest auto-grade MOSFET in the TOLL package for today’s demanding e-mobility applications. AEC-Q101 qualified and ready to empower auto designs, MCC’s100V MCTL300N10YHE3 MOSFET delivers exceptional performance and unmatched reliability for a range of systems, including battery management systems, motor drives, and interior or exterior LED lighting. 

Designed with split-gate trench (SGT) technology, this component features low on-resistance and high current density to maximize efficiency while handling power loads. It’s also a great replacement for traditional MOSFETs due to its enhanced performance.  The innovative TOLL-8 package provides design flexibility due to its compact footprint and optimal heat dissipation to ensure safe operation in high-temperature environments. 

Fully RoHS compliant, MCTL300N10YHE3 is the ideal solution for automotive applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Exceptional performance and reliability
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • SGT technology for improved performance
  • Low on-resistance for enhanced efficiency
  • High current density capabilities
  • Low-profile TOLL package saves design space
  • Excellent heat dissipation for reliable operation in high temperatures
  • Halogen-free and lead-free finish for environmental friendliness and compliance with RoHS regulations

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