Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has expanded its line-up of N-channel power MOSFETs fabricated with the latest-generation process, with a 600V super junction structure suitable for data centers, switching power supplies, and power conditioners for photovoltaic generators. The new product, “TK055U60Z1,” is the first 600V product in the DTMOSVI series.

By optimizing the gate design and process, 600V DTMOSVI series products reduce drain-source On-resistance per unit area by approximately 13%, and drain-source On-resistance × gate-drain charge, the figure of merit for MOSFET performance, by approximately 52%, compared to Toshiba’s current generation DTMOSIV-H series products with the same drain-source voltage rating. This ensures the series achieve both low conduction loss and low switching loss, and helps to improve efficiency of the switching power supplies.

The new product is housed in a TOLL package that allows Kelvin connection of its signal source terminal for the gate drive. The influence of inductance in the source wire in the package can be reduced to accentuate the high-speed switching performance of the MOSFET, which suppresses oscillation during switching.

Toshiba will continue to expand its 600V DTMOSVI series line-up, and its already released 650V DTMOSVI series products, and support energy conservation by reducing power loss in switching power supplies.

Original – Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation