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  • CISSOID Released New Series of SiC Inverter Control Modules

    CISSOID Released New Series of SiC Inverter Control Modules

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    At the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), CISSOID released its new series of SiC Inverter Control Modules (ICMs) dedicated to the E-mobility market. These software-powered SiC Inverter Control Modules are designed to help engineers create functionally safe, robust and modular E-motor drives while dramatically shortening time-to-market.

    The new CXT-ICM3SA series offers optimal hardware and software integration of CISSOID’s existing line of 3-phase 1200V/340A-550A SiC MOSFET Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) with an OLEA® T222 Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU) control board and OLEA® APP INVERTER application software, supplied in partnership with Silicon Mobility. Depending on the selected ICM product, this modular core engine is capable of powering and controlling high voltage SiC traction inverters with battery voltages up to 850V, at output power exceeding 350kW, and with peak efficiency above 99%.
    This unique integration facilitates the rapid development of SiC inverters by solving head-scratching EMC issues often generated due to fast-switching SiC transistors, by supporting different modulation schemes, e.g. SVPWM or DPWM, combined with dead time compensation, and by offering advanced motor control algorithms, including Field Oriented Control (FOC) and Flux Weakening management.
    CISSOID further improves time-to-market by providing a complete SiC inverter reference design allowing motor bench testing of the ICM together with key peripheral elements such as current sensors, a high-performance DC-Link capacitor and EMI filter. Both the ICM and the reference design can be obtained from CISSOID, together with the motor control software and on-site technical support.

    Delivering leadership performance, the ICM supports the drive of high-speed motors, with no compromise on efficiency, thanks to the combination of CISSOID’s low losses SiC power module with the ultra-fast real-time FPCU, enabling high switching frequencies up to 50kHz. Furthermore, this application-specific processor dedicated to e-motor control, with onboard programmable hardware, accelerates the response time to critical events, off-loading the processor cores and enhancing functional safety. Both the FPCU and the control software are ISO-26262 ASIL C/D certified and AUTOSAR 4.3 compliant.

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  • CISSOID to Bring Inverter Control Module to APEC 2024

    CISSOID to Bring Inverter Control Module to APEC 2024

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    CISSOID will be exhibiting at APEC 2024 – the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition. The conference will take place in Long Beach, California from February the 25th to the 29th. You can find CISSOID on the booths of partners Silicon Mobility (booth 452) & NAC Semi (booth 2035).

    On this occasion, CISSOID will unveil the latest of their SiC offering. CISSOID will display the Intelligent power module, a complete SiC Inverter Reference Design, and a newly released product.

    CISSOID’s latest IPM design offers the best SiC Gate driver technology in a compact form factor. Company’s SiC Inverter Reference Design offers a complete Inverter assembly with DC-link Capacitor, EMI Filter, DC and phase current sensors, active discharge circuit & reference cooling. It is built around CISSOID’s Inverter Control Module which will be released soon.

    Inverter Control Module sneak peak, the complete offering will be unveiled on the conference floor.

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  • CISSOID & Silicon Mobility Expand Partnership

    CISSOID & Silicon Mobility Expand Partnership

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    CISSOID and Silicon Mobility have announced a far-reaching partnership to deliver a complete and modular Silicon Carbide (SiC) inverter reference design supporting electric motor drives up to 350kW/850V. The reference design includes CISSOID’s high voltage SiC-based power module, integrated Gate Driver board, Control board with Silicon Mobility’s ultra-fast and safe OLEA T222 FPCU, DC and phase current sensors, DC link capacitor and EMI filtering together with integrated liquid cooling. CISSOID will also sell and deliver Silicon Mobility’s OLEA® APP INVERTER Software for Electric Vehicle Powertrain Control providing the customer with a development platform ready for integration work.

    Dave Hutton, CISSOID’s CEO commented: “Up until now, customers only really had 2 options. The first was to develop all the hardware, then integrate with third party software into their design environment. This was extremely time consuming and required in depth knowledge of SiC-based power system design. The second option was to buy an off-the-shelf inverter that, however, does not offer the ability to fully customize for the application requirements.”

    Following this agreement, customers can now buy a complete SiC inverter reference design from CISSOID together with a license to use the Silicon Mobility’s OLEA® APP INVERTER control software and design on top its software application. CISSOID will also provide the technical support to integrate the inverter into the end-application.

    Once the design is completed, the customer can choose to purchase the entire inverter Bill-of-Material (BOM) from CISSOID or just the SiC Intelligent Power Module (IPM) and Control Board, while purchasing other components and Inverter housing from their preferred suppliers. The customer can then integrate the inverter into their motor drive system prior moving to production.

    David Fresneau, VP Marketing and Business Development at Silicon Mobility added: “This is a great opportunity for our customers to get access to our advanced e-motor control hardware and software platform and a fully integrated high performance inverter reference design from CISSOID which will significantly simplify the design process and reduce Time-to Market.

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