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  • BorgWarner to Deliver SiC Bi-directional 800V Onboard Charger to the Major North American OEM

    BorgWarner to Deliver SiC Bi-directional 800V Onboard Charger to the Major North American OEM

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    BorgWarner has clinched an agreement with a major North American OEM to supply its bi-directional 800V Onboard Charger (OBC) for the automaker’s premium passenger vehicle battery electric vehicle (BEV) platforms. The technology leverages silicon carbide (SiC) power switches for improved efficiency and delivers amplified power density, power conversion and safety compliance. Start of production is slated for January 2027.  

    “This is a big accomplishment for the team at BorgWarner, highlighting our first OBC win with this OEM and marks the first OBC win in North America,” said Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems.

    “Through our world-class power electronics expertise and market leading status for our 800-volt and silicon carbide technology, we are providing a solution to maximize charging power capabilities, extend power densities and enhance efficiencies while catering to differing grid configurations across regions.”

    BorgWarner’s OBC technology is installed in electric vehicles to convert alternating current (AC) from the power grid to direct current (DC) to charge batteries. The OBC is capable of powers ranging from 19.2kW single-phase operation to 22kW three-phase operation.

    The 19.2kW power level uses two power lines for a single-phase grid connection, which is unique to the U.S. market. The 22kW power level uses a three-phase grid connection and is intended for use in the European market. The 19.2kW single-phase charger is currently the only one of its kind to be introduced into the U.S. market. 

    The OBC incorporates a bi-directional vehicle-to-load (V2L) operating mode that enables users to use the vehicle battery pack to charge various standalone applications, which is an increasingly desired feature within the industry. Additionally, both the charger hardware and software are designed and produced by BorgWarner.

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  • Silicon Carbide Viper Module to Power Volvo

    Silicon Carbide Viper Module to Power Volvo

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    STMicroelectronics will supply BorgWarner Inc. with the latest third generation 750V silicon carbide (SiC) power MOSFETs dice for their proprietary Viper-based power module. This power module is used in BorgWarner’s traction inverter platforms for several current and future Volvo Cars electric vehicles.

    “This collaboration will give Volvo Cars the opportunity to further increase the attractiveness of our electrical vehicles with longer range and faster charging. It will also support us on our journey towards being fully electric by 2030 and strengthen our increased vertical integration and our control of critical components,” says Javier Varela, Chief Operating Officer & Deputy CEO, Volvo Cars.

    BorgWarner is pleased to partner with ST to supply our longstanding customer Volvo Cars with inverters for their next generation of BEV platforms,” says Stefan Demmerle, Vice President of BorgWarner Inc. and President and General Manager, PowerDrive Systems.

    To fully leverage the performance of ST’s SiC MOSFET dice, BorgWarner collaborated closely with ST’s technical team to match their die with BorgWarner’s Viper power switch, thereby maximizing inverter performance and delivering a compact and cost-effective architecture. The collaboration between the companies provides the high-volume capability that is required by the quickly growing EV market.

    Our collaboration with BorgWarner, a leading global automotive supplier in electrification, will enable Volvo Cars to offer their customers superior vehicle performance and range,” says Marco Monti, President, Automotive and Discrete Group, STMicroelectronics. “We are committed to expanding SiC capacity and to reinforcing our SiC supply, including through vertical integration, as we ramp up volumes to support our global automotive and industrial customers in their shift to electrification and higher efficiency.

    ST’s high-volume STPOWER SiC products are manufactured in its fabs in Italy, and Singapore, with advanced packaging and testing at its back-end facilities in Morocco and China. In October 2022, ST announced it would expand its wide bandgap manufacturing capacity with a new integrated SiC substrate manufacturing facility in Catania, home to the company’s power semiconductor expertise and the site of integrated research, development, and manufacturing of SiC.

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  • BorgWarner to Integrate onsemi EliteSiC into VIPER Power Modules

    BorgWarner to Integrate onsemi EliteSiC into VIPER Power Modules

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    onsemi and BorgWarner Inc. announced the two companies are expanding their strategic collaboration for silicon carbide (SiC), making the total agreement worth over $1 billion in lifetime value. BorgWarner plans to integrate onsemi EliteSiC 1200 V and 750 V power devices into its VIPER power modules. The EliteSiC devices join a broad portfolio of onsemi products that are part of the long-standing strategic relationship between the two companies.

    onsemi provides high-performance EliteSiC technology while maintaining the high standards of quality, reliability and supply assurance needed for the EV traction market. onsemi’s decades of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of power semiconductor products support successful adoption in high-volume automotive applications.

    “First and foremost, onsemi’s continuous and strategic investment in ramping SiC manufacturing capacity across its end-to-end supply chain gives us confidence in our ability to support the increasing demand for our solutions, now and in the future,” said Stefan Demmerle, Vice President of BorgWarner Inc. and President and General Manager, PowerDrive Systems.

    BorgWarner’s silicon carbide traction inverters already offer higher efficiency, better cooling performance, and faster-charging rates in a more compact package than other options for EVs. By using EliteSiC technology, BorgWarner’s solutions expect to benefit from increased power density and higher efficiency, which increase the range and overall performance of EVs.

    “The integration of EliteSiC technology in the traction inverter enables increased gas-equivalent miles per gallon (MPGe), which helps alleviate range anxiety – one of the key barriers to EV adoption,” said Simon Keeton, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Power Solutions Group, onsemi. “With onsemi’s chip-to-system level support and a track record of execution, we are able to provide industry-leading SiC-based solutions to BorgWarner at an accelerated pace to support its go-to-market requirements.”

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