In the current rapidly evolving electronics industry, there is an increasing demand for high-performance MOSFETs. With its superior specifications and robust design, the MS2N350HGC0 MOSFET stands out as an innovative solution for a wide range of high-voltage applications.

The MS2N350HGC0 MOSFET has been designed to meet the rigorous specifications of contemporary electronics, offering an unparalleled combination of features and performance. This MOSFET is the ideal choice for high-voltage power supplies, capacitor discharge, pulse circuits and laser and X-ray generation systems. With a maximum drain-source voltage of 3500V and a continuous drain current of 2A, it is capable of withstanding the high voltage applications on the market.

One of the standout features of the MS2N350HGC0 is its rapid intrinsic diode and minimized gate charge.. This enables the device to operate at high speeds, which is crucial for applications that necessitate rapid response times. Moreover, the MOSFET exhibits exceedingly low intrinsic capacitances, which further enhances its performance in demanding applications.

The MS2N350HGC0’s on-state resistance (Rds) of 19Ω further enhances its performance, allowing for efficient energy transfer and minimal heat generation. This makes it an excellent choice for power supplies and other applications where efficiency and reliability are paramount.

The product is packaged in accordance with the industry standard TO-247, thereby ensuring compatibility with a wide range of existing systems. Its compact size and lightweight design facilitate integration into any application.

The MOSFET’s electrical ratings are noteworthy for their impressive nature. This product is capable of withstanding a continuous drain current of 2A at 25°C and 1.6A at 100°C, with a pulsed drain current of up to 6A. This makes it suitable for even the most demanding applications. Furthermore, its total dissipation of 463 watts at 25°C guarantees reliable operation even under heavy load conditions.

The MS2N350HGC0 also offers excellent avalanche and thermal performance. It has an avalanche current of 1.3A and can withstand a single pulse avalanche energy of 81mJ. The operating junction temperature ranges from -55°C to 150°C, ensuring stable performance even in extreme environments.

For ease of installation, the MS2N350HGC0 has a maximum lead temperature for soldering purposes of 300°C and a mounting torque of 1.13N·m. This ensures that the MOSFET can be securely mounted into any system with minimal effort.

In conclusion, the MS2N350HGC0 MOSFET is a powerful and reliable solution for high-voltage applications. The superior performance, compact design, and excellent thermal stability of the product make it the optimal choice for a diverse range of applications. To gain further insight into this innovative new product, we invite you to contact our sales team. We encourage you to explore the potential of the MS2N350HGC0 MOSFET and discover how it can revolutionize your high-voltage applications.

Original – Maspower Semiconductor